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It's time to upgrade your old card sleeves with brand new custom card sleeves!
The sleeve's surface has a matte finish. they are easy to shuffle and VERY durable! (Not difference in quality from the big card sleeves companies. we made sure of thatūüėČ)

ūüĒĒWe offer 2 kinds of card sleeve types

1. The size that fits cards for cards games such as MTG and Pokemon (2.7 x 3.8 inches = 6.86 x 9.65cm)
2. The size that fits cards for cards game such as Yugioh 2.55 x 3.6 inches = 6.48cm x9.14cm)

  • 60¬†Custom Card Sleeves¬†protectors¬†for card games.
  • Holds standard size cards for games such as Magic, Yu-gi-oh!, and Pokemon.
  • Size 1: 2.55 x 3.6¬†inches / 6.48cm x9.14 cm
  • Size 2:¬†2.7¬†x 3.8¬†inches = 6.86 x 9.65 cm


Custom Card Sleeves 

 For trading card gamers all over the globe, especially those enthusiasts who want to display and demonstrate their artistic vision through their decks, it’s not enough to have foils and alters on their cards. The most creative of them often make use of custom card mats, or better yet, custom card sleeves. 

While the most obvious reason for the need for card sleeves is the protection of those pricey card game collections, the more serious TCG players use them for something deeper than that.  

TCG players express themselves and their vision by opting for custom card sleeves, paired with their equally cherished custom card game mats that serve as their mementos for their greatest fights and most unforgettable battles.  

-Optimal Image Size: 750kb - 10MB
-Image Type: JPG or PNG
-DPI (dots per inch) : 300
-Dimensions: 1800 x 1050 pixels

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