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It's time to upgrade your old card sleeves with brand new custom card sleeves!
The sleeve's surface has a matte finish. Easy to shuffle and VERY durable! (No difference in quality from the big card sleeves companies. we made sure of that😉)

🔔We offer 2 kinds of card sleeves types

1. The Standard size that fits cards for cards games such as MTG and Pokemon (2.7 x 3.8 inches = 6.86 x 9.65cm)
2. The Japanese size that fits cards for cards game such as Yugioh 2.55 x 3.6 inches = 6.48cm x9.14cm)

  • Size 1 -  Japanese : 2.5 x 3.56 inches / 6.48cm x9.14 cm
  • Size 2 -  Standard: 2.65 x 3.65 inches = 6.86 x 9.65 cm


Custom Card Sleeves 

 For trading card gamers all over the globe, especially those enthusiasts who want to display and demonstrate their artistic vision through their decks, it’s not enough to have foils and alters on their cards. The most creative of them often make use of custom card mats, or better yet, custom card sleeves. 

While the most obvious reason for the need for card sleeves is the protection of those pricey card game collections, the more serious TCG players use them for something deeper than that.  

TCG players express themselves and their vision by opting for custom card sleeves, paired with their equally cherished custom card game mats that serve as their mementos for their greatest fights and most unforgettable battles.  

Size Chart

Size Width(inches) Length(inches) Suitable for
Japanese Size 2.55 3.6 Yugioh
Standard Size 2.7 3.8 MTG, Pokemon

Best Custom Card Sleeves For 2020

We did the impossible: now introducing personalized custom sleeves to upgrade your TCG gear!

We made it simple to stylize any pack of cards with awesome custom art. Whether interested in standard or Japanese sizes, we’ve got you and your cards covered! Enjoy a 100% handmade, top-notch craftsmanship with a snug fit that any TCG player around the world should have!

Never again compromise with generic prints or quality!

    Secured Shuffling
  • Optimized thickness for any type of shuffling. Looks and feels great even after heavy usage. No more static, gunk, or slipping to get in the way.
  • Matte Finish
  • With a textured material featuring a clear front and matte finish back, you ensure cards won’t slip out when shuffling. Designs are printed directly on the surface and are there to stay!
  • Long Lasting
  • In-depth quality control keeps the longevity of your cards as the primary focus. The thick material is sturdy and reliable with professional grade durability to safeguard your valuables.

Players Reviews

Ramses R.
LOVE IT!😍😍😍 I was skeptical at first because I never bought sleeves from them (I always get my playmats from them) but I and now I'll probably exclusively use their sleeves too! The art was printed perfectly! there's a nice and mash shuffle feel to them also. I used DS for years but because the sleeves are custom there's a lot of subjectivity when it comes to preference haha
Happy with them. I'm happy with yourplaymat sleeves tbh. no issues at all. the raw surface on the back is matte and makes it extremely easy to shuffle. I'm not a big fan of sticky sleeves so the glossy matte material suits me well
Christian D.
United Kingdom
Thank you! Brilliant! thank you!
David V. C
The Netherlands
Massive jealousy! Duddde my friends are so jelly haha I till can't believe I find custom sleeve tbh lol They look and feel durable. The dimension fits MTG cards perfectly (I took the mtg/pokemon size recommended from the support team). they get a good review because they did a great job! I will come back for more soon!
Robin S.
Custom sleeves? Yes, please! What can I say? the thickness is great, my X art is printed better than I expected and the quality on this baby is impeccable! recommended to my friends already get yours sleeve in Yourpalyamt!! (Great PR ha? 😂)
Remy M.
Great ! Overall the sleeves are awesome. Pors: The art got printed nicely. Although I have them for only 2 weeks, when shuffling, the edges don't bend and no junk is accumulated between the sleeve and the card. cons: The sleeves are thick😂 (I'm used to playing with thin ones. but at least it means they'll survive longer lol)
Ricardo L.
My Samurai sleeves!!! It took around 7 days to arrive and I'm very (very!) pleased with the sleeves! respectable quality, the design is very clear and vivid and your playmat support was very pleasant 😋
Jordan S.
Solid. I recommend checking out these guys. Both the mat and the sleeves turn out fantastic. 5/5

The Best Custom Playmat for 2020

We know that your trading cards are important, so protect your deck and duel with style!

We believe customization goes beyond cool print. Represent who you are as a TCG player with absolute control by choosing the design and size that best suits your unique playing style. Display your own custom art, select images from our anime collection, and explore the endless possibilities.

What are our playmats made of? The cloth surface is a durable and smooth fabric designed to prevent any harsh wear and tear to your valuable collectibles. It’s also machine wash friendly! Meanwhile underneath we’ve added a non-slip neoprene rubber bottom for the right amount of friction to keep everything where it should be—on the tabletop.

    Easy to roll up
  • The perfect thickness of our mats make tube storage easy! Take it from tube to table in no time!
  • Stitched edges
  • Prevent unsightly frayed edges with a Stitched upgrade! Plus, our standard round edge will keep your cards in the center of any mat.
  • Quality surface
  • Quality control is important to us. From the best materials to vivid artwork prints, we use the latest technology to bring you the best there is to offer in custom card playmats.

Treat your cards the right way! Allow them to easily slide into battle while keeping dust away.

Whether you are playing Yu-gi-oh, Magic: the Gathering, Pokèmon, or any other trading card games or board games, we invite you to see the benefit of a truly powerful custom play mat.

How to make your own playmat?

It’s easy to make your own personalized gaming surface. All you have to do is upload your image, crop it, and add any upgrades you’d like! The instructions are above.

That’s all it takes to level up!

About File Resolution and Printing

    What resolution do I need for my print file?
  • As a quality standard to provide vibrant and clear images, photos are required to have a minimum of 150 DPI. For optimal results, we recommend using high definition files of 300 DPI. Be sure the file size is larger than 750 KB and the resolution is at least 1800x1080 pixels. We accept JPEG and PNG files only.
  • About the cutting process - Important notes:
  • - ½” (1.4cm) of bleed area for stitched playmats.
    - ⅓” (0.9cm) of bleed area for non-stitched mats.
    - Images must extend to all corners to avoid gaps.
    - Be careful of any border lines, watermarks, or other unwanted visuals.

We ship worldwide

Whether you’re from Canada, Australia, the UK or even Deustchland—we ship worldwide to bring accessibility and enjoyment to all players around the globe!

Need Help?

We are available to assist you!

Our email address: support@yourplaymat.com

-Optimal Image Size: 750kb - 10MB
-Image Type: JPG or PNG
-DPI (dots per inch) : 300
-Dimensions: 1800 x 1050 pixels

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