Unleashing The Shocking Truth: How Much Are Energy Pokémon Cards Worth?

March 9, 2023 · Your Playmat
unpacking energy pokemon cards

Over the past few years, the popularity of Pokémon trading cards has skyrocketed. And collectors are paying a premium for rare cards. Among the most important cards in the game are the energy cards. They power the various Pokémon abilities, making them a vital component of any deck. But just how much are energy Pokémon cards worth?

In this article, we'll explore the world of energy Pokémon cards and their value in the Pokémon TCG.

We'll discuss the various factors that determine the worth of these cards. And we'll provide tips on how to identify their value.

Whether you're a new or experienced collector of a world of Pokémon, this article will provide valuable insights into the value and importance of energy cards in this TCG.

What Are Energy Pokémon Cards?

Power cards are an integral part of the Pokémon Trading Card Game. They provide the fuel for the powerful attacks and abilities of the game's creatures. Without energy, players would be unable to launch their offensive or defensive strategies.

These cards are typically colored according to the type of power they represent. And each type of energy powers specific attacks and abilities. For example, a Charizard's "Fire Spin" attack requires 4 fire energy cards. While a Pikachu's "Thunder Jolt" requires one lightning and one colorless power card.

There are several different types of energy cards available in the Pokémon TCG. Each has its unique properties and requirements. These include:

  1. Fire. Those rare and common energy cards power flame or heat attack. They're red in color;
  2. Water. Water energy cards power attacks and abilities that involve water or ice. They're typically blue in color;
  3. Grass. Grass energy cards power attacks and abilities that involve plants or nature. They're typically green in color;
  4. Lightning. Lightning rare and common energy cards power electricity or thunder attacks. They're yellow in color;
  5. Psychic. Psychic energy cards power attacks and abilities that involve mental powers or telekinesis. They're purple in color;
  6. Fighting. Fighting energy cards help with physical combat. They're brown in color;
  7. Darkness. Darkness energy cards power attacks and abilities that involve shadows or darkness. They're black in color;
  8. Metal. Those cards power attacks for metallic objects or machines. They're typically silver or gray in color;
  9. Fairy. Fairy energy cards power attacks and abilities that involve fairy magic or enchantments. They're typically pink in color.

Strategy Of Using Energy Cards

The importance of having a good selection of energy cards in a player's deck cannot be overstated. The right mix of energy cards can make or break a player's ability to launch effective attacks and defend. A well-designed deck includes a mix of energy types corresponding to the Pokémon. And extra energy cards would be great to provide flexibility and adaptability.

Players must balance the need to power attacks and abilities with the need to conserve cards for future turns. Running out of energy cards can leave a player vulnerable to their opponent's attacks.

One way to ensure a good supply of energy is to include cards that allow players to draw extra cards from their deck. These cards can help replenish a player's energy reserves. And they give them the resources they need to launch powerful attacks and defenses.

Another strategy is including energy-recovery cards in a deck. It can retrieve energy cards that have been discarded or used during the game. These cards help ensure that a player always has access to the energy they need.

Remember that energy cards are not the only cards that can affect the ability to use attacks. Other types of cards, like Trainer and Supporter cards, can also impact energy usage. And they provide valuable resources for launching attacks and defenses.

Factors That Determine The Value Of Energy Pokémon Cards 

The value of a Pokémon card is determined by various factors. They include rarity, condition, age, and popularity. Energy cards are no exception to this rule. In this block, we'll explore the key factors that determine the value of energy Pokémon cards:

  1. Rarity is one of the most significant factors that determine the value. In the Pokémon TCG, energy cards are typically common cards. This means they are relatively easy to get and not typically sought after by collectors. But certain energy cards may be rare due to their scarcity or limited availability. For example, some energy cards may only be as promotional items or as part of exclusive sets. It makes them highly sought after by collectors and increases the energy Pokémon cards’ price.
  2. The condition of a card is another important factor that affects its value. Energy cards in mint or near-mint condition are generally more valuable. This is because collectors and players prefer cards that look new and fresh. And they are less likely to want cards that show signs of wear or damage.
  3. Age is another factor that can impact the value of energy Pokémon cards. Generally speaking, older cards are more valuable than newer ones. They are more difficult to find and often hold sentimental value for collectors. This is true for energy cards that appeared during the early years of the Pokémon TCG.
  4. Popularity is also a key factor that affects the value of energy Pokémon cards. Cards that are popular among players or collectors are more likely to be in demand. And thus, they are more valuable. For example, energies used in competitive play or associated with popular Pokémon characters are valuable.

Now, let's take a look at some examples of rare and valuable energy Pokémon cards in the TCG:

  • Rainbow Energy. This energy card was first introduced in the Neo Destiny expansion set in 2002. It is one of the most valuable Pokémon energy cards. It’s due to its unique design and limited availability. Rainbow Energy cards feature a holographic rainbow pattern. And it can power attacks for any type of Pokémon. Near-mint condition Rainbow Energy cards can sell for hundreds of dollars.
  • Double Colorless Energy. This energy card was first introduced in the Base Set in 1999. It is a rare card due to its usefulness in competitive play and limited availability. Double Colorless Energy cards provide two colorless energy points. The card can power attacks for any type of Pokémon. Near-mint condition Double Colorless Energy cards can sell for upwards of $50.
  • Call Energy. This is another one of the most valuable Pokémon energy cards. It was first introduced in the Lost Thunder expansion set in 2018. It is a rare card due to its limited availability and unique ability. Call Energy cards can be great for any type of basic energy card and also allow the player to draw a card when played. Near-mint condition Call Energy cards can sell for over $100 on online marketplaces.

How To Determine The Value Of Energy Pokémon Cards

pokemon energy cards on pink background

If you're a collector or player of the Pokémon TCG, you may want to know the value of your energies. Knowing the value of your cards can help you make informed decisions when buying or selling. And it can also help you gauge the worth of your collection.

One of the easiest ways to determine the value of energy Pokémon cards is to use online resources. They are eBay, TCGplayer, or Cardmarket. These websites allow you to search for specific cards. There you can see what they are currently selling for in the market. You can also look at completed listings to get an idea of what a card has sold for recently. But it's important to keep in mind that the value of a card can fluctuate depending on the demand for it at any given time.

Another type of online resource for determining card value is collector forums.

Great examples are:

  1. PokéBeach;
  2. PokéCommunity;
  3. Reddit r/PokemonTCG;
  4. PokeGym;
  5. HeyTrainer.

These communities can be great to ask questions and get advice from collectors. Also, some collectors may want to trade or sell their cards, so these forums can be a good place to find deals or trades.

It's important to remember that the condition of a card can greatly impact its value. When looking at online listings, be sure to pay attention to the condition of the card. The cards can be in near-mint, lightly played, or heavily played condition. Cards in near-mint condition are generally the most valuable Pokémon energy cards.

Knowing the energy card’s Pokémon value can help you price it correctly and avoid getting ripped off. It’s especially important if you're looking to sell a card. But if you're looking to buy a card, knowing its value can help you avoid overpaying or getting scammed. Also, knowing the value helps make informed decisions about whether to hold onto cards or sell them off.

It's also worth noting that the energy cards Pokémon value can be usually affected by factors such:

  • Rarity;
  • Age;
  • Popularity.

Some energy cards may be rare due to their limited availability or unique abilities. And others may be valuable simply because people associate them with popular Pokémon.

Where To Buy And Sell Energy Pokémon Cards

Energy Pokémon cards are an essential component of the Pokémon Trading Card Game (TCG). Collectors are always on the lookout for new energy cards to add to collections. In this block, we'll explore the best places to buy and sell energy Pokémon cards.


One of the best places to buy energy Pokémon cards is online. Websites like eBay, TCGplayer, and Cardmarket offer a wide selection of energy cards. These websites also allow you to search for specific cards. It can be useful if you're looking for a particular type of energy card or a card with a specific ability.

You can also try selling your cards on social media groups or forums dedicated to Pokémon TCG.

When buying energy cards online, it's vital to pay attention to the seller's reputation. Also, look at the feedback ratings. Look for sellers with a high rating and positive feedback from other buyers. Also, read the description to ensure that you're getting the card you want in the proper condition.


Another option for buying energy Pokémon cards is in-person. It can be at local game stores or at Pokémon TCG events. Game stores often have a selection of energy cards available for purchase. And attending events can be a great way to meet other collectors and trade or buy cards. To find local game stores and events, check out the official Pokémon website. Or search for local Pokémon groups on social media.

When buying energy cards in person, inspect the card carefully before buying. Look for any damage or wear and tear that may affect the energy cards’ Pokémon value or usability. Additionally, don't be afraid to haggle with the seller to try to get a better deal.

When selling energy cards, set a fair energy Pokémon card price that reflects the card's condition and rarity. Do some research to see what similar cards are selling online or at local game stores. You can also consult with other collectors or sellers to get advice on pricing your cards.

It's also important to accurately describe the condition of your cards when selling. Be honest about any damage or wear and tear the card may have. This can affect its value and the interest of potential buyers. Including clear photos of the card can help buyers get a better idea of its condition and energy Pokémon card price.

When selling energy Pokémon cards online, it's vital to be aware of potential scams. Always use a secure payment method like PayPal or a credit card. And be cautious of buyers who ask you to send the card before they pay.

Is It Important To Protect Pokémon Cards?

There are several reasons why protecting your rare energy cards is essential.

For one, these cards can be quite valuable, especially if they're in good condition. If you plan on selling your cards in the future, the condition of the cards will impact energy Pokémon value.

Another reason is to preserve their sentimental value. Many collectors have a deep emotional attachment to their cards. And seeing them get damaged or deteriorate can be heartbreaking. By protecting your cards, you'll be able to enjoy them for years to come and pass them down to future generations.

So, how can you protect your rare energy cards to ensure they stay in the best condition possible? Here are some tips to consider:

  1. Use protective sleeves. Protective sleeves are an essential tool for any Pokémon card collector. These sleeves are to fit over your cards and protect them from scratches, wear, and tear. They come in various sizes and designs, so you're sure to find something that suits your needs and style.
  2. Store cards in a cool, dry place. Moisture and heat can damage your cards, so it's essential to store them in a cool, dry place. Avoid storing your cards in direct sunlight or in areas with high humidity.
  3. Keep cards in a binder or box. Keeping your cards in a binder or box is an excellent way to protect them from dust and dirt.
  4. Handle cards with care. When handling your cards, it's important to be gentle and avoid bending or creasing them. Use your fingers to hold the edges of the card and avoid touching the surface of the card.
  5. Avoid eating or drinking while handling cards. Food and drinks can leave stains and residue on your cards. So it's best to avoid eating or drinking while handling them.


In conclusion, energy cards play a crucial role in the Pokémon TCG. They are essential for powering up Pokémon attacks and abilities. The energy Pokémon card price is determined by several factors. They are rarity, condition, age, and popularity.

Understanding these factors helps determine the worth of energy cards. Whether collected for enjoyment or as an investment, those cards are an integral part of the Pokémon TCG.


What Makes Energy Pokémon Cards Valuable?

Energy Pokémon cards can be valuable based on their:

  • Rarity;
  • Condition;
  • Age;
  • Popularity.

What Is The Rarest Energy Pokémon Card?

The rarest one is Double Colorless Energy (2017 NA International Championship, Staff).

Can Energy Pokémon Cards Be Used In The Pokémon TCG?

Yes, energy Pokémon cards are an essential component of the Pokémon TCG. They power a player's Pokémon during battles.

How Can I Tell If My Energy Pokémon Card Is Valuable?

To understand its value, you can research the card on online marketplaces or forums. Also, you can professionally grade the card with a third-party grading service.

Where Can I Find Buyers For My Energy Pokémon Cards?

There are several places to find buyers for energy Pokémon cards.

They are:

  • eBay;
  • Amazon;
  • TCGplayer.

Are Energy Pokémon Cards Worth Collecting?

It depends on your interests and goals. For some collectors, completing a set of energy cards can be satisfying. At the same time, others may be more interested in collecting rare or valuable energy cards.