Hard Or Soft Mouse Pad: What To Choose

May 12, 2022 · Your Playmat
Hard Or Soft Mouse Pad: What To Choose

While mouse pads are available in a multitude of patterns and sizes, there are only two basic types - soft mouse pads and hard mouse pads. The actual distinctions between them are obvious.

Ordinary mouse pads are fine for everyday use, but serious players want superior tracking and control. Your needs and preferences will guide your decision. Read the article to learn more about mouse pad comparison.

What Is A Hard Mouse Pad?

What Is A Hard Mouse Pad?

Hard mouse pads have the same rubber base as soft mouse pads but plastic or metal cover alternatively. Hard-surfaced mouse pads are ideal for particular tasks. Hard mouse pad surfaces are preferable for activities that need a lot of little, quick mouse movement. And in this case, hard mouse pads provide significantly less surface friction than fabric mouse pads.

They are less difficult to maintain and do not require intensive cleaning. Hard mouse pads do not warm up in response to body temperature.

Benefits of Hard Mouse Pads

To make your decision, consider the primary advantages of hard mouse pads.

  • They start moving your mouse with greater accuracy and speed. This type of mouse pad will be a great plus if you are a professional gamer or merely an admirer of quick and precise motions.
  • The hard mouse pads remain firmly in place on the desk. They are difficult to move with a random motion of the hand.
  • They are simple to clean. All of the dirt may be removed with a simple napkin.
  • Laser mice outperform LED mice on hard mouse pads. Although the ordinary LED optical mouse has become much closer over the years, the laser mouse is more precise.

What Is A Soft Mouse Pad?

What Is A Soft Mouse Pad?

The popular fabric-surface mouse pad turns out to be the most acceptable one. It keeps the rubberized surface cleaner and provides better tracking, speed, and accuracy than just a desk surface alone.

Soft mouse pads are upholstered with foam or rubber and composed of cloth. The main differences between the variations include size and material, as well as the touch of the non-slip bottom, sewn corners, and thickness. Soft mouse pads are often chosen for rollerball (not laser ones) mice. A porous structure allows for precise cursor placement on the screen.

However, a soft mouse pad quickly becomes stained with spills and grime and it is harder to wash. This is highly vital if your palms sweat a lot, as wetness causes the pad to become unclean faster than usual.

Benefits of Soft Mouse Pads

Consider the key benefits of soft mouse pads before making your decision. 

  • They are both long-lasting and pleasant. Most of the time, they may be put into the washing machine for a fast wash. They are also more pleasing to the touch.
  • They enable exceptional productivity and mobility accuracy. They are appropriate for anyone who regularly works on a computer, especially office workers.
  • They are appropriate for all mouse types. That type of mouse pad will provide accuracy to mouse movements regardless of the type of mouse you use.
  • When you need to limit movement, they are ideal. You may notice increased resistance when moving your mouse on soft mouse pads. The cloth-like substance makes it easy to control or stop many movements at the same time.

How Do Soft And Hard Mouse Pads Affect Mouse Performance?

Both mouse mats contain a microtexture that allows mice's optical technology to sense how fast they move across the desk's area. This immediately affects aiming speed and accuracy.

Keep in mind that a dirty mouse pad can seriously impair the precision of your mouse. To reduce dirt buildup, make it a practice to wipe your mouse pad thoroughly and frequently.

So, What Should I Choose?

The question "a soft or a hard mouse pad" can be drawn out for a long time. Regular mouse pads (soft mouse pads) are suitable for daily use, but serious gamers require superior tracking and control (hard mouse pads). But of course it’s up to you.

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How Frequently Should I Wash My Mouse Pad?

You should wash your mouse pad at least once a year or whenever it becomes very dirty. If you spill something on the pad, make sure to wipe it quickly away to avoid stains.

How Long Does A Mouse Pad Take To Dry?

5 minutes should be sufficient, but if it is too wet, allow it to dry for 15 to 20 minutes. The humidity in your home may also influence how long clothing takes to dry, as the more humid the air, the longer it takes to dry.

How Long Does A Mouse Pad Last?

Even if you use it every day, your mouse pad should last 5 to 10 years before it needs replacing.