Best Burn Cards in MTG: Top 10

March 3, 2023 · Alex Alex
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Magic: The Gathering is a popular collectible card game that was first released in 1993. Players use decks of cards with spells, creatures, and other game elements to battle. The game is popular for its complex rules, diverse card sets, and deep lore.

One key element of the game is the use of "burn spells." Burn spells MTG are cards that deal direct damage to a player's opponent, often in the form of fire or lightning. Burn spells are an essential part of many decks, as they can quickly deal damage and help players win the game.

Besides direct damage, some burn spells also have extra effects. They are reducing an opponent's life total, destroying creatures or artifacts, or drawing extra cards. Burn spells come in a variety of strengths and costs. They allow players to tailor their decks to their playstyle and strategy.

Burn spells play an important role in MTG. They provide players with versatile tools for dealing with the damage and achieving victory. They need careful consideration and strategic use. And they are a key component of many successful decks.

In our article, we will tell you all about burn spell cards. We will also give you some tips on building a burn deck. And you will get 10 of the best burn spell MTG cards for your collection.

Introduction To Burn Spells

Burn spells are an integral format to many Magic: The Gathering (MTG) decks. Burn spells deal direct damage to a player or a creature. And players can use them to finish off an opponent or clear the way for an attack. Understanding the key concepts related to burn spells is crucial for successful play. It includes damage, targeting, and damage types:

  1. Damage. Damage is the amount of harm that a spell or ability can deal. Burn spells typically deal damage directly to a player or a creature. The amount of damage is usually expressed in numbers. And the players can modify it by various effects. It can be card abilities, other spells, or the presence of other creatures or spells;
  2. Targeting. When a player plays a burn spell, the caster must choose a target. The target can be a player or a creature. Some burn spells can target many creatures or players, while others can only target one. If a burn spell targets a player, the damage goes directly to that player's total life. If a burn spell targets a creature, it gets damaged. It may result in the destroying creature. It happens if the amount of damage is equal to or greater than the creature's toughness;
  3. Damage Types. There are several types of damage that burn spells  can deal. The most common type is simply "damage," which is in the form of damage counters. Other types of damage include combat damage. The monsters get it during combat, and noncombat damage is outside of combat. Some burn spells deal specific types of damage. It can be fire damage, lightning damage, or poison damage. These different types of damage can be relevant in certain situations. It's when a creature has resistance or vulnerability to a particular type of damage.

In addition to dealing damage, burn spells MTG can also have extra effects. It can be:

  • Causing a player to discard a card;
  • Preventing a creature from blocking;
  • Reducing a creature's toughness.

These effects can be potent, and you can use them to gain an advantage over an opponent.

It is important to note that even the best burn spells MTG are not always the most effective way to deal with a situation. Burn spells typically deal a small amount of damage relative to a creature's toughness. And they can be easily countered or prevented by other spells or abilities. Thus, it is vital to use burn spells strategically. And better use them in combination with other cards to achieve the desired outcome.

Understanding the key concepts related to burn spells is vital for effective play in MTG. By carefully choosing targets, understanding the types of damage that can be dealt with, and using burn spells in conjunction with other cards, players can gain an advantage over their opponents and achieve victory.

Best Burn Cards In Magic: The Gathering: Top 10

best burn mtg cards

Here are ten of the best burn MTG cards in the game. We will provide their descriptions of abilities, strengths, and weaknesses.

Lightning Bolt

This classic and one of the best burn spells deals three damage to any target. It's a cheap and efficient way to deal damage and can be useful in various situations. Its strength lies in its flexibility, but its weakness is that it only deals three damage.

Lava Spike 

Lava Spike is a sorcery that deals three damage to an opponent. It's a great way to deal damage and pressure an opponent quickly. But it's limited in its use and can only target opponents.


This instant best burn spell deals three damage to an opponent. And it prevents them from gaining life that turn. Its strength lies in its ability to disrupt an opponent's strategy. But it only deals three damage.

Rift Bolt 

Rift Bolt is a suspend spell that deals three damage to any target when it resolves. Its strength lies in its ability to deal damage at a low cost. But its weakness is that it takes time to resolve.


Fireblast is an instant that deals four damage to any target. Its strength lies in its high damage output. But its weakness is that it requires players to sacrifice two mountains to cast it.

Searing Blaze

Searing Blaze is one of the best sorcery burn spells. It deals one damage to any target and one damage to that target's controller. It's great for dealing with damage and disrupting the strategy of an opponent. But its weakness is that it requires a landfall trigger to work effectively.

Chain Lightning 

This sorcery deals three damage to any target. And then, that player or creature's controller can copy the spell and target another player or creature. Its strength lies in its ability to deal damage to many targets. But its weakness is that counterspells can easily disrupt it.

Flame Rift 

Flame Rift deals four damage to each player. Its strength lies in its ability to deal with high damage output. But its weakness is that it can also hurt the caster.

Price of Progress 

This is one of the best burn spells MTG damages an opponent based on the number of nonbasic lands the player controls. Its strength is the ability to punish opponents for relying on nonbasic lands. But its weakness is that it's only effective in certain situations.


Electrolyze is one of the best burn instants spells MTG. It deals two damage to any target and allows the player to draw a card. Its strength lies in its versatility. It can deal damage and draw cards, but its weakness is that it only deals two damage.

These ten burn cards are some of the most powerful and versatile in the game. Each has its strengths and weaknesses. And it's up to players to determine which burn MTG cards work best for their specific strategy.

How To Build A Burn Deck?

Building a successful deck based on burn cards in MTG can be a fun and rewarding experience. Burn decks are centered around dealing direct damage to your opponent's life total. And they allow a fast-paced and aggressive playstyle. But building a successful burn deck requires careful consideration of key factors. In this block, we will provide some tips and advice on how to build a successful burn deck:

1. Choose The Right Burn Spells

The first step in building a successful burn deck is choosing the right burn spells. Burn spells  are the backbone of your deck. Choose efficient spells that deal a lot of damage and fit within the deck's strategy. Some popular burn spells include Lightning Bolt, Lava Spike, and Rift Bolt. These spells deal a significant amount of damage for a relatively low mana cost. And it makes them ideal for a burn deck. Other useful burn spells include Searing Blaze, Skullcrack, and Boros Charm.

2. Determine How Many Burn Spells To Use

Once you've chosen your burn spells, you must determine how many to include in your deck. This will depend on several factors. They are the format you're playing, the speed of your deck, and the strategy you're trying to execute. In general, burn decks will want to run many burn spells, typically around 20-24. This ensures that you have a consistent stream of direct damage to your opponent's life total.

3. Balance Your Colors

In Magic: The Gathering, burn decks can be built in various colors. But it's important to balance them. It's to ensure that your deck is both consistent and efficient. The most common colors used in burn decks are red and white. Red offers a variety of powerful burn spells. And white provides access to cards like Boros Charm and Path to Exile. But it's important not to overlook other colors with useful burn spells.

4. Include Creature Removal

Including some form of creature removal in your burn deck is also important. It helps deal with pesky creatures blocking your burn spells  or threatening life. Cards like Lightning Helix, Flame Slash, and Roast are good for creature removal.

5. Focus On Your Curve

Finally, when building a successful burn deck, it's important to focus on your curve. This means ensuring you have a good mix of low-cost and higher-cost burn spells. You don't want your deck to be too reliant on high-cost spells, as this can lead to inconsistency and slow play. Aim for a good mix of spells you can play in the early game. And use spells that can help you finish off your opponent in the late game.

Pros And Cons Of Using Burns Spells In MTG

Burn spells are an essential part of many Magic: The Gathering decks. They provide direct damage to your opponent's life total. They can be a powerful tool in a player's arsenal. But they also come with pros and cons that you should consider before using them:


  1. Impact on the game. Burn spells  can have a significant impact on the game. They allow a player to reduce their opponent's life total quickly. This can put pressure on the opponent. It can force them to make difficult decisions and potentially make it easier for you to win the game.
  2. Versatility. Burn spells can be great in various situations. It makes them a flexible tool for many different decks. They can finish off an opponent. They deal with problematic creatures or disrupt an opponent's strategy.
  3. Fast pace. Burn spells can help create a fast-paced game. They allow players to deal damage and force their opponents to react quickly. This can make the game more exciting and intense as players race to deal the final blow.


  1. Vulnerability to removal. No matter whether you have best burn MTG cards or not. All burn spells are vulnerable to removal spells. It can counter or destroy them before they can deal any damage. This can be problematic if a player relies too heavily on burn spells. It's because an opponent can easily shut them down with removal spells.
  2. Limited options. While burn spells can be versatile, they are limited in the amount of damage they can deal. Once a player runs out of burn spells, they may struggle to deal damage and win the game.
  3. Potential to disrupt other players. Burn spells can disrupt an opponent's strategy. But they can also disrupt other players at the table. Players relying on creature-heavy decks may find themselves keeping creatures on the board. And players who rely on life gain may find themselves quickly falling behind.

As we can see burn cards are powerful in Magic: The Gathering, but they come with their own set of pros and cons. They can have a significant impact on the game. But they are also vulnerable to removal and can disrupt other players. Players should consider these factors when building a burn deck. And always aim to balance their use of burn spells  with other strategies and tools.

Bottom Line

As a result, using the best burn MTG cards, you can achieve great effect during the toughest fights. But always consider the rules for building an effective deck. Consider balance, synergy, and other important factors. Only in this way can you effectively build a strong deck for combat. And with our top burn spell cards, you can add some variety to your deck.


How Do You Beat A Burn Deck In MTG?

To beat a burn deck in MTG, you must try to gain life or prevent damage. As for cards that gain life or prevent damage. It can be counterspells and fog effects. Also, use cards that disrupt the burn deck's strategy. They are artifact destruction or hand disruption spells.

What Is Burn In MTG?

Burn in MTG is a strategy. It focuses on dealing direct damage to an opponent's life total using spells that deal damage. Burn spells are often low-cost and efficient. They allow players to deal damage quickly and put pressure on their opponents. Burn decks typically rely on a mix of spells and creatures to deal damage.

What Colors Are Best For A Burn Deck In MTG?

Red is the primary color for burn spells in MTG. But other colors like black and green can also provide useful burn spells or support for burn decks.

Are Burn Decks In MTG Only Viable In Certain Formats?

No, burn decks can be viable in various formats in MTG, from Standard to Modern to Legacy. But the effectiveness of burn decks may vary. It depends on the current meta and available cards in a particular format.