How To Play Magic: The Gathering Solo? Top 5 Ways

July 2, 2022 · Your Playmat
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Even though card games are often meant to be played with friends ranging from 2 to 10 people, Magic: The Gathering cards can be used for solo play if your friends are busy or you get bored.

You will need your ordinary set of playing cards and nothing more to do this. Read on to know more about the types of solo games and what you will require for this.

Play MTG Solo  #1 - Challenge Decks

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One of the popular ways to play Magic: The Gathering alone would be to play with challenge decks. However, you should note that these are not "Challenger" decks, which are present in the modern version of the game. Wizards of the Coast released their variation of decks, one per set for each set in the ‘Theros’ block.

However, these decks are more similar to how MTG games are usually played, although the rules of the game can be changed as you like.

This set was never designed for a single-player card game, but over time, players have adapted the game rules so that the single-player game is as fun as the multiplayer one.

The only drawback is that these card sets can be very challenging to get because their sales have decreased.

#2 - Garruk The Slayer

In 2015, the mighty magician Garruk the Slayer first appeared in core set 15. However, this strong card didn't appear in the set because it wasn't a great card to play. Despite this, many players became interested in the playing card and were able to give it a second life for the single-player Magic: The Gathering game.

To play, you need to collect a set of 30-40 cards, but it is better to use 60 cards. According to the rules of the game, you must fight against Garruk. He is excellent for this, as he has a set of strong magical abilities that grow quickly and do not let the player relax. To defeat the enemy, you need to use strategic thinking, change tactics during the game and use your heroes correctly in the battle against the powerful magician.

However, to get the most out of the game, you need to make sure you understand how Planeswalker cards work in the game. Fortunately, this type of card is actively used in modern versions of the game, and most likely, you already know how to use them.

#3 - Mana Maze Solitaire

In fact, that is the solitaire version of Magic: The Gathering. The game was designed by Mark Rosewater. And the rules were published on the website of the American company that makes the role-playing game. They are tricky to understand and more suitable for experienced role-playing gamers.

In addition, this game has a second version called "Magic Solitaire". It is a 52-card game and is the best for those who want to learn more about the predictability of card decks.

Among other variations, it is also known as Aaron's Solitaire. It's more like an MTG session but requires more than one deck for the best gaming experience.

#4 - Battle Against The Horde

Here is another option for playing Magic: The Gathering alone. It's very similar to the challenge deck variant, but the interesting thing is that the player doesn't need a challenge deck. To play, you need to stock up a bunch of tokens and a few spells. Playing cards you use will fight against the horde. The opponent's deck must consist only of cards with spells and tokens.

The game's rules are simple: every move of the opponent is accompanied by a flip of the cards until the card with the spell is revealed. Only then can this spell be played. So, for example, if in a deck of 6 cards, the last one is the desired spell, the horde must turn over five cards with tokens until they get to the desired card.

Your aim as a player is to attack both the deck of cards and the enemy horde. The point is that you do not have to worry about the health of your opponents. Your only task on the way to victory is to destroy your deck. The game has a system of damage points. It allows you to remove one card from the deck when one point of damage hits the enemy. However, you will also have a limited amount of health of 20 points. Your weak side is the tokens, which will take away your health.

Since this MTG strategy was designed specifically for multiple players, there can be up to 60 active cards on the battlefield. Because of this, you might get bored playing with that amount of cards. Therefore, we recommend reducing their number by half for magic solo, which also relates to the difficulty of the game. Due to the high amount of tokens, you will not have a chance to defeat the horde, as your health will be completely depleted before the game gets to an end.

With the right approach, you can fully enjoy the gaming experience and even when playing alone, you can get the same emotions as in a full-fledged multiplayer game.

#5 – You Are Your Enemy

Take two decks of cards. Imagine you are playing a standard MTG session with your friend. However, you are now in control of their deck of cards. Your goal is to play against yourself.

What gaming experience can you get? The advantage of playing this way is that you get the opportunity to learn how to react in different game scenarios and to adapt to unexpected twists and turns better during the game.

Bottom Line

Magic: The Gathering single-player game can be full of fun and emotions. On the other hand, you can even train and get new skills during those sessions. The rules of the games can range from simple to complex, allowing you to entertain yourself even if you are not the best magician among all your friends.

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How Can I Protect My MTG Cards?

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What If I Don’t Want To Sleeve My MTG Cards Set?

In that case, you should buy new cards after some time because they will get damaged by your fingers, dust, and any other physical contact.

Is It Worth Card Sleeving MTG Deck?

It would be advisable to consider proper protection of your cards to save them over time. Some of them can get expensive and relic. And you can get a lot of money from it. The better the condition of the card, the more money you get.

Why Should I Play MTG Alone?

Sometimes, it can be useful in getting critical playing skills. You can play MTG much better when you are in a playing session with real opponents.