Best Way To Store Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards In 4 Easy Steps

July 20, 2022 · Your Playmat
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Many people love to play this game. But the question is how to keep Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in mint condition?

The best ways to organize your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are to use boxes, folders, and protective sleeves.

In fact, there are a large number of options for organizing map storage, but we will tell you exactly the best ways. Using boxes, folders, and protective sleeves will help keep your cards safe from dirt, humidity, and damage. However, you should also think about how to place the cards inside the box or folder. This issue should be approached quite seriously because it will be much easier for your friend to review your cards in the album if they want to buy or exchange them with you.

Let's take a look at the best card storage options and how to organize Yu-Gi- Oh! cards so you can find the right card at the right time.

Step 1: Sort Commons In Card Boxes

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Perhaps you have been playing Yu-Gi-Oh! for a long time and you have accumulated a large number of cards that you want to fold in the most convenient way. The first option for Yu-Gi-Oh! card storage that we can offer you is putting them in boxes. Newbie collectors keep their cards in shoeboxes or tech boxes, which is a very good way to start collecting. However, as you become a more experienced player and collector, you will need to get a more professional card box. Also, we cannot help saying that there is a chance that the cards will slide in the box if it is metal and the cards do not sit tightly. This can give rise to damage to corners, especially during transportation.

So, you can use large BCW cardboard boxes. These are quite large and roomy boxes that come in any size you need.

When you have a card box, you will wonder on what basis to put the cards in the box. We advise you to sort them by card type. Divide the cards into categories such as spell, trap, and monster. Once you have sorted the cards into 3 categories, sort them alphabetically from A to Z.

Step 2: Create A Database For Your Cards

yu-gi-oh cards database creation process

To create a database for maps, you can create a Word or Excel document. In the document itself, you can specify the number of duplicate cards of each type that you have. You can even list their value so you know what price you can sell or trade them for.

Arrange the database in the format of spells, traps, and monsters in alphabetical order. This will help you keep everything organized and you can easily find the card you need.

Step 3: Double Sleeve Rares

As we have already said, every player with collecting experience knows the importance of keeping cards in good condition for as long as possible. 

In this regard, in addition to binders and boxes, you need to have sleeves for the more reliable Yu-Gi-Oh! cards storage. Protective sleeves for cards can not only protect them from scratches acquired during the active play but also from accidental contamination or moisture if you, for example, pour coffee on them. 

What Is A Double Sleeve?

Using a double card sleeve means that you first insert your cards into an ultra-thin plastic film and then into a traditional playing sleeve.

There are plenty on the market, but which one is the best? Your Playmat offers high-quality sleeves, including custom ones, to make your game experience even more exciting. They will protect your cards perfectly from dirt and damage and are original enough for you to crave.

Step 4: Store Your Rares In Card Binders

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As we have already said, there are several best ways to store Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and the second way is to put them in a folder for cards. We advise you to buy several suitable folders that will not cost too much. Then divide all your cards into different categories such as an extra deck, ritual, etc. This will help you organize your maps more clearly and find what you may need at any time. Organize individual categories of cards into different folders that you think are the most suitable for this.

As long as your card collection isn't too big, you can store everything in one or more folders if you are happy with this option.

In fact, there are several types of folders for storing maps, such as:

Top Loading

These folders contain pages to which you can add cards through the top of the envelope. The main disadvantage of this folder option is that if you accidentally turn the folder over, your cards may fall out of there. But on the other hand, if you want to store your card folder in a vertical position, such as on a bookshelf, you can be sure that the folder with the top loading is one of the best options and will be able to protect your cards adequately.

Side Loading

To add maps to a sideload folder, you need to insert maps into the folder from the left or right side. Folders of this type are more convenient to use and provide a more secure way to store maps. However, before putting the cards in the sideload folder, it is worth putting them in the card sleeves.

Proper storage of Yu-Gi-Oh cards will ensure that they remain in excellent condition for a long time, which will help them retain their market value.

Every time you take the cards out of the box or folder for sale or exchange, you will thank yourself for taking care of the proper storage of the cards.

In addition, you never know which card will become valuable tomorrow and how much it will cost. It is better to take care of the cards from the very beginning, this will definitely benefit you in the future.

Bottom Line

To sum up, if you plan to trade your cards, you should take care of the proper way to store them to preserve the mint condition of your Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The best way to organize game cards' storage is to put them in a folder or a card box. However, in both cases, we advise you to use card sleeves. They will help you keep your cards in mint condition, even if they accidentally fall out of the folder or something happens to the box.


How Long Do Card Sleeves Last In Active Games?

With active systemic games, sleeves for cards last about 2-3 years. If you carefully shuffle the cards and store them in your sleeve and, for example, in a folder, they will last as long as possible.

Why Should You Take Care Of The Proper Storage Of Game Cards?

You can store your cards in any way that suits you. However, it is worth considering the fact that some cards are worth at least half a million dollars. So, if you have valuable and rare cards, you must keep them in good condition if you want to sell or exchange them for another rare card.

Which Storage Option Is Better - In A Box Or A Folder?

If you use cards quite rarely, it is best to keep them in a box. If you often show your cards to friends or other collectors for the purpose of sharing, it will be better to use folders. It will reduce the risk of premature damage from constant hand contact.

Should I Use Double Card Sleeves?

The double sleeves will help protect your cards further, so this is also a great way to store game cards. Keep in mind that double sleeve cards are illegal in some situations. Tournaments allow any type of card sleeve as long as they don't make your cards marked. It is advisable to use the same pattern on the sleeves for the entire deck.