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Take your gaming experience to the next level and show your passion for gaming by creating your own personal custom mousepad with your favorite & 100% unique designs now! 

 Size: 24 inches x 14 inches / 60 cm x 35 cm

 Thickness: 1/16 an inch / 2 mm
 Top-quality cloth top with rubber bottom
 Vibrant colors
 Machine washable and could be ironed
 No folds or creases

-Please allow 2-5 working days for your playmat to be printed & packed

-After uploading your image, click on it in order to crop-

Premium Editing (Free Shipping): We'll increase the resolution of the image and decrease the pixilated parts, add more colors to make it look more vibrant and lively and sharpen the image to bring it to the highest quality! :D
Please message us OR write your instructions on cart page if you wish us to edit the image in a specific way :)

    Players Reviews

    Jeff O.
    I received my order!! Thank you from the bottom of my heart for your quality product your enthusiasm and communication!! I believe it is one of the best playmats in the world and for sure the best of my life.
    Valentina C.
    Austin did an amazing job on this mat. My girlfriend is absolutely in love with it. It was made and at our door within a week. We will definitely be using his store again soon. Nothing but professionalism all the way around.
    Michael W.
    I also want to thank you, that you are making these custom playmats possible. This playmat just looks awesome, really its sooo awesome. :D I used it a couple of times and the people seemed kinda jealous, maybe you are getting more orders from Germany soon. :D Keep up the good work and have a good one. :)
    Received my playmat and I got to say its amazing! The Quality is so much better than I thought it would be! Love it and keep up with the great work, you and your friends and family stay safe and healthy!!!
    Rayen K.
    I just received them and they look fantastic. Also the quality is impressive :) Thank you very much:)
    Jamal S.
    My playmat just arrived, and it looks amazing! You did an awesome job!
    Jordan N.
    I just wanted to let you know how HAPPY I am!! I feel like a child unwrapping their Christmas presents the quality of the image and the mat is so much better than anything I expected! I wasn't too sure about this site at first but now I am 100% percent sold!
    Corey L.
    Hi there just to say that my mousepad showed up today. Thanks for all the help, absolutely love it. Thanks again.
    Sean S.
    My custom playmat was shipped a few days ago and it was here when I got off work! Super impressed with the quality and it is perfect! Thank you so much. It arrived much sooner than expected and now I can't wait to use it!!

    The Best Custom Playmat for 2020

    We know that your trading cards are important, so protect your deck and duel with style!

    We believe customization goes beyond cool print. Represent who you are as a TCG player with absolute control by choosing the design and size that best suits your unique playing style. Display your own custom art, select images from our anime collection, and explore the endless possibilities.

    What are our playmats made of? The cloth surface is a durable and smooth fabric designed to prevent any harsh wear and tear to your valuable collectibles. It’s also machine wash friendly! Meanwhile underneath we’ve added a non-slip neoprene rubber bottom for the right amount of friction to keep everything where it should be—on the tabletop.

      Easy to roll up
    • The perfect thickness of our mats make tube storage easy! Take it from tube to table in no time!
    • Stitched edges
    • Prevent unsightly frayed edges with a Stitched upgrade! Plus, our standard round edge will keep your cards in the center of any mat.
    • Quality surface
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    Treat your cards the right way! Allow them to easily slide into battle while keeping dust away.

    Whether you are playing Yu-gi-oh, Magic: the Gathering, Pokèmon, or any other trading card games or board games, we invite you to see the benefit of a truly powerful custom play mat.

    How to make your own playmat?

    It’s easy to make your own personalized gaming surface. All you have to do is upload your image, crop it, and add any upgrades you’d like! The instructions are above.

    That’s all it takes to level up!

    About File Resolution and Printing

      What resolution do I need for my print file?
    • As a quality standard to provide vibrant and clear images, photos are required to have a minimum of 150 DPI. For optimal results, we recommend using high definition files of 300 DPI. Be sure the file size is larger than 750 KB and the resolution is at least 1800x1080 pixels. We accept JPEG and PNG files only.
    • About the cutting process - Important notes:
    • - ½” (1.4cm) of bleed area for stitched playmats.
      - ⅓” (0.9cm) of bleed area for non-stitched mats.
      - Images must extend to all corners to avoid gaps.
      - Be careful of any border lines, watermarks, or other unwanted visuals.

    We ship worldwide

    Whether you’re from Canada, Australia, the UK or even Deustchland—we ship worldwide to bring accessibility and enjoyment to all players around the globe!

    Need Help?

    We are available to assist you!

    Our email address: support@yourplaymat.com

    -Optimal Image Size: 750kb - 10MB
    -Image Type: JPG or PNG
    -DPI (dots per inch) : 300
    -Dimensions: 1800 x 1050 pixels