5 Reasons Why You Should Make Custom Card Sleeves

May 15, 2021 · Usair Arshad
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Custom card sleeves are without a doubt one of the best investments you can make for your cards. Whether it is Yu-Gi-Oh, Magic: The Gathering or any other trading card game, custom card sleeves are almost always present. The cards used are flimsy, which is why it’s a good idea to protect them. Moreover, the cards by themselves are also prone to external damage like sunlight, rough surfaces, and water.

Protecting your cards is just one of the many benefits of having custom card sleeves for your cards. Many do not see the creative side of owning these sleeves. A person would wear clothes for protection and dressing up for an occasion. Similarly, your cards would want to look their best when being played out on the field while maintaining a high level of protection against harm.

Assuming you’re already aboard the hype-train of card sleeves, why not take it a step further and design your own? Nothing beats being able to create something from scratch and the agony of waiting for it to get finished. Not to mention the time you have to wait for your orders to arrive. The entire process is fulfilling and the finished product will make you feel a sense of pride and joy.

Here are 5 reasons why you should make your own custom card sleeves:

It Protects Your Rare Cards

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Okay, this one goes without saying. Card sleeves obviously protect your cards from a multitude of things that can damage it. By now, most trading card game players already have an idea of what can happen to cards without sleeves. No matter the quality of the card, they are still made of the same material- paper. As a result, these cards are vulnerable to many external factors such as scratching, bending, or water. Having sleeves on them keeps your precious cards out of harm’s way.

Your rare cards deserve the customization options that only a few custom card sleeve manufacturers offer. It can have that elegant or flashy design at the back or it can have a lowkey profile. Whichever one you choose; these sleeves will surely be a perfect match for your cards. In fact, high value cards go for a lot more when it is stored in mint condition. There is definitely no downside when it comes to keeping the value of your rare cards so be sure to pick these up.

This doesn’t mean that it is exclusive only for rare or high value cards. Custom card sleeves are a must for any card regardless of the quality or value. If you ever hope to give it some longevity, then this is the simplest way you can do just that. In addition to keeping it in pristine condition, it also protects the card from moisture damage. The cards can suffer from moisture damage and end up being soggy and become flimsy over time.

Having your own custom card sleeves means that you take extra care of your cards. One look and people will know that you are dedicated and you treat your equipment with respect. Since the cards are the main tool used for trading card games so why not invest in protection?

It’s Simple And Easy To Do

Courtesy of: https://www.amazon.com/Custom-Sleeves-Design-Gaming-Vanguard/dp/B07SNFD91F 

There was a time when customizing things in general just takes too much time and effort. From the picking of different elements to getting them all together in one software. There is just too much going on and so much resources needed that one would think twice before even dabbling in customization. It’s safe to say that back in the early days, this might be something not worth looking into. 

But we are living in an age where life is made so much easier for us. If you had a creative spark and want to start creating something immediately, the internet can provide means to create. Web browsers are the main tool to access editors today. There is no need to download bulky software that requires multiple installations or setups. Truly a simple and easy way to do things, no different than logging on to your favorite social media site.

Unlike other software used to create custom shirts or mugs and whatnot, you need not use complicated tools to use this. The interface is simple and very user friendly. It doesn’t take much to navigate the website plus they have everything you will need there. So, all you need are your ideas and a couple of photos and you’re all set. Just make sure you don’t start grabbing photos from the internet as that could create problems for you in terms of copyright.

There are tons of different sites out there that provide different templates for custom card sleeve creation. It provides a clear layout where you can upload your design and crop it to your liking. There are also different indicators that tell you where everything goes as well as instructions on what to do. This isn’t something that was readily available back in the day so make sure you take advantage of what we have at this day and age.

You Can Differentiate Your Cards

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There is no guarantee that your cards are unique to yourself. Unless a manufacturer states that there is only one of that particular card made, then chances are there are others with the same exact card as yours. For instance, one rare Yu-Gi-Oh card has 6 cards made. Now these cards go for a decent amount of money, but the thing is there are others with the same exact card. Having custom card sleeves can give you a sense of ownership with your cards.

These custom card sleeves have also proved useful in tournament settings. Professional players have attested to the different benefits of having the sleeves on your card. These players move their cards around a lot, they also require shuffling multiple times in a single game. Having these custom card sleeves will give you ease of access to your cards. It’s also a great way to segregate your cards based on how you want them to be separated. Some players want their rare cards to have different designs from their regular cards. 

In tournaments, it is an unspoken rule to have your very own customized card sleeves. No professional player would be caught dead without custom card sleeves on their cards. Like a basketball player with their signature shoe, the sleeves also serve as a statement. Most people even put their sponsors for their gear which is a great idea since most of the time the back of the card will be facing the crowd.

When playing with friends or in a large group, it’s good to know that your cards stand out. No one likes the feeling of misplacing or losing their valuables. This minimizes the risk of accidentally swapping or exchanging cards with someone else. When you have custom card sleeves, you don’t have to worry about someone else mistakenly picking up your prized card. Though they might pick it up because it looks so cool with the custom design.

It Helps Avoid Cheating

Custom card sleeves have other uses aside from protecting what is inside it. Believe it or not, players find a way to gain an advantage of the other player using the bare cards. As stated before, the cards are particularly flimsy and prone to scratches or damaging. As a result, this wear and tear can leave a lasting mark on the card itself. And with these markings, players who want to take advantage can easily do so by remembering markings on the card (scratches, fading, bent corners).

The cheating may start as accidental or just plain coincidence, but once people see a pattern it’s going to be hard to look away. Sure, it might look harmless like a kid telling a white lie, but let’s not wait for it to grow into something untruthful. After all, a win without resorting to such tactics is one of the best feelings in a game like this.

The urge to dominate your opponent through an easy means may be tempting to some. Cheating in itself is undoubtedly one of the worst types of sins in terms of gaming. It may be someone just messing with limitations or under pressure to perform better than how he is currently playing. Regardless of whatever the reason a trickster may give you, cheating is cheating. Don’t let anyone tell you otherwise.

Take away the what ifs by simply putting your own custom design on the sleeve. That way all players joining can just admire the beauty of the card sleeves and not even think about markings. Putting a stop to it before it has a chance to happen is one way of respecting the game. As a player, you want the competitive spirit at a high level without compromising integrity. 

Keep the spirit of friendship alive by doing your part to eliminate the temptation and sleeve your cards!

They Look Better With Custom Images

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Lastly, they really do look better with custom images printed on the back. Granted aesthetics do not in any way improve your chances of winning, it sure does something for morale. Imagine having a photo of your dog printed on the back. When you’re on the verge of tilting just one look from your friend and you know you’re going to win. You can put virtually anything you want as long as it is a photo. You can put your gaming logo or sponsors if you have any.

In case you get tired of the design you currently have, you can always have spare ones on the ready! Let your creativity flow with the help of online designers and just upload the image you want and crop then hit OK. It is a really simple process and if you take a liking to it, simply have a separate container handy for spare sleeves.

I can’t stress enough how great the custom feature is. It’s like taking the game you love and adding your own little spice to it. It doesn’t change the game drastically apart from allowing you to get creative. If this option was available way back when the game was at its peak, enthusiasts would have lost their mind. Kids would have flocked all over the store writing their initials or a logo they envisioned to apply to their custom card sleeves. But it is available now, while trading card games may not be as popular as they once were, there is surely a health community of gamers who are ready to appreciate custom card sleeves.

Is It A Good Idea To Make Your Own Custom Card Sleeve?

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Don’t take anyone else’s word for it, try it out yourself and see how awesome it feels to be able to create something and have it delivered to your doorstep. Imagine the look on your friends face when he sees your card sleeves bearing your initials. They will surely take interest and instantly become fascinated by the entire process of its creation. It really doesn’t take much effort in creating one, but the end result is just fantastic

If you are a trading card game enthusiast and are looking to get you cards sleeved, be sure to think about customizing it. It is just an offer too good to pass. Just like how people customize their own bags to their shoes and anything in between, custom card sleeves are a great hobby to pick up. Whether you are heavily dedicated to the game or just playing for fun, this is available for everyone.

Bring your awesome ideas to life with the help of a custom card sleeve generator. Let the artist in you go wild and let the sleeve be your canvas. Or if you are trying to be funny or just doing it for the laughs, you can put a meme on it. The possibilities are endless when you have a blank canvas or in this case, a blank sleeve.


Do I need to use card sleeves?

It is not required, but it is recommended that you use card sleeves to protect the cards from scratches and moisture and to keep the overall look nice.

Can I make card sleeves with my design?

Of course, you can. That way, you can stand out from the other players and have a cool design you like.

Do card sleeves need only for collector cards?

It is recommended to use card sleeves for any cards showing your attitude to your cards and respect for their appearance.

Will card sleeves help make cards look better?

If your cards have already been damaged, card sleeves can prevent new damage from occurring.