Are Mouse Pads Necessary?

May 6, 2022 · Your Playmat
Are Mouse Pads Necessary?

When buying things for your desktop, one is asking, do I need a mouse mat? As a regular PC user, I get along just fine without this kind of stuff. However, as a gamer, this thing plays a role.

What is the point of a mouse mat? First, it has a protective function. Secondly, it betters the gaming experience significantly. In this article, we would like to cover this in more detail.

Reasons To Use Mouse Pads

If you're still doubting whether it is worth spending money on this small accessory at all, well, I'll answer your question on what are mouse pads for:

  1. the pad prevents scratches and fading of the table from the action of the mouse;
  2. mouse pad prevents dirt from getting on the legs of the mouse so that it will last longer;
  3. it improves your gaming experience with a large and rough mat surface and additional functionality.

Mouse Pads Are Good For Your Desk

One of the essential functions of a mouse pad is to prevent damage to the table surface. Have you ever seen a worn-out desk? That peeling surface with dozens of scratches looks nasty and gruesome. You can see the same areas on a gamer's desk where the mouse is positioned. This is the consequence of using a mouse without a mouse pad. Disgusting, isn't it? 

To keep your desk undamaged and good looking it is better to spend some money on a good mouse pad than to buy a new desk or spend money on repairing an old one.

Mouse Pads Are Good For Your Mouse

Even if your mouse does not get dirty from your hands, then your table does and then transfers dirt and debris to the legs of the mouse. This can lead first to its contamination and then to the loss of functionality, the body of the mouse may become loose due to its legs. In this regard, you will have to buy new legs for the mouse or the mouse itself. 

Mouse Pads Are Good For PC Games Experience

Even if it seems to you that your table at which you play games is fully provided with equipment and other necessary functionality, still find a place for a mouse pad there. 

Actually, the pad has a significant value for games. 

The next point that we want to review is why a mouse pad is necessary for gaming?

  • The mouse pad is beneficial for gamers who need high speed in the game. Thanks to the easy sliding of the mouse on the surface of the mats, you can significantly increase your speed and lead in the standings among other participants. 

Let’s take the legendary Counter-Strike, where speed is everything. The gamer must use weapons to defeat enemies to win. Fast reaction and the speed of your mouse are crucial factors that define your victory. A high-quality mouse pad will provide a large and comfortable space and easy and planned mouse sliding over it. This will allow the gamer to complete tasks quickly and bring victory to their team in every round.

  • Large pads will play a significant role. Thanks to them, the gamer will be able to make sweeping movements and move freely over a long distance, as this will be required by the gameplay. Some models are able to cover the entire table and even cover the keyboard space.
  • Special gaming pads are used for quick movements without interrupting sensor refresh cycles. 
  • Some mouse pads are more functional than you might think. Take, for example, RGB backlighting or the connection of a pad and a mouse through software that allows you to set profiles for any surface.

So, are gaming mouse pads worth it? The facts say mouse pad matters more than you thought. 

So, Is It Worth Owning Mouse Pad?Reasons To Use Mouse Pads

The answer is clear if you are a gamer, you need a mat. Well, what mat to choose then, because today the market offers dazzling options for all tastes.

I would like to recommend you Yourplaymat. First, our guys make quality pads with a smooth and solid cover. You can be sure that the mat will withstand washing. Secondly, you are absolutely free to choose any design you like, a unique and extraordinary hue that no one else has. 

Can you trust us? Yes, we have been in the gaming space for over 5 years and have produced over 10,000 mats that help gamers achieve high results.

Create your own unique pad with the design you choose on the Internet and show them. As a print, you can choose either your favourite hero of the game or come up with an inspiring inscription that we will not put on the surface of the material. No one else will have a pad like yours.


Can you use a mouse without a mouse pad?

If you are a player and play games in which speed is of the utmost importance, you had better use a mouse pad.  You can use the mouse without a mouse pad; however, this can significantly affect your performance. 

Do you need a mouse pad for optical mouse?

For optical mice, it's best to use a mouse pad, especially if your table is reflective or made of glass material. 

Is it desirable to use a mouse pad for wireless mouse?

For any mouse, the best option would be to use an intermediate layer between the table and the mouse. Therefore, you should use a mouse pad.

What is the average price for a mouse pad?

The average price for quality pads is about $25. You can buy a custom mouse pad at a loyal price on our company's site.