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Reasons To Purchase Gaming Mouse Pad

Reasons To Purchase A Gaming Mouse Pad

Modern mice with a laser sensor, in theory, do not need a mouse pad at all - they work even on a table, a piece of paper, or an old book. But in practice, the speed of mouse movement and the accuracy of the sensor's positioning depends on the surface properties.

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Desk Mat Vs. Mouse Pad: What’s The Difference?

Desk Mat Vs. Mouse Pad What’s The Difference

Desk mat and mouse pad are essential, especially for gamers and office workers. Even though they share qualities, they also have substantial differences. Read the article to decide what to choose a desk mat or a mouse pad.

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How To Clean Mouse Pad?

How To Clean Mouse Pad
Mouse pads can get dirty, like other things that we use from time to time, so you need to clean your mouse pad for several reasons. Thus, let's figure out how to wash the mouse pad thoroughly and whether it is worth it.

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