How To Double Sleeve MTG Cards And Why You Should?

June 23, 2022 · Your Playmat
Double Sleeving MTG Card

​​Every card collector wants their collectibles to be in great visual condition. To achieve that, you have to take care of your deck regularly. It’s vital to clean the cards, check the temperature and moisture level of the place they are stored, and also, it’s important to give them a “shelter”. You can use the usual sleeves, binders, or even boxes. But there is also one extra technique to extend the life of the collection. And this is an MTG double sleeve.

With this technique, you put your cards into two layers of protection using two types of sleeves. You can read in the text below about how to double sleeve MTG cards and all the details of the correctly done procedure.

Why Double Sleeve MTG Cards?

Bottle of water is spilled over MTG cards

Some collectors would think that a double sleeve of MTG cards is overprotecting because standard card binders and sleeves are enough to keep the playing set in good condition. And this is true of common decks. But as for the most personally precious ones or those that cost up to 10 000 bucks, those need extra protection and special care.

Newbies may have a question - what's the difference between a single protective sleeve and a double sleeve? And is it necessary to order a second one?  So, the point is single sleeve protects only from wear and tear, while a double sleeve ensures absolute protection from water and dirt that may happen inside the single sleeve.  Some gamers claim that, aesthetically, double sleeving is better to avoid air bubbles. 

MTG Cards Sleeving Trade-offs

Magic: the gathering cards definitely need double sleeving. Ok, let’s say I’m going to order it. But a question pops up in my mind - can double sleeving affect the game? Of course, this also has its upsides and downsides. Let's see the advantages:

  • Perfect protection from water or dirt because there is no way for them to get to your set. If you live in a place where the humidity of the air is more than 40%, a double sleeve is a must.
  • Collectibles won’t bend or wear out during all the time you use them. No scratches and fading. 

Of course, it's also worth mentioning the disadvantages:

  • Many players claim that the feeling of the cards is lost - it's impossible to feel the texture, and the size of the cards is bigger. It will lead to the necessity of buying an additional box or storage for your set.
  • Sleeving can take a lot of time to perform this procedure

If you are still pondering whether it’s worth a double sleeve or not, just remember the math: fancy playing cards can cost a lot of money, up to tens of thousands, but protection on them costs $5-15. Everything wears out. So it's better to spend only $15 to save $1,000, right? 

How To Double Sleeve MTG Cards?

Well, to be honest, it will take you one night. 

You have to get all the needed components together. They are:

  • The inner sleeves of MTG cards;
  • The outer sleeves;
  • Your collectibles.

After this, you can start the procedure. You have to clean your hands and dry them. Make sure the working table is also clean. Take the inner holder and put your playing card into it. Then you have to check for trapped air and get rid of it if necessary.

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To make a closed system that will prevent getting dirt on cards, you have to put your collectibles into another layer of protection - this is the outer sleeve. Just put the card inside it and make sure there is no air inside.

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How Do I Know That I Am Double Sleeving MTG Cards Correctly?

If your sleeves for MTG cards are pressed tightly and there are no air bubbles, you are doing great and there will not be any problems with your cards.

How Much Time Does It Take To Sleeve One MTG Card?

On average, it takes approximately 1-3 minutes to finish the double sleeve of one card; this includes cleaning hands and the procedure itself.

How To Choose The Best Sleeves?

To get the best offers and products for your needs, you can consider Your Playmat’s website. You can choose ready-made solutions or customize them to your personal size.

I Made A Mistake In My Order - What Can I Do?

In this case, you can use the contact button on the website and get all the needed instructions concerning your order. You can also ask your questions before buying sleeves to get the necessary information.