How to Control Any Game with the Best Blue MTG Cards

July 25, 2023 · Usair Arshad
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Blue mages, listen up! We all know Magic's island-dwelling spell slingers have some of the best cards ever printed. Counterspells, card draw, creature bounce - blue does it all. Today I'm counting down the top 10 most powerful blue cards in Magic history. From Ancestral Recall to Jace, the Mind Sculptor, we're diving deep into the best spells, creatures, and planeswalkers Blue has to offer. Whether you're a control fanatic or just appreciate a good counterspell, you'll find some sweet tech here. So sit back, tap some islands, and get ready for the best of the best in blue!


Ancestral Recall - The Pinnacle of Card Advantage

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Ancestral Recall demonstrated from Magic's very beginning just how important card advantage could be. With its ability to refill your hand out of nowhere, it's no wonder this 1 mana spell ended up restricted.

Insane Value for Just 1 Mana

Paying a single blue mana to draw 3 fresh cards is an unparalleled effect in Magic's history. Most card-draw spells net you 1 extra card for 3 or 4 mana. Ancestral Recall provides triple that card advantage for a fraction of the cost. It's arguably the most mana-efficient draw spell ever printed.

Generating Massive Card Advantage

With Ancestral Recall, blue decks could easily chain multiple copies per turn in the early game. Drawing 6, 9, or even 12 extra cards by turn 3 or 4 allowed Blue to simply overwhelm opponents with resources. Even just resolving one Ancestral Recall puts you far ahead in cards.

Powerful Cantrip Effect

One of the things that makes Ancestral Recall so powerful is the ability to refill your hand immediately at an instant speed. When you're running low on gas mid-game, a timely Ancestral Recall gives you a brand new grip of 3 cards to work with right away. It's an unparalleled cantrip effect that regenerates your options out of nowhere.

The raw power of generating so much advantage for so little cost quickly resulted in Ancestral Recall getting restricted. But it remains one of the most influential draw spells Magic has ever seen, defining card advantage for blue players ever since.


Counterspell - The Essence of Blue Interaction

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Counterspell has been a pillar of blue strategies ever since the early days of Magic. With its low mana cost and flexibility, it exemplifies what makes blue's countermagic so potent.

Elegant Simplicity

With just two blue mana in its cost, Counterspell provides interaction with elegance and simplicity. If you don't want your opponent's spell to resolve, you simply cast Counterspell in response. The name perfectly encapsulates the effect - it counters any target spell, period. This straightforward design makes Counterspell easy to use.

Catch-All Countermagic Covers Every Matchup

Unlike more narrow counterspells that only hit certain card types or mana costs, Counterspell can counter anything. Sorceries, instants, enchantments, creatures - it doesn't matter. Counterspell stops them all cold. This versatility means it always has a relevant target against any opponent's strategy. Against control it counters draw and removal, against aggro it stops creatures, and against combo, it disrupts key combo pieces.

Ideal For Establishing Early Control

With its low mana cost, Counterspell is perfect for blue decks looking to control the game early. Holding up just two mana on turn two or three allows you to leave up Counterspell and still make plays on your own turn. The threat of open blue mana will make opponents hesitate, letting you dictate the pace of the game.

While strictly better options have been printed, Counterspell remains a blue staple for its perfect blend of efficiency, flexibility, and simplicity. Any aspiring blue mage needs a full playset in their collection. And be sure to have a few extra copies handy in case your opponents try to counter your Counterspell! Check out our custom deck boxes to keep your counterspells safe.


Force of Will - Revolutionary Free Interaction

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Force of Will fundamentally changed the face of countermagic thanks to its revolutionary free design. By ditching the mana cost, it gave blue reliable interaction against the fastest combo and aggro decks.

Pioneered the "Free Spell" Design Space


Force of Will pioneered free spells with its unique alternate casting cost. Rather than pay mana, you can pitch any blue card from hand to counter a spell for free. This groundbreaking design opened up a brand new space for card advantage-free interaction.

Catching Combo and Aggro With Their Pants Down


The ability to counter without spending mana meant Force of Will could reliably stop turn 1-3 combo and aggro decks in their tracks, even when tapped out. Against blistering fast strategies, Force provided a vital tool to disrupt them before it was too late.

Legacy and Vintage All-Star

Force's strengths naturally made it a mainstay in eternal formats like Legacy and Vintage where fast combo thrives. It's remained one of the premier counterspells in Magic, cementing Blue's ability to interact for free. Any blue deck wants the full 4 copies.

Force of Will still stands as one of Blue's most elegant and powerful designs. Just be sure to pack extra sleeves and deck boxes to protect your Forces! Check out our custom sleeves for stylish and durable storage.


Brainstorm - Cornerstone of Blue Strategy

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As a pillar of card selection and hand filtering, Brainstorm has powered up blue decks ever since its printing. Let's explore why this 1-mana instant is so potent.

Smoothing Out Your Draw Steps

Brainstorm's ability to stack the top of your library is invaluable for smoothing out your next few draws. Don't want to draw that extra land? Just shuffle it away. Need to find an answer? Stack the cards you need on top. This filtering transforms your future draw steps.

Insane Value with Fetch Lands

What makes Brainstorm truly busted is combining it with fetch lands like Polluted Delta. You can stack the cards you want, draw them, then shuffle away the unused ones to reset your library. This fuels insane card quality and selection turn after turn.

The cornerstone of Blue Card Advantage

Between the filtering and graveyard synergy, Brainstorm provides lasting value and card advantage. After all, cards in your graveyard aren't gone forever in Magic! Brainstorm remains a cornerstone of many blue card advantage engines.


Brainstorm continues to shape blue-based strategies today thanks to its immense selection and filtering power. Just be sure to protect those priceless Brainstorms in quality sleeves and deck boxes! Browse our custom deck boxes for the perfect accessory storage.


Jace, the Mind Sculptor - The Epitome of Blue Control

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As one of the original planeswalkers, Jace TMS demonstrated just how much loyalty abilities could take over a game. His raw card advantage and board control make him one of Blue's most iconic win conditions.

Insane Value Across All Loyalty Abilities


Each of Jace's three abilities generates tremendous card advantage and board impact. His +2 loots away dead cards while filtering your draws. His -1 bounces a creature or planeswalker. And his devastating -12 for ultimate card advantage.

Simultaneous Board and Hand Advantage


Few planeswalkers can affect the board and your hand as powerfully as Jace. He loots away unused cards while bouncing threats, accruing value each turn. Your card quality skyrockets as your board stabilizes.

Defined Control Planeswalkers


Jace's flexibility exemplifies how blue planeswalkers leverage loyalty for control. He dominated Standard formats due to his raw power and remains a Modern staple. Any blue mage should play 4 copies! Browse our accessories to pimp your blue control style!


Cryptic Command - The Essence of Modal Spells

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With its four interchangeable modes wrapped into one card, Cryptic Command exemplifies flexible modal spells. It provides the perfect toolbox for disrupting opponents and protecting your board state.

Jack of All Trades Counterspell

What makes Cryptic so strong is how it combines four different modes: counter target spell, return target permanent to hand, tap all creatures, and draw a card. This allows you to counter key spells, bounce threats, lock down enemy boards, or just straight up draw more gas on your turn - all from one card!

Disrupt Opponents and Protect Your Board

Cryptic grants blue decks the ultimate shield and sword in one package. You can stop an opponent's biggest threats while returning your own permanent hand to dodge removal. Few spells offer this level of versatile interaction.

Modern's Counterspell King

With such a Swiss army knife of modes, Cryptic Command has become a mainstay of blue control in Modern. If you're rocking Islands, you want a full four copies.

Be sure to keep your Cryptic Commands safe in style with custom deck boxes and custom sleeves for the ultimate blue mage flair! Browse our accessories to stand out at your LGS.


A force of Negation - The Modern Force of Will

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Building on the legacy of Force of Will, Force of Negation brings free interaction to Modern by letting you counter targets for no mana. It's a must-have tool for blue decks.

Free Spell Design Returns

Like its predecessor, Force of Negation allows you to counter a spell by exiling a blue card from hand rather than paying mana. This innovative free spell design opens up powerful turn 1 interaction.

Laser-Focused on Noncreature Spells


Unlike the catch-all Force of Will, Negation specifically counters only non-creature spells - instants, sorceries, enchantments, and planeswalkers. This makes it a tactical counterspell for combo and control matchups.

Patching Weaknesses of Modern Blue


By providing free interaction, Force of Negation patches blue's weaknesses against fast combo and control decks in Modern. Negation should be a 4-of in most blue sideboards.

Force of Negation continues the legacy of free spells that Force of Will pioneered. It's an essential tool for blue mages in formats like Modern. Just be sure to protect those Forces in style with custom deck boxes! Browse our accessories for the best spell-slinging flair.


Arcane Denial - Sneaky Countermagic


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Arcane Denial exemplifies the sneakiness and card advantage of blue countermagic. It replaces itself when cast while providing opponents extra draws too. This makes it a political tool perfect for multiplayer.

Confusing Card Advantage


Unlike many counterspells, Arcane Denial actually increases the number of cards in hand for all players. It counters a spell, draws you 3 fresh cards, and also lets opponents draw 1. This can confuse combat math and make the counter feel less bad.

Tricky Multiplayer Political Tool


Arcane Denial shines most in multiplayer formats like Commander where you can leverage the group draw politically. "Don't worry guys, I'm just going to counter this with Arcane Denial so we all draw cards!" This fuels the overall card flow while stopping only a single opponent's key spell.

Best Blue MTG Cards for Social Interaction


In social formats, Arcane Denial encourages positive group play patterns. The extra draws make opponents less mad when their best spell gets countered. It's one of the best blue mtg cards for politicking and multiplayer fun!

While risky in duel formats, Arcane Denial shows how Blue's countermagic contains hidden depths. The sneakiness of replacing itself while benefiting opponents too makes it a unique counter worthy of Blue's bag of tricks.


Final Thoughts


That's a wrap planeswalkers! After journeying through some of the most powerful blue spells ever printed, one thing is clear - blue deserves its reputation as the most dominant control color in Magic.

We started off going way back to Ancestral Recall, one of the busted best blue mtg cards draw spells of all time. Three fresh cards for just 1 mana? That's just unfair value! It set the tone for Blue's ability to accrue raw card advantage.


This theme continued with classics like the versatile counter Counterspell, selection master Brainstorm, and hand refiller Fact or Fiction. Efficient blue draw cards mtg like these keep Blue's grip loaded with options.

But blue doesn't just draw cards - it controls the flow of the entire game. Force of Will and Force of Negation exemplify how Blue gets to break the mana rules with free countermagic. And few planeswalkers dominate a board as completely Jace, the Mind Sculptor.


Looking across Magic's history, it's clear why blue is among the best colors mtg. Between its wealth of card advantage engines and stack interaction, blue mages have answers to almost any situation. They always seem to have the right blue draw cards mtg or counterspell ready to foil opponents' plans.


So next time you face off against a wily blue opponent, don't be surprised when they effortlessly counter your biggest spell after drawing half their deck! You're up against one of the most refined control machines that Magic has ever developed. Just try to smile as your best cards get Force of Willed in response. And maybe add a few Negations to your sideboard for next time!