The Best Fusion Spells In Yugioh To Have In Your Deck

December 23, 2022 · Your Playmat

Yugioh is a popular card game played by millions of players. The player's main task is to defeat the enemy's monsters. The player can choose from monsters, spells, and traps. What tactics and set of cards you will win with is up to you. One of the most popular tactics is the use of Yugioh fusion spell cards.

If you're a Yu-Gi-Oh fan and want to take your game to the next level, fusion spells are what you should be looking into. In this blog, we'll:

  • Explore why fusion spells are a great way to boost your cards' powers;
  • Give you an edge over your opponents.

We will also tell you about the key characteristics of each card from our top. And we will notify you which cards can be valuable for a collector. So stay with us, and read the article until the end so that your next fight will be epic.

Top 10 Best Fusion Spell Cards in Yugioh!

A fusion spell is a type of card in yugioh that allows two monsters on the field to form a single powerful monster. The new monster created by the fusion spell will have a higher attack power than either of its component monsters. And it will make it an invaluable asset for any player. It also can potentially turn the tide of battle in your favor.

Fusion spells can be incredibly powerful tools when used correctly. Not only does it allow players to merge their monsters for greater strength. It also offers access to powerful abilities that can be unavailable to others.

Additionally, if used properly, they can provide players with strategic options such as:

  • Surprise attacks;
  • Counterattacks against opponents who were not expecting it.

Using fusion spells correctly can give players an edge over their opponents. It can help them win more games!

1. Power Bond

Power Bond Spell Card

If you are a machine deck fan, this card is a must-have. For example, the fusion spell card's ability helps you summon a Machine-Type Fusion Monster. Also, it doubles your character's attack. But you will have to pay to use such a card. You will get damage equal to the monster's initial attack at the end of the turn.

This card is risky to play but always provides useful advantages on the battlefield. Also, this one is relatively inexpensive, ranging from $1 to $7 per card. But if you find an ultra-rare version of the card from the first edition, you can earn up to $400. Be sure to keep this card in your sleeve to protect your cards.

2. Instant Fusion

Instant Fusion Spell Card

This Yugioh fusion spell card is essential for those players who don't want to pay a lot to summon a monster. You need to make a small sacrifice of 1000 hit points to be able to summon any level 5 or lower monster. You don't even need to use materials for this. But without them, your monster will not be able to attack. The good news is that your monster will be able to apply effects. It can be helpful when fighting your opponent.

The card cost is only $2, making it available to all players. But do not rush to buy a lot of these cards. You can use only one such card in the deck.

3. Dragon's Mirror

Dragon's Mirror Spell Card

Perhaps every Yugioh knows that dragons are super-powerful monsters during combat. The same goes for spells that are only for dragons.

With Dragon's Mirror, you can summon monsters from the graveyard. This tactic works great at the end of the game. It's because your opponent will not expect such a setup and will be in shock. With this card, you will be able to access the strongest dragons like:

  • Five-Headed Dragon;
  • The Blue Eyes fusions.

Regarding card exclusivity, the most expensive version of the card can cost up to $17 per card. It will make it an important piece for your collection. But this piece of collectible is not rare and won’t bring you money.

4. Diamond Fusion

Diamond Fusion Spell Card

Sometimes, during a fierce battle, the player may have unexpected problems. They would like to solve them by quickly summoning an extra monster. With the Gem Knights spell, you can summon a Gem-Knight monster. With this extra free monster summon, you can instantly change the course of your fight.

But it's worth noting that you can't use many Yugioh fusion spell cards of this type, as the rules only allow a few cards in a deck. As for the rarity, you can find rare card versions ranging from $40 to $150. So, be sure to prepare a custom sleeve for your card. This one can be a great investment in your collection.

5. Polymerization


Many players dislike cards that need many conditions to activate an effect. That is why the Polymerization card is one of the best fusion cards. It competently and concisely solves the problem of summoning monsters.

So, to do this, you just need to call a monster from your extra deck using monsters from your hand or field as material. Everything is effortless and concise, isn't it?

Just as importantly, this card is cheap enough to spend $1 for a piece.

6. Super Polymerization

super polymerization spell card

This version of the previous Yugioh fusion spell is such a powerful card. Your opponent won't be able to do anything against your attack. With the help of a fusion card, you can summon a monster for yourself. And then, you can use monsters from both sides of the field as material for summoning.

This means that such a card is the best method of destroying any monster on the battlefield. If you use this card against your opponent, they will not be able to cancel this card or prevent your summon.

As for the price per card, you should pay around $14 for one card. It makes it a good investment for your collection.

7. Monster Reborn

monster reborn yugioh card

Monster Reborn has many of the same qualities as the Raigeki. This is not only the original card but also very powerful and included in the limited list. The effect of Monster Reborn is simple. Select any player's GY Monster and Special Summon it to your side of the field.

This card is convenient for bringing back destroyed monsters. You can also set up the board for future Fusion, Synchro, Xyz, or Link challenges.

As for the price of a card, you can buy one for 2 dollars. This is the cheap one, though it’s not precious.

8. Metalfoes Fusion

metalfoes fusion spell card

You can summon a Metalfoes creature from your Extra Deck. For this, use this one of the best fusion cards, and it also offers a cycle potential anytime it enters the graveyard. Being able to draw cards makes a fusion spell one of the finest fusion spells in the game. It's because drawing cards is given such high priority.

As for the price, this card costs approximately 1,22 dollars per card.

9. Invocation

invocation spell card

With this card, you can summon a monster from the extra deck. You can use your monster from the field or the graveyard to do this. Also, you can use your and your opponent’s monsters as material. Besides, you can also add Aleister the Invoker to your hand if it is in the graveyard.

The average price of this potent card is approximately 10 dollars per card.

10. Red-Eyes Fusion

red-eyes fusion spell card

Red-Eyes Fusion allows you to summon a powerful creature with a Red-Eyes monster. For example, as a material in the Extra Deck. There is one downside to this card. It's because you won't be able to Normal or Special Summon other creatures during the turn you activate. If your opponent responds to that monster, you'll be left defenseless on the board.

As for the price, your new card for the collection would cost you about 2 dollars.

What Are The Common Tactics With Fusion Spell Cards?

Let's look at some of the most common fusion tactics used in Yugioh.

Fusion Summoning

This is the most basic form of Fusion Summoning. It involves fusing two monsters to create a single, more powerful monster. This is done by using specific combination cards known as:

  • Polymerization.
  • Fusion Gate.

You can also use special Fusion spell cards such as "Future Fusion" or "Super Polymerization" to fuse many monsters at once. When you successfully perform a fusion summon, your opponent cannot respond until after the effect has resolved.

Contact Fusion

This tactic involves fusing two monsters without using a separate card like:

  • Polymerization;
  • Fusion Gate.

Instead, you discard one of your monsters from your hand and then send another from your side of the field to the Graveyard to perform the fusion summon directly from your hand or field. Popular examples include "Cyber Stein" and "King Of The Swamp". Again, your opponent cannot respond until it resolves.

Ritual Fusions         

This type of fusion spell tactic requires you to use specific Ritual Monster cards with their own designated Ritual Spell Cards to summon them from your hand or Deck onto the field. These monsters are usually much more potent than other fused monsters and often have extra effects that trigger when they are summoned this way. Examples include "Demise, King Of Armageddon" and "Uria, Lord Of Searing Flames." As with all other fusions, this process cannot be responded to until after it resolves.

As you can see, today there are several working tactics for winning. All you need is some practice and picking the best combinations and cards.

Bottom Line

Fusion spell cards have been a core part of the Yugioh strategy since its start. Thus, they may need a little extra effort to set up. But they can turn the tide of battle instantly and are worth the effort. The best Yugioh fusion spells all have different features. They make them powerful in different situations.

Polymerization and Chaos Max offer reliable and versatile effects on the field. This makes them prime choices for almost any type of duelist. Additionally, you should also consider cards like Fusion Gate and Future Fusion. They are excellent options when constructing a successful fusion spell-based deck.

Thanks to their versatility and power, fusion spells are a must-have for any Yugioh duelist. You can take your game to the next level and become an unstoppable force in duels. But for this, you need the right combination of cards.


What Are Fusion Spells In Yugioh?

Fusion spells are powerful Spell Cards from the Trading Card Game based on the manga and anime series yugioh. They allow players to combine two or more monsters. It's best for creating a stronger one with different abilities. They are some of the most powerful cards available in the game!

How Do I Summon A Monster Using A Fusion Spell In Yugioh?

To summon a monster using a fusion spell, you will need at least 2 monsters on your side of the field. They should correspond to the attributes listed on your Fusion Spell card. You can then use Polymerization (or an appropriate substitute) to fuse them. And the fusion monster will appear in your field.

Are Fusion Spell Cards Necessary For My Yugioh Deck?

You don't actually need to have fusion cards in your deck. The set of cards and their principles will be different for different players. Everything will be from your chosen strategy and tactics for the battle. Some prefer plant monsters, while others like fusion monsters.

Are Yugioh Fusion Cards Effective During The Battle?

Frankly speaking, fusion spell cards are very effective during combat. With these cards, you can get many benefits. You can become a big threat to your opponent. With fusion cards, you can counterattack or strip monsters from your opponent. Using these cards correctly, you can achieve a stunning effect.

Are Yugioh Fusion Cars Rare?

Most often, these cards are not rare and you can buy one for a few dollars. However, among the fusion cards, there are those that will cost you from 100 to 1000 dollars per card.