Dinosaurs In Yugioh: Top 9 Best Dino Cards

December 21, 2022 · Your Playmat
dinosaur monsters in yugioh

Dinosaur monsters from the card game Yugioh are not that popular type. Unfortunately, the developer company did not particularly support these archetypes over the years. But that hasn't stopped dinosaurs from being as potent as the other card types in Yugioh.

Dinosaurs have a huge amount of ATK and DEF and often effectively swarm high-level cards. Besides, these cards are also helpful to many collectors. So, dinosaurs often have bright and noticeable illustrations that attract aesthetic lovers.

In our article, we will tell you about the top 9 dinosaur monsters in yugioh. Read our article to the end to collect all the best monsters for your deck.

The Best 9 Dinosaur Monsters Cards In Yugioh

In our list, we have collected the best dinosaur cards for your exciting game. All monsters have only interesting and useful effects for you.

Of course, not all these powerful creatures will be suitable for your deck. However, you can certainly find several options suitable for you.

Our list of the best dinosaur cards includes a wide variety of Yugioh dinosaurs. You can choose several cards for your deck and get a lot of useful effects like:

  • Summon of strong monsters;
  • Finding the right cards in the deck;
  • A large number of hit points and attacks.

However, do not choose cards thoughtlessly. Always stick to the basic rules for building an effective deck. And only then can you always win on the battlefield.

Now, let's take a look at the best dinosaur yugioh cards for 2022.

1. Babycerasaurus

This extremely useful and cute card has not been popular since its release in 2006. But already in 2017, many yugioh players paid attention to the card, as it became useful after the release of support for dinosaurs.

Currently, this card is great as a combo expander. The card's effect allows the player to use the Babycerasaurus as food for another dinosaur. This way, you can summon monsters without materials. Players use many cards in their deck at once to constantly summon powerful dinosaurs. Regarding stats, this dinosaur only has: 

  • 500 ATK;
  • 500 DEF.

As for the card's design, you will be happy to have such a baby in your collection. Usually, dinosaur cards have depicted monsters that can frighten you by their appearance. But this card is somewhat like Pokémon. The dinosaur is cute enough for you to consider buying such a card for your collection.

2. Petiteranodon

Petiteranodon dinosaur yugioh card

This one is somewhat like the previous yugioh dinosaur. Petiteranodon only has: 

  • 500 ATK;
  • 500 DEF.

But that doesn't make it any less popular within yugioh.

This baby is also often used as food for higher-level dinosaur monsters. With bigger monsters, you can make a mess on the battlefield. Unfortunately, Petiteranodon can't attack. It doesn't make sense to keep many copies of it in your deck. The best strategy is to use 2-3 such dinosaur cards to summon strong monsters.

As for the card illustration, you will be overwhelmed with cuteness. This little dinosaur is adorable and makes you smile when you first see it. And you will want to get one for yourself. This card is generic and costs about $10 each. Thus, every yugioh can afford a couple of copies of such a dinosaur.

3. Tyranno Infinity

Tyranno Infinity dinosaur yugioh card

At first glance, this card seems weak and uninteresting. Many players might not pay attention to this card since it has:

  • 0 DEF;
  • “?” ATC.

But if you read the ability text, you might know that this dinosaur is unique.

For each banished monster, you get 1000 ATK points. On the one hand, the lack of abilities other than ATK makes this dinosaur a fairly unremarkable card. But on the other hand, 1000 points for each banished monster gives you a huge advantage.

Many players build decks and strategies based on Tyranno Infinity. The main thing when using such a card is to have enough banished monsters. In this case, you can inflict crushing blows on your opponents and have a huge amount of health.

4. Ultimate Tyranno

ultimate tyranno dinosaur yugioh card

The effects of Ultimate Tyranno are positive and negative. The drawback is that the card blocks attacks from other monsters whenever it attacks. And this applies to the rest of the turn.

But you could send Ultimate Tyranno to fight against the enemy's monster once, which you'll probably want, given its huge ATK.

Tyranno's quick attack causes significant battle damage. And if your opponent doesn't have a trap set, they will soon find their field cleared of monsters.

5. Dogoran, The Mad Flame Kaiju

Dogoran, The Mad Flame Kaiju yugioh dinosaur card

This powerful monster has:

  • 3000 ATK;
  • 1200 DEF.

This level 8 creature has an excellent ability that can bring you victory at any moment.

Using Dogoran, you will be able to use a special monster summoning on the opponent's field. For this, tribute a monster they control. This ability is advantageous, considering how powerful this monster's attack is.

As for the card design, you will get an epic yugioh dinosaur demon blazing with fire. This design will make you buy a couple of these cards and put them in your card sleeves for additional safety.

6. Animadorned Archosaur

Animadorned archosaur yugioh dinosaur card

This card may not seem like the most exciting card for your deck, but in this case, you are mistaken. With the help of this dinosaur, you can search your deck for good Evolution Pill spell cards or other valuable effects.

But this card does not have great abilities. You have:

  • 0 ATK;
  • 0 DEF.

It makes this dinosaur unsuitable for attacks.

As for the card design, everything is classic. This yugioh dinosaur card is presented in the best possible way. It looks like a tiny cute crocodile made of thousands of pearls. This card will be a great addition to the Aesthetician's collection and a great helper in battle.

7. Ultimate Conductor Tyranno

ultimate conductor tyranno yugioh dinosaur card

Ultimate Conductor Tyranno should be part of every dinosaur deck. It's because it is one of Yugioh's top bosses.

This monster can frequently be summoned with absurdly straightforward summoning circumstances, especially when used with seek/summon cards.

A fantastic way to prevent combinations is to flip all enemy monsters face down. You can do it during any player’s turn.This is also an excellent way to deal with larger enemy monsters. This is also an excellent way to deal with larger enemy monsters.

You will have enough resources to add to an extra deck, for example, to support this boss monster because UCT only requires a small number of cards to summon.

This card is a must-have since no other dinosaur yugioh monster compares.

8. Souleating Oviraptor

Soulveating Oviraptor yugioh dinosaur card

This intimidating monster will be a great help if you want to find and summon extra dinosaur monsters. While playing with the card, you are only given:

  • 1800 ATK;
  • 500 DEF.

But this does not make it weak or insignificant. With the search ability, you can find stronger monsters and destroy your opponent. And the available attack points will be a great bonus for you.

9. Miscellaneousaurus

Miscellaneousaurus yugioh dinosaur card

Konami only allows one copy of this card per deck, making it the solely limited card on this list.

To safeguard the yugioh dinosaurs throughout the main phase, Miscellaneousaurus lowers itself into the graveyard. But this is merely a formality. The special summoning ability is where its true strength rests.

You can summon a level 8 dinosaur from your deck without using any spells, traps, or even a standard summon by banishing yourself and another dinosaur.


In yugioh, dinosaur monsters have been veteran players' favorites for years. They offer something for everyone with:

  • Powerful ATK and DEF stats;
  • Wide variety of speedy effects;
  • Access to many archetypes.

There's a dinosaur monster suited perfectly to your playstyle, whether you're looking for an aggressive beatdown strategy or a control-oriented approach.

No matter what type of duelist you are, it's hard not to appreciate how cool these creatures look on the field! So pick up your favorite dinosaur cards today and start dominating your opponents!


How Do I Use Dinosaur Monsters In Yugioh?

If you choose to build a deck with Ultimate Conductor Tyranno, you would want to use cards such as:

  • Double Evolution Pill;
  • Dino Destruction Sword.

Other strategies might involve using Synchro monsters like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. This softens the opponent's field with Master Peace or using Xyz monsters.

What Strategies With Dinosaur Monsters Are Popular In Yugioh?

One popular strategy is to use Fusion summoning with cards like:

  • Babycerasaurus;
  • Miracle Jurassic Egg.

Another strong strategy is to use Synchro monsters like Ultimate Conductor Tyranno. Finally, Xyz Monsters offer an efficient way to clear your opponent's board. They use effects like Soul-Devouring Oviraptor.

How Much Does An Average Yugioh Dinosaur Card Cost?

On average, dinosaur cards will cost you up to one dollar. But this rule does not apply to rare cards costing between $1 and $200.

Should I Have Dinosaurs In My Yugioh Deck?

Yes, you should have some useful dinosaur cards in your deck. The thing is that dinosaur cards have strong ATK and DEF. This can be useful while fighting your opponent.