Do Binders Damage Cards? Card Holder Binder Overview

July 8, 2022 · Your Playmat
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The first thing you should care about as the collector is the protection of your playing cards. To do that, you must clean your playing set regularly and store it safely. The best way to protect trading cards is to use the right type of binder.

Back in the old days, players used to think card binders could damage playing sets, and there was a reason for that. As an example, O-ring type and loose sleeve binders could have harmful effects on collectibles. But it concerns only these types of folders. Now, there is a D-ring binder which is the best option for storing and keeping your cards fresh and good-looking for everyday use.

In this article, you will read all about binders, how to avoid card bending, how to choose the right holder for storing the playing set, and do binders really damage cards?

How Can Binders Harm Your TCG Deck?

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It doesn’t matter if you are a newbie collector or a professional player - the most important thing is keeping collectibles in good condition. To achieve that, you need to pick the right binder style, which will be the best shelter for your playing set. There are some reasons why it’s vital to be careful when choosing the holder, as some binders can harm your deck.

Some of the card holder binders work poorly. One of the common problems of every card collector is that sleeves are not tight enough.

  • If the binder or sleeve is too open and loose, then the game card will not be fixed. As a result, after a few months, its corners will be dented, and it will need restoring. To avoid this, you need to make sure that the binder is tight and that there is no space between the card and the sleeve;
  • Another way the holder can cause damage is because of the open-end sleeve. As experience shows, it’s better to use this type of binder if you are not going anywhere. It is highly practical when you are trading cards and need to insert or put them inside all the time. Otherwise, you risk getting in a bad situation when you hold the binder upside-down and all your cards fall out of the sleeves;
  • One of the card holders that can harm your playing set is the O-Ring type. It happens when you turn the page. Further, it leads to the creasing of collectibles. It’s better to prevent this damage and choose a binder correctly. But if you already have an O-Ring holder, you should avoid keeping cards in inner sleeves.

Binder Ding

First things first, we have to find out what binder ding means. That is a common term that is used by players and collectors. It stands for damage that is done to a card by O-ring and loose sleeve binders caused by an inappropriate way of maintaining cards. To prevent that, you should consider a high-quality product that will protect your collectibles.

Colors Leaching -  Acidic Materials Can Leach Colors

Before purchasing, it is important to check that the binder has not been bleached with something acidic. These components are not harmful to binders, but they can cause your cards to lose color saturation and start to fade.

If you bought a binder and found that it contains acid components, you can use the double-sleeve method to avoid damaging the card. This way of protecting cards has a double effect and will keep your playing set for many years to come.

Is It Worth Sleeving TCG Cards In A Binder?

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The quick answer is “yes”. But if considered in detail, the main reason why you need to sleeve your playing set is that collecting cards can be ruined by common dirt and stains such as fingerprints, dust, or grease in the long term. To prevent this, you need to find the best way to store valuable trading cards, and that is by using sleeves. You can select the appropriate one by the size for your needs via the internet, for example, this custom sleeve by Your Playmat.

In contrast to the simplicity of buying sleeves, there are some problems in keeping cards in good condition. There are some extra tips for the best experience:

  • In general, it is enough to store your playing deck in sleeves and attach them to binders, but for a more effective result, you can combine two types of storage with special boxes as well. It will give you maximum protection for your cards from dust, grease, leaching color, and other types of damage;
  • Consider storing your cards in a place having an average temperature. A hot or cold ambiance can damage collectibles and cause the deformation of your playing set. As a result, the best solution to this problem is to put your deck in the closet at a normal temperature;
  • The most dangerous thing for every card collector is water spills or high humidity conditions because they lead to the stripping away of the coating and colors. Don’t place your playing set near a cup of tea or other drinks and check the surface for being dry before interacting with it. You always have to clean the area before placing the cards down to keep them fresh and good-looking.

Your Card Deck Will Look Way Better In A Binder With Your Own Custom Card Sleeves

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If you want to keep your cards in good condition, have the best price for your collectibles, and feel pleasure by touching high-quality card sleeves, you must consider a custom sleeve by Your Playmat.

The company provides the best handmade trading card binder sleeves at the lowest prices, ranging from 60 to 120 pieces. Besides the standard Japanese size, you can customize your sleeve for your size. You will get a high-class solution for your cards with a matte back and a white frame in front. You can put the image on the backside for the best presentations of your set. After you have ordered the sleeve, you will only need to wait 5-12 days before it is delivered.

If you have any questions or make a mistake in your order, you can always contact the provider through the contact button and get all the information needed.


How Can I Protect My Trading Card Game Cards Besides Binder And Sleeves?

You can also clean your cards regularly following such tips as cleaning with fresh, white bread, special cleaning product Windex, or spirits.

How To Apply Card Sleeves Properly?

This is simple. You just need to clean your hands, take a playing card, insert it into the sleeve, and make sure there are no bubbles in it. If you see some, just squeeze them gently, and you are done.

What Should I Do If I Ordered The Wrong Size Card Sleeves?

To solve this problem, you need to contact us, fill out all the lines with the required personal information, and follow the instructions provided to you.