Alchemy's Finest: Discovering the Best MTG Alchemy Decks

July 21, 2023 · Usair Arshad

Yo, planeswalkers! If you're looking to conjure up some sweet new Alchemy brews, you've come to the right place. MTG Alchemy has become one of the hottest formats lately, letting players mash-up digital-only cards with standard legal sets. There's just something so fun about tinkering with Alchemy decks and pulling off combos that leave your opponents shaking their heads. In this article, I'm going to run through some of the top cards that every MTG Alchemy deck player needs to know about. These are the spells and creatures that really enable your Alchemy brews to pop off. From removal to threats to synergistic combos, I've got the best of the best when it comes to Alchemy staples. So get ready to geek out over some amazing MTG Alchemy decks as we dive into the cards that make this format so rad! Whether you're playing mono-white aggro, Izzet spells, or Dimir control, you'll want to sleeve up these powerhouse options. With the right Alchemy toolkit, you'll be slinging spells and smashing faces in no time. Let's get to it, planeswalkers!


Understanding MTG Alchemy Format

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For all you planeswalking peeps who've been living under a rock, listen up! There's a new way to play MTG that's got everyone buzzing - it's called Alchemy, baby. This funky fresh format takes the cards you know from Standard and injects them with a magical digital elixir to create something wild and wacky.


So what makes Alchemy its own beast? Well, buckle up, because this format has some unique twists. First up, Alchemy contains rebalanced versions of cards you already play with in Standard, keeping the card pool fair and fun. No more oppressive decks running the meta for months! There are also Alchemy-exclusive cards made specifically for digital play, with mechanics you can only pull off online. We're talking stuff like seek, perpetual, conjure, etc. It adds a whole new dimension to deckbuilding!


Now what makes Alchemy really different from other MTG formats like Standard and Historic? Simple - the card pool is always evolving. Sets rotate in Standard, but in Alchemy the cards get updated right on Arena. The wizards can buff weak cards or Nerf problematic ones to keep things fresh. There are always new brews to try! Try fresh digital brews on stunning playmats made for Alchemy. Evolve your play in style!


Of course, not everyone is on board with Alchemy changes. Some players don't like their collection being tweaked or having to constantly adapt. But for those looking for a dynamic digital format, Alchemy has a ton of fans hyped to sling their spell-slinging spells!


So come join the fun in Alchemy, where the cards and decks are always changing! It will make you feel like a planeswalker, it's just so engaging! Don't miss out on the hype.


Criteria for Choosing the Best Alchemy Cards

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Alright deck brewers, let's rap about what really makes an Alchemy card pop off. When deciding which spells and creatures make the cut in your sweet Alchemy builds, there are some key factors to look for.


Power level/strength


Obviously power level matters - you want effects that can blow your opponent's socks off! But raw strength alone doesn't cut it. Your cards also need to synergize and flow together like peanut butter and jelly. Finding combos and engines that play nice in Alchemy is so satisfying.




Synergy is crucial when evaluating cards for Alchemy. You want to look for cards that combine powerfully with other staples in the format. Cards that create engines and combos with Alchemy powerhouses will make your decks hum.


For example, Ledger Shredder has great synergy with cards like Ecstatic Awakener that benefit from filling up your graveyard. Its mill ability feeds right into the Awakener's ability to reanimate creatures.


Versatility and Flexibility


You also want versatility across archetypes. Take a card like The Meathook Massacre, which slaps in control, midrange, and even aggro. Flexibility is crucial when crafting awesome Alchemy decks!


Consistency and Reliability


Consistency is big too. Having reliable cards you can depend on really helps your game plan come together. You don't want situational spells clogging up your hand.


Some great examples that check all these boxes are Ledger Shredder, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, and Davriel, Soul Broker. Shredder mills and pings while can tripping for cheap. Fable accelerates your mana like a Ferrari while threatening creatures. And Gavriel gives you a mad card advantage with his looting ability. These kinds of multi-purpose cards really enable your Alchemy deck to pop off! Sleeve your synergistic cards in stunning custom designs. Enable popping off in style!


So in summary: power, synergy, flexibility, and reliability. Keep these factors in mind when evaluating cards, and your Alchemy decks will be unstoppable! Now get brewing, planeswalker!


Best Creatures for Alchemy

Listen up planeswalkers, cause I'm about to spill the tea on some of the baddest creature cards for shaking up the Alchemy meta. If you wanna build a fierce deck, you gotta know the hottest threats out there.


Grafdigger's Cage 

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At 1W, this artifact creature is perfect for shutting down all those nasty gy strategies running rampant in Alchemy. Do your opponents try playing some janky reanimator deck? Bam, Cage comes down and locks their graveyard tighter than Fort Knox. No more bringing back big fatties or casting spells from their yard. Grafdigger's Cage wrecks gy synergies harder than an angry giant at a goblin convention!


Esper Sentinel 

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At only 1W, you get both flying and vigilance on this Azorius cutie. But she really shines with her ability to make your opponent pay 2 mana if they wanna cast spells outside their turn. Hello, control and taxes! You get to draw extra cards while taxing their game plan. Esper Sentinel is like having your own personal spell police on the battlefield. Throw her in any white deck to get crazy value.


Ledger Shredder 

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I already gushed about this little 1U flying ninja, but let me break it down further. A 1/3 flyer attacks early while surviving aggro and the mill ability fuels your gy while cantripping. Feed those crabs and enable delirium, or just smooth out your draws. At uncommon, Ledger Shredder gives amazing versatility for just 1U. Every blue deck wants 4x copies, it's just too good not to play!


Collector Ouphe 

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Need to ruin an artifact player's day? This funny little green guy locks down their board for only 1G. By turning off all activated abilities from artifacts, he stops all the usual shenanigans. Treasures, mana rocks, and even vehicles get shut down cold. Collector Ouphe hoses artifact-based Alchemy decks harder than an elephant stepping on goblin grenade prototypes. It's dirty but so satisfying! Store your hosers safely in worthy deck boxes. Keep the hate protected!


Suspicious Stowaway 

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Last but not least, we have this mill-happy 1/1 flyer. As early as turn 1 in some decks, this rogue mills 3 cards from your library when it attacks. Filling graveyards while discarding extras all for just 1U? Sign me up! Suspicious Stowaway fuels reanimator and disturbs decks like nobody's business. Your opponent won't know what hit them once this sneaky rogue goes to work.


So if you're looking to really step up your creature game in Alchemy, these are some of the top picks making waves right now. Sleeve them up and watch your win rate soar!


Best Noncreature Spells


Get amped planeswalkers, 'cause I'm bringing the hype for some sweet non-creature spells that will make your Alchemy decks pop off! These are the instants and sorceries that every deck wants to draw into.


Fable of the Mirror-Breaker 

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This modal double-faced sorcery will have your opponents shaking in their robes. Cast it for 3R to get a Treasure token so you can ramp into huge spells fast. Or transform Fable later when you need a 4/3 trample Lifelink beastie that buffs your squad! Whether you need mana or muscle, Fable has your back. It'll take your deck from zero to sixty faster than a Fireball to the face!


Unlicensed Hearse 

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Tired of your opponents playing reanimator shenanigans? This 2B vehicle puts them in their place! When Unlicensed Hearse attacks, you exile all cards from a graveyard. Say goodbye to their best targets like Titan of Industry or Hullbreaker Horror! There's nothing more satisfying than seeing the look on their face when their game plan gets completely wrecked. Unlicensed Hearse puts the "fun" in the funeral.


The Meathook Massacre 

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At only 3 mana, this black sweeper spell wipes the floor with creature decks. Each creature takes X damage, while you gain life! Completely flip the board while sustaining yourself in one go. The Meathook Massacre is like attending an insane death metal concert - just absolute carnage all around. I love wiping my opponent's precious creatures and hearing them cry about it!


Showdown of the Skalds 

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For only 2R, this cheap saga gives your deck sweet value. Loot away useless cards from your hand or pump your squad +1/+1 to hit harder. Red decks love to filter through cards and turn dorks into threats. Showdown of the Skalds lets you draw gas while going aggro. What's not to love? It sets up huge turns, so get amped!


Vanishing Verse 

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Every deck needs versatile removal, and this 2W instant delivers. By exiling any nonland permanent, Verse can answer almost anything your opponent throws down. Permanent problems? Verse 'em away with no fuss. It's premium removal at a bargain rate. Keep Verse stocked in your deck, and you'll always have an answer 


So pack your decks with these sweet instants and sorceries, and you'll be slinging spells with the best of them. Your opponents won't know what magical hit them! Get hyped planeswalkers!


Best Removal Spells

If you want your MTG Alchemy decks to really smack down opponents, you need some premium removal spells to clear the path. I'm talking threats begone with just one mana! Let me break down the nastiest spot removal out there:


Fatal Push 

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For the low cost of just 1B mana, this instant spell kicks creatures to the curb, no questions asked. Small creature causing issues? Fatal Push that sucker. Is a big creature annoying? Fatal Push says bye! With revolt triggered, you can dump even 4 and 5 mana creatures. At instant speed, your opponents will be scared to overextend into your open mana. Fatal Push is the number one removal BFF for any mtg alchemy decks.


Infernal Grasp 

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When you really need to exile a problem permanently, this 2B sorcery brings the pain. Grasp their best creature or walker and it's gone for good! No death triggers or graveyard shenanigans to worry about. And with only 2 CMC, you can cast it early to really ruin their game plan. I love when my opponent thinks they're so smart playing some huge creature, only for Infernal Grasp to exile it and leave them crying. Beautiful removal!


Bloodchief's Thirst 

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This hybrid B/U spell makes opponents thirsty for mercy! At 2 CMC, you can counter a creature spell or kill something later from the graveyard. So versatile! Your creatures enter safely while you control the board. And with foretell, you can cast it for cheaper too. Whether going proactive or reactive, Bloodchief's Thirst satisfies my removal cravings.


Fateful Absence 

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For only WW, this instant exiles any nonland permanent opponent controls that share no types with the target. Wave goodbye to their planeswalker or artifact! Fateful Absence answers so many threats for cheap. And with foretell, you can exile stuff at instant speed later. It feels so good to permanently farewell their bomb.


March of Otherworldly Light 

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When I really want to stick it to my opponent, I slam down this 3W sorcery. March can exile ANY card in play, with no restrictions! Get rid of their pesky creature, planeswalker, whatever you want. Phase their permanent right out of this dimension! It's pricey but so worth it to permanently March away any problem card. Light removal at its finest!


So pack your best MTG Alchemy decks with these busted removal options. There's nothing more satisfying than wiping away your opponent's threats before they even have a chance! You'll be in total control with these instant spot exiles handy.


Most Impactful Alchemy-Exclusive Cards

Today I'm getting hyped about some of the most impactful cards you can only play within Alchemy. These exclusive cards really let your Mtg alchemy decks pop off!


Davriel, Soul Broker 

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This smooth 3 mana planeswalker lets you pitch useless cards from hand and draw 2 fresh ones with his +2 ability. Davriel is like having your own personal looter! Fill your graveyard while stocking up on the action, all for just 3 mana. The value is insane! With 5 loyalty out the gate, he sticks around gaining you advantage turn after turn. Davriel always has my back when I need more cards in hand.


Arena Rector 

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At 4 Mana, this Cleric lets you cheat when she dies by searching your deck for any creature card. That big ol' dragon or nasty demon in your deck can come right into play! Arena Rector enables so many broken combos to blow out opponents. Sacrifice her, find a bomb, reanimate Rector, repeat! The jank potential is through the roof. I love tutoring up my perfect creature and watching my opponent freak out.


Mascot Exhibition 

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When you really want to overwhelm your opponent, this 3R sorcery brings the hype! It creates two 3/3 Performer creature tokens with bonus abilities like first strike or lifelink. Take your pick! Swarm wide and fast, or enable enters the battlefield triggers. However you use them, those two performers really steal the show. Mascot Exhibition catches people off guard and sets up huge turns outta nowhere! Showcase overwhelming tokens on custom tabletops. Steal the show in style!


Spikefield Hazard 

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This super flexible instant deals 1 damage to any target, or taps down a blocker/attacker for 1R. Pick off early dorks or buy yourself time against an onslaught. The modal flexibility of Spikefield Hazard makes it awesome reactive removal. For just one red mana too! I've definitely caught opponents sleeping by using Hazard to tap down the big attacker they thought was gonna hit me.


Key to the Archive 

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If you're looking for a virtual card advantage, this 2U legendary artifact lets you look at the top two cards of your deck anytime and pick one to draw. Card selection and deck filtering in one! Key to the Archive helps smooth out your draws and sets up future turns. Paying 2U to see my next two draws allows me to plan out my perfect play. It's almost like cheating!


So give these exclusive Alchemy cards a spin, planeswalkers! The power level on display really takes mtg alchemy decks to the next level. Your opponents won't know what hit em!


Final Thoughts


Well planeswalkers, we've covered a ton of sweet Alchemy staples today that will let your Mtg Alchemy decks really pop off!


We talked about powerhouses like Ledger Shredder, Fable of the Mirror-Breaker, and Infernal Grasp that bring strong effects and flexibility to give you an edge. Cards with versatility across multiple archetypes are so important for mtg alchemy decks.


I also hyped up impactful Alchemy-exclusive cards like Davriel, Soul Broker, and Mascot Exhibition. These cards you can only play on Arena really showcase the new design space for Alchemy mtg.


While brewing your next Alchemy build, be sure to include the best mtg Alchemy cards we discussed today. Sleeve up these removal, ramp, and combo pieces to optimize your Alchemy mtg decks. Take your game to the next level!


And when you're ready to bling out your deck, head over to for the hottest MTG accessories. We've got custom playmats, dice, and card sleeves to really make your Alchemy deck shine. Don't just build the best deck - make it look amazing too!


Now get out there and start brewing planeswalkers! Show the Alchemy meta who's boss. I can't wait to see the sweet Alchemy mtg decks you all come up with. This format is a blast, so enjoy exploring it! May all your opening hands have turn 1 Ledger Shredders.