About Us

Your Playmat 

After spending 11 years playing Yugioh, we’d had countless discussions with other players about how difficult it was to create a custom playmat online. Existing options were either too expensive or not fully customizable… yet it was every player’s dream to bring their own personality into their gaming.

So after a big tournament, we reached a tipping point and decided to take action for ourselves. We spent months researching the industry, building a great design, and learning everything we needed to know about creating high-quality, custom playmats.

Today, we’re committed to offering a diverse line of high-performance, durable, and fully customizable playmats to players around the world. Our playmats are built from the highest quality raw materials we could find and are built to last for years of continuous play.

Along with our suite of customization options, we offer a dynamic collection of readymade designs to choose from that are bound to turn heads at your next tournament or gathering. This allows you to get your own stunning playmat in your hands faster than ever before!

Check out our latest product line and powerful customization options today! It’s time to take your game to the next level.