Are MTG Cards Recyclable?

June 26, 2022 · Your Playmat
Are MTG Cards Recyclable

As the game progresses in MTG, many players are wondering - are playing cards recyclable? Unfortunately, Magic The Gathering cards are not recyclable. Yes, this bad news catches players by surprise. Of course, the game has recently been digitized, so the most logical advice would be to switch to the digital version of the game. And yet the original portable version of the game is still very popular. With its incredible atmosphere and adventurous spirit, it captures more and more new audiences. Therefore, it is still possible to meet players with duplicate cards, who often do not understand what to do with spare cards. But our article will briefly tell you about everything.

Why Does One Want To Recycle MTG Cards?

pile of MTG cards

Since 1993, you can find billions of MTG playing cards. While you may notice that there are only 60 of them in the deck, there are many more in your collection. Perhaps you have already thought about recycling MTG Cards but have not yet found the reason you need. Then check out our list below, and choose the most appropriate way to say goodbye to unnecessary MTG cards:

Reason #1

MTG is a game that allows you to create countless variations of the character of your game. Therefore, many players can meet from several decks, up to 10, if not more. Not to mention cards that are just waiting for a better time. Remember how long ago you used the card. If a card has not been in the main deck for more than 5 games, then it may not be in the next ones either.

Reason #2

Over time, you may find that you have a lot of the same cards, which obviously does not make the game easier. They keep cluttering up your space. You might think that, in this way, you will save possible damage to the card by replacing it in a timely manner with the one that is waiting in your storage. However, it is much more expedient to use sleeves and TCG playmats for this.

Reason #3

Do not forget that MTG cards have their own special expiration date. Since 1993, the date of birth of the game, many old cards cannot be used in current tournaments. Check how correctly it will be today to use the cards from your decks to save yourself from unpleasant situations.

How To Get Rid Of MTG Cards If They Can’t Be Recycled?

TCG cards in the box

Don't think that the best way to get rid of MTG cards is to throw them in a trashcan when you can’t recycle playing cards. After all, you can give them a second life, which will help support the MTG movement in the best traditions of its friendly audience. And we will help you with this. Just use one of the suggested methods below:


The best profit you can get from selling MTG cards. All you need to do is go through the game stores, find out the prices and choose the best ones. Or you can expose unwanted cards online, like on eBay. But remember that not all cards have value for other players because there are common, uncommon, and rare cards and game expansion packs. 


Donating is a great way to help other people and increase your karma. There are game stores that have card 'bins' for a wide variety of card games. Thus, as soon as a full-fledged MTG deck is typed, the store will provide it for free borrowing in the store or donate them to worthy causes. In addition, you can contact children's centers. Perhaps you can make a child happy, even one who doesn't know the game. Believe me, children can use their imaginations to invent their own games with several MTG cards.


Who doesn't love receiving gifts? Especially when it comes to a person who plays MTG. Ask your friends if they are missing some kind of card that you no longer need. Or build a complete deck with your own special taste to help a friend feel better in the game. By replenishing the MTG community, this cycle can continue indefinitely!

Non-obvious Ways To Deal With Unused MTG Cards

You may have noticed that the basis of all methods is farewell to the cards. However, there are ways to apply them in your life:

  1. Use them as interesting bookmarks;
  2. Use a dry and dark place for long-term storage, after which the cards will greatly increase in value;
  3. Create your own game with old cards;
  4. Use them as decor for your room.

These are just a few of the options, use your imagination, and you'll be surprised at how useful the useless MTG cards can be.

Protect Your Cards With Card Sleeves To Make Them Last Longer

MTG Cards Sleeving

As we mentioned before, one of the main reasons for keeping copies of the cards in the main deck is their possible damage. But no matter how you replace the cards one by one, you still have the same outcome - their disposal. However, you can avoid this thanks to card sleeves:

  • They will protect your cards from mechanical damage and dirt;
  • You can safely play with such cards in a usually unsafe environment (in nature, on uneven surfaces full of drinks, etc.);
  • Their design, which you can create yourself, will complete your unique collection!

This way, you won't have to wonder about ‘can you recycle playing cards?


What Do I Do With Old MTG Cards?

It's best to keep your old magic cards. As time goes by, they may increase in value.

How Do You Clean Old MTG Cards?

You need to use soap suds without excess water to clean old magic cards. You can also use sleeves to prevent dirt, which will be more reliable.

What Can You Do With Unused MTG Cards?

Remember that while you are holding unwanted Magic cards, someone is already dreaming of discovering MTG. And you can help this person by giving them these cards.

How Can I Tell How Old My MTG Cards Are?

You can check which edition the card belongs to by using the symbol on the right side of the strip between the image and the text field. It remains only to google and find out the year of its edition.