Large Mouse Pad: Benefits And How To Choose

September 16, 2022 · Your Playmat

Many users have become increasingly more likely to use large mouse pads while working at the computer. This is due to a variety of reasons. Among them are:

  • It’s more convenient to use big mouse pads. By purchasing a big gaming mouse pad with a thickness of 3 mm, you can provide your hands with absolute comfort and safety. Your hands and joints will not get tired from working on a hard surface;
  • Cleanliness and tidiness on the working surface. With a large mouse pad taking up the entire surface of your desk, you will no longer face permanent dirt stains, as a big gaming mouse pad can be easily cleaned with an ordinary wet cloth;
  • The safety of your equipment. If you're using a microphone, audio card, or other devices that need to be placed on your table, you'll have peace of mind as the large mouse pad's padded surface makes it safer to use your equipment;
  • Creativity. Using big mouse pads on your desktop, you can transform your surface and change its style, as it can be customized and put any picture on its front side.

Read on to find out how to choose the right size of a gaming mouse pad, what factors can affect your gaming experience, and how not to make a mistake when choosing your gaming assistant.

What Are The Different Mouse Pad Size Options?

mousepads sizes mockup

Among the size options of gaming mouse pads, the most common are:

  • Small. These are usually mouse pads measuring 260 mm x 215 mm. They are becoming less popular among gamers as they take up a small part of the desktop, and the mouse often jumps off the gaming pad, making it extremely uncomfortable to use. Also, if you're a low DPI lover, you should stop using a small pad, as these mouse settings require more movements for on-screen results. This factor greatly affects the game and the result of your gaming experience;
  • Medium. Among these gaming mouse pads, there are sizes of 350 mm x 270 mm. These are not much different from the previous version. However, they are slightly larger. Such gaming solutions are great for those who have a very limited gaming space;
  • Large. These gaming mouse pads are 450mm x 400mm in size. Such gaming solutions are great for those who need a larger gaming surface and use low DPI settings;
  • Extended. These mouse pads are the largest option of all, and they often reach twice the size of large mouse pads. It can be the best solution for those who want to completely cover the surface of their desktop and protect it from damage. Using such a mat will be the most effective because the table and equipment will be safe, your hands will not get tired, and the sounds of the keyboard and mouse will be quieter.

However, it is worth remembering that when using a big mouse pad for gaming, you should carefully check its dimensions, as they may vary from one provider to another.

What Factors Do You Need To Consider While Choosing Large Mouse Pad?

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Now you should pay attention to other factors that can affect your gaming experience and how to choose a big mouse pad for gaming on your computer even better.

It All Depends On The DPI Of Your Mouse

When choosing the size of your gaming pad, you should pay attention to what DPI state your mouse has. If you like to play with low DPI, a big mouse pad is your ideal option, as these settings require a lot of movement. Comfort while using, in this case, can only be provided by a large mouse pad.

If you're into high DPI gaming, you don't need a big mouse pad, and you can get by with medium-sized gaming equipment as you won't need to make large mouse movements.

Mouse Pad Material

Also, when choosing a pad, you should pay attention to the material the big mouse pad for gaming is made of. There are both hard and soft options among the gaming items. 

The main advantage of a soft mouse pad is that your hands are always comfortable and much less tired when playing on the computer. In addition, when playing with your big soft mouse pads, you will experience a higher mouse grip, allowing you to play more efficiently and shoot more accurately. However, it can also slow down your hands. Also, soft pads can get dirty faster, collect more dust and are harder to clean.

Hard big mouse pads, on the other hand, allow you to use the speed of your hands to the maximum and, like a flash, will move from one corner of your large mat to another in a matter of seconds. However, this material also has its pros and cons. Among the benefits, such a big gaming mouse pad is easy to clean, and even a large one is easy to wash. A hard surface wears out your gaming mouse faster and can significantly reduce its shelf life.

There is a tradeoff between speed and control in big hard and soft gaming mouse pads, so your choice between materials should ultimately be based on the games you play. To get the best gaming solutions and achieve the highest results, you can consider YourPlaymat’s production to get your gaming experience to the next level.


What Mouse Pads Do Pros Use?

Due to the fact that professionals prefer low DPI, they use the biggest option to get the best results in aiming during the training and contests.  

Does Mouse Pad Affect Sensivity?

Yes, as a rule, they increase the sensitivity during the game, which allows you to get better results.

Is A Mouse Pad Really Necessary?

In general, they are not a prerequisite for using a computer mouse. However, with mouse pads, your experience will be much better.