How To Open Pokémon Cards Properly: Guide

May 30, 2022 · Your Playmat
How To Open Pokémon Cards Properly Guide

Imagine you got the new Pokémon cards that you've been waiting for for a whole week. Your first thought is, "That's it, friend, you're done". This anticipation and feeling can't be compared with anything else, you can imagine what kind of card you will get. However, do not forget that it is very easy to damage the surface of cards that are not so cheap while opening the new Pokémon pack or booster pack wrap. Always pay attention to the markings on the packaging. 

Follow these steps to avoid damaging and save the cards’ appearance:  

  • Loosen the packing valve;
  • Pull back the top of the package
  • Enlarge the hole
  • Open the package

We’ll consider the instructions in detail in one of the next points of our article. 

Reasons To Open Pokémon Packs Differently

Reasons To Open Pokémon Packs Differently

Everyone fond of collecting cards knows how exciting it is to open a new pack of cards. The most important thing with all this is to keep everything intact.

Here are a couple of important reasons to open Pokémon packs differently:

To Feel Excited From Anticipation Of Owning A Rare Pokémon Card

Opening new Pokémon cards is always exciting because you won't be able to predict exactly what you'll be able to get out of it. When you open the package, you may not be too happy with what you find since you already have quite a lot of such cards. However, you can be incredibly lucky, and you could come across a very rare card like Charizard VMax.

In psychology, there are even separate topics dedicated to the thrills received from buying packages with surprises.

A lot of people love surprises and that very exciting moment when they can finally understand what is inside the package.

To Protect Rare Pokémon Cards Value By Preventing Unintentional Damage

If you've been into card collecting for a long time, you know how important it is to keep them in good condition. For this, you will get a good evaluation of your cards. Any fraying, bending, or other damage will significantly reduce their value.

It will be very unpleasant for any collector to open the package with the card and see that its corner is torn or bent. Therefore, it is very important to open the package carefully, following the rules.

If you have the task of carefully opening the package with Pokémon, follow our instructions:

  • Loosen the packing valve

Loosen the back flap of the foil pack. Run your finger under the flap and slide it up. This will help you free it from the top of the pack.

  • Pull back the top of the package

Holding the rear flap with one hand between your thumb and forefinger, push the top away from where you pulled the flap with your thumb.

  • Enlarge the hole

At the moment, you have a gap in the seal. At this point, it will begin to separate along the seam. You need to click on it until it becomes large.

  • Open the package

Run your finger along the top seam to open the package.

This way, you will have a neat opening on the top of the package, which will allow you to pull out the cards without damaging them. And also, remember that the opening of the package must occur from above.

You Definitely Want Exclusive Card Sleeves Design For Your Pokémon Deck

The protection of Pokémon cards consists not only in storing them in a binder but also in the availability of protective sleeves for them. Thus, you can have sleeves with original images that you choose. It will be quite good protection for your Pokémon cards.

YourPlayMat can help you keep your cards in excellent condition. We sell individual card sleeves. Ordering such an envelope from us is a great way to decorate any deck of cards with a custom design.

Advantages of our card sleeves:

  • Chic design: matte back with a white border or custom choice, whatever you desire;
  • Transparent facade and white interior;
  • You can choose the quantity: 60, 100, 200 pcs;
  • Availability of both standard and Japanese sizes;
  • We use high-quality brightest coloring that is safe for your health;
  • Durable material that will allow you to shuffle your cards in any way as many times as you need.

On your website, you can upload the image you want to add to your card sleeves, then select the number of sleeves, specify the editing style you want, and optionally add text that we will put on the sleeves.

Visit our site where you can place your order to manufacture your individual sleeves for cards and see our ready-made sleeves for sale.

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What Is A Pokémon Booster Pack?

Boosters are a set of cards for playing Pokémon, consisting of 10 cards. They allow you to buy cards to enhance themed decks, create new decks, or change old ones. Pokémon booster packs contain cards, and their rarity level depends on what particular cards you come across in the booster.

Should You Wear Gloves When Opening Pokémon Cards?

You don't have to wear gloves when opening packages of Pokémon cards. Wearing gloves can leave marks on the cards, and this can cause players to put a lot of pressure on the cards.

How Many Cards Are In A Pokémon Booster?

The set contains 220 cards, including about 70 rare cards, 70 valuable cards, and 80 common ones.

What Is Better To Buy Booster Pokémon Boxes Or Singles?

If you want to play solo games or build a deck, you definitely need to buy boosters. This will be a great idea if you are opening a Pokémon booster box for fun or playing with friends.

How To Properly Store Unopened Pokémon Card Packs?

It is best to store unopened packs of cards in a cabinet, box, or album so that they do not get damaged. Also, do not forget that the place where you will store the cards should be dry and cool.

Should You Keep Pokémon Cards In Binders?

Never store your cards in binders or ring binders. The pages of your folder should be glued to the spine. Such a folder will provide the best protection against damage and will also be a fairly convenient way to store maps.