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- Please allow 2-5 days to print, pack and ship the product.

It's time to upgrade your old card sleeves with brand new custom card sleeves!
The sleeve's surface has a matte finish. Easy to shuffle and VERY durable! (No difference in quality from the big card sleeves companies. we made sure of that😉)

🔔We offer 2 kinds of card sleeves types

1. The size that fits cards for cards games such as MTG and Pokemon (2.7 x 3.8 inches = 6.86 x 9.65cm)
2. The size that fits cards for cards game such as Yugioh 2.55 x 3.6 inches = 6.48cm x9.14cm)

  • 60 Custom Card Sleeves protectors for card games.
  • Holds standard size cards for games such as Magic, Yu-gi-oh!, and Pokemon.
  • Size 1 - Japanese : 2.55 x 3.6 inches / 6.48cm x9.14 cm
  • Size 2 - Standard: 2.7 x 3.8 inches = 6.86 x 9.65 cm


Custom Card Sleeves 

 For trading card gamers all over the globe, especially those enthusiasts who want to display and demonstrate their artistic vision through their decks, it’s not enough to have foils and alters on their cards. The most creative of them often make use of custom card mats, or better yet, custom card sleeves. 

While the most obvious reason for the need for card sleeves is the protection of those pricey card game collections, the more serious TCG players use them for something deeper than that.  

TCG players express themselves and their vision by opting for custom card sleeves, paired with their equally cherished custom card game mats that serve as their mementos for their greatest fights and most unforgettable battles.  

What To Look For In Custom Card Sleeves 

 Due to the number of custom card sleeve manufacturers out in the market, it can sometimes be overwhelming choosing which one to purchase from. Being a trading card game enthusiast myself, I am a little choosy when it comes to buying card sleeves for my favorite MTG cards. 

Here are some important aspects you should keep in mind in your search for the ideal custom card sleeves for you. 

Yugioh card sleeves - size

A card sleeve’s main attribute, whether customized for yugioh card sleeves size or even for mtg card sleeves size, the material of the card is very much important. Some card sleeves have a glossy finish, which is often untextured and have a really smooth and shiny back that oftentimes cause sticking between cards, and affects the shuffling of card decks. 

  • Yugioh Size: 2.55 x 3.6 inches / 6.48cm x9.14 cm
  • MTG/Pokemon Size: 2.7 x 3.8 inches = 6.86 x 9.65 cm

What is highly recommended is the matte finish. It has a textured back and has a matte finished front that prevents sticking of cards, and is less prone to affect the shuffling and pulling out of cards from the deck. 

Card Sleeve Durability 

When it comes to durability, the ideal card sleeves are those that can hold up and protect the cards through gameplay. By this, it means the constant shuffling, the laying out of cards on the table, the pulling out from the deck, and the loading and unloading from the deck boxes. 

Durable card sleeves are likewise resistant to rips and tears. There are custom card sleeves manufacturers that offer tear-resistant card sleeves that would protect your most valuable cards. 

magic card dimensions (and Yugioh)

 Another important factor in choosing the ideal custom card sleeves is its thickness and size. The durability, the feel, and even the price of the sleeve is dependent on its thickness. Card sleeves can be as thin as 40 microns (penny sleeves), or as thick as 150 microns for premium custom card sleeves. 

 It is likewise vital that you know the size of your cards as card sleeve manufacturers often produce several sizes for their card sleeves. It is advisable to use larger sleeves if you are double sleeving to have a good fit. 

Card Sleeve Customization 

 Arguably the most important aspect in choosing custom playmat, the level of craftsmanship that was put in every design is vital. It is imperative that the amount of detail put into the design should be matched in the printing process because for many TCG enthusiasts, these are not just card sleeves they’re customizing, it’s a piece of art, and more importantly, a piece of themselves.  

 Where To Buy Custom Card Sleeves 

For those who are still clueless about where to buy their custom mtg sleeves that would complement their MTG and Pokemon playmats, I am glad to inform all TCG players that YourPlaymat does custom card sleeves aside from their popular custom playmats. 

Whatever game you play, it is guaranteed that the custom card sleeves you’ll order will enhance your gameplay experience. One of their competent graphic designers will ensure that the design you want will be clearly portrayed in the card sleeves.  

So whether you want to have a customized Yugioh playmat, an MTG or Pokemon playmat, or you want your card sleeves to match your custom playmat, YourPlaymat will surely satisfy your customization needs. 

Size Chart

Sleeve Size Width(inches) Length(inches) Suitable for
Japanese Size 2.48 3.55 Yugioh
Standard Size 2.6 3.6 MTG, Pokemon

Best Custom Card Sleeves For 2021

We did the impossible: now introducing personalized custom sleeves to upgrade your TCG gear!

We made it simple to stylize any pack of cards with awesome custom art. Whether interested in standard or Japanese sizes, we’ve got you and your cards covered! Enjoy a 100% handmade, top-notch craftsmanship with a snug fit that any TCG player around the world should have!

Never again compromise with generic prints or quality!

    Secured Shuffling
  • Optimized thickness for any type of shuffling. Looks and feels great even after heavy usage. No more static, gunk, or slipping to get in the way.
  • Matte Finish
  • With a textured material featuring a clear front and matte finish back with white frame around your design, you ensure cards won’t slip out when shuffling. Designs are printed directly on the surface and are there to stay!
  • Long Lasting
  • In-depth quality control keeps the longevity of your cards as the primary focus. The thick material is sturdy and reliable with professional grade durability to safeguard your valuables.

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