How Many Black Lotuses Are Left?

August 7, 2022 · Your Playmat
magic the gathering black lotus

One of the most-costly cards in the history of trading card games is recognized as The Black Lotus. Because of its popularity, it frequently sparks debate outside the world of trading card games. What is it? And why is the Black Lotus card so valuable? 

How many Black Lotus cards are still in use is unknown. The best estimations, however, indicate that there are still about 5,000 usable cards. There won't be many of them available for purchase, though. This card is shrouded in secrets, and mysteries players have been trying to solve for many years.

Read our article to find out how many precious cards are left here, how to distinguish them from the others, and what the black lotus price is.

Why Is Black Lotus Card So Rare?

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The Black Lotus was one of the earliest Magic: The Gathering cards. It was a Power Nine member, a deck of playing cards. These are some of the most powerful cards in Magic: the Gathering history. These cards are among the most scarce in the deck since they have all been out of print for an extended period of time. Because Magic the Gathering was the first trading card game, there weren't many guidelines to follow while creating the original sets.

This was true for both the rarity of the cards contained in the set and the overall card balance of the game.

One of the strongest cards in the game's history is, without a doubt, the Black Lotus MTG card. The Black Lotus might be played for a total of 0 lands, giving you three lands of your choosing. This implied that a player might launch some serious attacks on turn one if they could stack their deck with 4 Black Lotus and were fortunate with the draw.

Magic the Gathering's creators made the card incredibly rare to counteract its strength. It turned into a "chase card." This meant that the majority of people never actually had access to it. 

Interesting fact. "The Chase one" can be not only the card but the other collectibles in the world. For example, Hot Wheels. The toy cars also have chase cars among others. It used to be a rare car with a unique painting, rubber wheels while others only had plastic, and with a particular sign 'TH' on the car. You can buy that toy in-store for 1$ and sell it for 35$ and more. But the challenge is to find that car. It's extremely rare.

Only three sets ultimately featured The Black Lotus:

  1. Unlimited;
  2. Alpha;
  3. Beta versions. 

After Unlimited, the card was taken from play because it was simply too potent for a casual session.

This implied that unlimited obtaining it required purchasing it from someone else. There aren't many Magic the Gathering cards on the market because they weren't very well-liked during the first three sets. As a result, the price of MTG black lotus has become incredibly high.

How Many Black Lotus Magic Cards Remain?

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We think Wizards of the Coast does not keep accurate records on the number of Black Lotus cards ever manufactured. But we know that:

  • The Alpha Set included 1,100 Black Lotus MTG copies. These Black Lotus varieties are the rarest;
  • 3,300 cards were printed for the Beta collection;
  • It is unknown how many copies of the Unlimited Magic the Gathering set were made. However, it is more likely to be in the 20,000 to 22,000 range.

First of all, not many people were playing Magic the Gathering when The Black Lotus magic card was released, so they weren't storing the cards as investments. And those who used to play didn't collect them because they were children. As a result, there are just a few pieces of the Black Lotus that were ever made and exactly how many Black Lotus cards are still in use is unknown.

There are around 5,000 Black Lotus magic cards that are still in sellable condition, according to some estimates. Most of them have been spoiled by the passage of time. Some of them, of course, could be totally lost or destroyed.

The price also increased because most Magic: The Gathering players are now aware of the Black Lotus' importance. Outside of Magic the Gathering communities, it is commonly believed that there will always be a surplus of Black Lotus cards in play. The state may also change slightly if people ever succeed in digging up their previous collections.

What Is The Price Of MTG Black Lotus?

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It depends on the edition your Black Lotus MTG is. Three copies of The Black Lotus were produced:

  • Alpha;
  • Beta;
  • Unlimited.

The price of MTG black lotus in good condition could be $5,000 to $6,000 if you had a Beta or Unlimited version.

The Alpha edition of the Black Lotus is incredibly rare due to the set's limited print run. An Alpha edition of the MTG black lotus card in good condition can be under a price of more than $35,000 on average. However, a black lotus from this set that was in excellent condition was sold at a price of $500,000.

The problem is that the market is unstable, making it challenging to place a monetary value on the Black Lotus. Players are only allowed to have one copy of any card in vintage. Therefore the Black Lotus' actual worth is as a collectible as nobody will ever use it in play. Due to the high price, black lotus could be challenging to find a buyer, resulting in a slight price decrease.

Don't worry. The Black Lotus MTG you possess will eventually be worth something. We do not observe a significant decline in value and price over time.

Bottom Line

You're unlikely to witness a Black Lotus in your lifetime. However, we promise you will always hear stories about the current price for a perfect Black Lotus.

Even if you have never come across a Black Lotus MTG, the price of this card has definitely made you aware of the value of trade cards. Actually, if you know which Magic the Gathering cards to purchase, they may be a good investment.

But if you are lucky enough to get that card, you must save it for the best times. To do that, you should consider custom sleeves. Such a measure of protection is perfect for the Black Lotus magic card and any cards that are valuable to you. After eating the delicious chips, this will help protect your cards from dust, dirt, or fingerprints. The company offers many ready-made solutions for you. You can purchase:

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How Can I Tell If My Black Lotus Card Is Real?

The Black Lotus card is not a legend or fiction. This card exists and is highly valued among players and collectors. This card is rare, and it is impossible to meet it in new decks. You can only buy it, but it will be costly. This card is different both in characteristics and visually. It is much stronger than ordinary cards.

Can I Buy The Black Lotus Card With The Original Deck?

If you are looking for the answer to this question, you will be disappointed. Since you are looking for this card, you already know its unique features. This famous card, which you should know, has been discontinued. But this does not mean you cannot become the owner of this card. It can always be bought from other players, but you must be prepared for the high price.  

How Can I Be Sure That The Person Selling Black Lotus Card Will Not Scam Me?

To do this, you can contact a third party who will provide you with a reliable and secure transaction for buying or selling a precious card. Thus, you will not worry about stealing your money or card. However, such services require an additional service fee.

What Is The Key Feature Of Black Lotus Card?

The key feature of the black lotus is that this card is unique and is not found anywhere else. It gave special abilities to the player and was released in small numbers.