How To Scale Yu-Gi-Oh! Packs? Does It Worth It?

August 10, 2022 · Your Playmat
scaling yugioh card

The card weighting method is used in many gaming platforms, and Yu-Gi-Oh is no exception. Card hunters have been weighing YuGiOh booster packs for a long time, and for a good reason.

You might think that card weighing is not popular right now, but Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs weighing is in full bloom. Moreover, this method works and should be used if you are determined to find rare cards.

But don’t despair. With proper skill, you can quickly determine which pack contains ultra-rare holographic cards and which is full of standard cards.

Before you start searching and acquiring everything you need, you should study the market. Since Yu-Gi-Oh has changed over the years, this knowledge will help you find a Yu-Gi-Oh booster pack. To do this, read our article.

What Is Scaling?

yugioh cards scaling

What is this method? You should use it to determine if there are rare items in the pack or not. All packages should have the same weight. You will not notice if you try to determine the difference based on your feelings. But if you use scales, they will show you a slight but still different in weight. And this will bring you closer to the goal.

However, the scale will not help you in all cases. For example, in Ultimate Rares, foil technology is used, and it helps to equalize the weight of the cards.

What's The Difference Between A Booster Pack And A Blister Pack?

A blister pack is, by its very nature, a Yo-Gi-Oh LOB booster box designed to be sold in convenience stores. There is a cardboard cover on the back and plastic protection on the front through which you can see the booster pack.

The booster pack is what is inside the blister Yu-Gi-Oh pack. Boosters can also be found inside the booster box. A booster box is usually a themed box containing a large number of cards related to a particular set in the series.

Select Right Scale

For high-quality and effective goal implementation, it is necessary to go through several stages. 

  • The first step is to choose the right scales. Briefly, there are two types of scales:
  1. The first is the scales that measure up to 0.0 g;
  2. And the second type is those that measure up to 0.00 g.

If you do not see the difference, I will tell you about it - it’s accuracy. This is the most important indicator for us. Such a characteristic will help you see a tenth and even a hundredth mg.

  • The next step is to make sure your instrument is calibrated. To do this, you will need the instructions that come with each scale. In it, you will find detailed steps in the implementation of which it will be possible to eliminate mistakes in measuring weight.

What To Pay Attention To

yugioh buster blader

Before you conquer all the product shelves and rows of search Yu-Gi-Oh booster packs with your tool, you need to pay attention to more details:

  • Guaranteed Foil Card Sets. It would be best if you considered that in 2016, Yu-Gi-Oh cards had certain changes, and now every Yu-Gi-Oh pack has a foil card. This can affect your scale numbers and confuse you since you cannot be sure that the same rare card is in the set. Because holographic cards are usually heavier than non-holographic packs, weighing works better when you purchase a pack that does not guarantee a holographic card.

This does not mean that newer packages cannot be extended. Each pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards has practically one foil, meaning there are many variables.

  • Security Tag/Barcode To Prevent Loss. The second thing to remember is if you intend to measure the pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards in stores such as Target or Walmart. There is a small metal safety tag on the back of the cell cover. These are usually small white rectangular stickers. Most of these stickers have nothing underneath, and some have diamond-shaped metal strips sticking out of the corners. It is essential to keep this in mind as the weight of the package increases significantly. This can increase the weight from 0.1 g to 0.3 g.

The best way to measure your Yu-Gi-Oh pack is to avoid all these types of packaging. Some security tags may not be available to touch or pull out, so we recommend you measure them in advance or find that information on the internet. Walmart has its type of security called Barcodes Prevention Loss. 

They are usually located behind the amplifier package inside the blister. It is difficult to measure the cards because there is no way to determine if one of them is in a blister. It would help if you also avoided such a pack of Yu-Gi-Oh cards.

But even if you could not find a valuable card in the pack, your other cards need protection and care even though they are ordinary cards. In this case, it is better to use special sleeves for cards. Click here, and today you can order the best protective solution for your collection.


Does It Worth Scaling Old Yugioh Packs?

Yes, you can also weigh old packs of cards. However, this may not always give the best result, even with a quality scale.

Does Scaling Blister Yugioh Packs Worth It?

Such a pack can also be weighed, like other packs. However, when weighing, every tiny detail must be taken into account.

Why Is It Important To Use Accurate Scales While Sclaing Yugioh Card?

You must use a very accurate scale to achieve maximum results when weighing cards. They will be able to find you the slightest difference in weight and buy a more profitable card pack.

Does Scaling Yugioh Cards Give Guaranteed Results?

Unfortunately, no. This approach only helps to find rarer cards without opening packages, but this method does not always work.