How Many Pokémon Cards Are There So Far (As Of Late 2022)

October 1, 2022 · Your Playmat
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Pokémon is one of the iconic and most popular cartoons of 1997, which brought cute characters to worldwide fame and created a massive market around this universe.

So, one of the products of Pokémon is cards with characters. They are released every year and delight fans more and more. Now tens of thousands of collectors from all over the world collect cards and sell them to each other. Even associations officially evaluate the cards and put them up for official auctions.

Many Pokémon players are interested in how many Pokémon cards exist today. Our article will show a complete set of Pokémon cards. Now gather your collection and compare cards with a complete set of Pokémon.

Brief History Of Pokémon Cards


Pokémon cards have been popular for over two decades. The original card game was released in 1996 in Japan and quickly became a worldwide phenomenon. The cards were initially released to promote the Pokémon anime series, but the game quickly took on a life of its own. Over the years, the Pokémon card game has undergone several significant changes, with new Poké sets being released regularly. The game's popularity shows no signs of slowing down, with new generations of players discovering the joys of collecting and trading Pokémon cards.

  1. The first generation of Pokémon cards was released in 1996 in Japan. The original set consisted of 102 cards featuring the creatures from the first season of the Pokémon anime series. The initial release of Pokémon cards was met with enormous excitement from kids all over Japan, and the cards quickly became a hot commodity. Within a few months, the Pokémon card game spread to other countries, including the United States.
  2. The second generation of Pokémon cards was released in 1999 and featured an entirely new set of creatures. These cards were also accompanied by a new TV series, which helped to increase their popularity further. The second generation also saw the introduction of trainer cards, which provided special abilities that could be used during battle. Over 800 million cards were sold in this generation alone!
  3. The third generation of Pokémon cards was released in 2002 and featured an entirely new set of creatures. These were the first cards to be released concurrently with a feature-length film; previous releases had only been associated with TV series. This trend would continue with future generations, as each new release would have coincided with a TV series or feature film. To date, there have been seven generations of Pokémon cards released, with an eighth currently in development.

Pokémon Cards Complete Set

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There are 13,432 Pokémon cards in existence today. Now we will consider all sets and their number:

  • Base Set Series - 441 cards;
  • Gym Heroes Set - 264 cards;
  • Neo Genesis Series - 365 cards;
  • Legendary Collection Series - 110 cards;
  • E-Card Series - 536 cards;
  • EX Ruby & Sapphire Series - 1719 cards;
  • Diamond & Pearl Series - 844 cards;
  • Platinum Series - 517 cards;
  • HeartGold SoulSilver Series - 414 cards;
  • Call of Legends Series - 106 cards;
  • Black & White Series - 1313 cards;
  • XY Series - 1620 cards;
  • Sun & Moon Series - 2659 cards;
  • Sword & Shield Series - 2524 cards.

In addition, this list of Pokémon cards does not include promotions from well-known companies like McDonald's or unique card releases that could be presented in honor of specific events such as tournaments. Though, this list of Pokémon cards will expand, as hundreds more new cards with cute characters can be added.

As you can see, today, there are many Poké cards and sets. However, each collector decides which cards and how many to collect. In any case, there is hardly a person on the planet who was able to collect all the unique cards. However, so far, no one has spoken about such a collector.

Bottom Line

As of late 2022, there are 13 432 different Pokémon cards. This includes all Pokémon cards from all sets released so far, including promotional and special edition cards. While the number of new cards released has slowed down in recent years, there are still plenty of options for collectors and players alike. Whether you're just starting or you've been collecting for years, there's sure to be a Pokémon card out there for you!


How Many Pokémon Cards Are There So Far?

As of late 2022, there are 13 432 different Pokémon cards. This number includes all cards from all sets released up to that point, including special sets and promotional cards.

What Is The Newest Set Of Pokémon Cards?

The newest set of Pokémon cards as of late 2022 is the Sword & Shield expansion, which was released in February of that year. This set contains 205 cards, making it the most extensive set released since the XY expansion in 2016.

What Are The Rarest Pokémon Cards?

Some rarest Pokémon cards include the Prerelease Promos for the Black & White and XY sets, which were given out to participants in early tournaments for those expansions. Other rare cards include error cards, like the Misprint Pikachu from the Jungle set or the No. 1 Trainer card from the Base Set 2 expansion.

How Much Does One Pokémon Booster Cost?

At the moment, one booster costs $4. But you can find cheaper boosters. However, when buying boosters, you should pay attention to their authenticity.