Gaming Mouse Pad Buying Guide: What To Look For

May 3, 2022 · Your Playmat
Gaming Mouse Pad Buying Guide What To Look For

If you work at your computer all day long or if you play computer games in your spare time, you have probably thought about getting a mouse pad. After all, bouncing, slipping, or braking cursor is only half the trouble ordinary users and avid gamers face.

We think you should take some time to choose a gaming mouse pad; this will allow you to improve your performance and avoid the trouble of a slippery mouse. Read on and you'll be able to get the right mouse pad for yourself.

Specific Need

Before you decide to purchase a new mouse pad, please determine what purpose you want to use it for, as there are different types of mouse pads.

There are a lot of options for getting the right mouse pad: 

  • Do you need a mouse pad so you don't scratch the material on your table? Then, you can get one that is not much bigger, but it is worth taking care of the quality of the material.
  • Or maybe you are a gamer and interested in a mouse that glides smoothly? In this case, the fabric and size of the mouse pad are key to making the correct choice.
  • Maybe you have wrist problems and need extra support for your wrist? Then think about buying a mouse pad with extra support.

In either case, getting the best mouse pad will positively affect your productivity.

Surface Material

Mouse Pad Surface Material

Manufacturers usually use 2 main materials for making a mouse pad: it is cloth and plastic. 

Of course, we can also talk about aluminium and glass, but mouse pads are rarely manufactured from these materials. In addition, aluminium and glass pads are not inferior to cloth and plastic, but they cost much more.

If we want to choose a good material for the mouse pad, we will first advise you to pay attention to the cloth pad, which is soft and pleasant to the touch. In addition, it is easy to transport because it is flexible and lightweight.

As for mouse pads made of plastic, this is a good option for gamblers because this pad allows the mouse to glide very well. The disadvantage is that if you scratch the surface of the mouse pad, the mouse may hinder in this place.

Size And Thickness

Size is the most obvious factor that first comes to mind when choosing a mouse pad. They may be small, medium, large, and very large (extended). The choice of size should be based on available space on the working surface, mouse sensitivity, and what purpose you need a quality mouse pad for.

If you think that all these factors are unimportant, you should think again. What if you buy that great mouse pad you've been dreaming about, and it's really big and just won't fit on your surface? You'd probably be upset. To avoid this, measure the parameters  of the surface in advance.

Increasing the speed of the mouse is accompanied by an increase in the range of its movements on the surface of the table, so a large size pad is preferable. 

As for thickness, you can find both super-slim models and very thick ones. You can choose a mouse pad of any thickness and, most importantly,  feel comfortable with it.

Style And Design

We understand that, for some people, what their pad will look like is important. There are many kinds on the market, and they come in different shapes and sizes, with various pictures, etc. But, agreed, it is nice to see a mouse pad that is made to your design on the table.

Just imagine that you come to the computer and see a pad with your favorite character or your logo. This will not only be nice for you, but it will also reflect your personality.

Extra Features

Mouse Pad Extra Features

If you think that a mouse pad is limited only to the fact that you can move your mouse on it, you are certainly wrong.

The current market presents hundreds of different types of mouse pads, which are supplemented with different functions. For example, the most popular option is RGB lighting. This is a standard mouse pad (which can be with your image) with additional backlighting around the edges. This backlighting can be synchronized with your other devices, such as a keyboard and/or mouse. This mouse pad version is also available at YourPlayMat, where you can find a matching pad.

High Time To Design Your Own Gaming Mouse Pad

Well, now we suggest you create your version of the perfect pad. On the YourPlayMat website, you can find top mouse pads in different sizes. If there doesn’t seem to be a size you need there, the store has a feature to create a custom size pad.

In addition, you can order a pad with your image on it. And even if the image isn't clear enough for the pad, for an additional $15, you can order an image edit that will enhance the quality, and you'll have the perfect pad.

The store has an additional feature - stitched edges. What does that mean? It means that the edges of your pad will have stitches in them, so it will have a longer "life".

You will surely find the top mouse pads for you, and you will certainly be able to stand out among your friends.


If I Have A New And Modern Mouse, Do I Have To Use A Mouse Pad?

A mouse pad is not only to keep your mouse working well but also to give your surface extra protection from scratches.

Do Mouse Pads Wear Out?

Unfortunately yes, but you don't have to worry about it, because it is not going to happen anytime soon. A quality mouse pad will last you at least 2-3 years.

Won't The Design Rub Off?

No, if you order a mouse pad from a good store like YourPlayMat, the design will be good quality and will not rub off for a long time.