How To Sell Pokémon Cards? Complete Guide

November 11, 2022 · Your Playmat
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The Pokémon industry has become one of the most popular entertainment industries on the planet. And one part of Pokémon World is a card game. It has become incredibly popular in many countries, and millions of fans are willing to pay for monster cards. But did you know you can make some money on cards?

If you have a few decks from childhood, you can take the chance and make some profit. Although selling old Pokémon cards can bring in thousands of dollars, this is not the most effortless process, which requires specific rules to be followed, such as knowledge of your collection, the correct presentation of information, high-quality photos, and the right platform for selling Pokémon cards. Given these factors and a well-designed ad, you can get the most out of the deal.

In our article, we will tell you how to sell Pokémon cards correctly, in what places to place ads, and how to fill out a card so that no one passes by your cards.

What Factors Determine A Pokémon Card's Worth?

pokemon cards in hands

If your goal is to make as much money as possible, you should understand how Pokémon cards are priced.

Several criteria determine the value of cards at once:

  • Pokémon type;
  • The rarity of the card;
  • Card condition;
  • Release year.

So, new Pokémon cards will not be so highly valued because players have the opportunity to buy boosters and get a new card, even though new cards will be considered rare. The price for such a card will not be very high and can reach up to several hundred bucks.

If we talk about older Pokémon cards, they will be more valuable among collectors and can fetch hundreds of dollars. So, a great example would be first edition cards that cannot be bought in the store as new boosters. Those cards are available only from the hands of collectors. A complete first edition of 102 cards costs up to $10,000. However, such a high price is set only if the cards are in excellent condition and original.

In addition, more expensive cards may be those dedicated to specific events or issued at festivals, tournaments, and shows. Maybe you were given a Pokémon card as a child for visiting the first Pokémon cartoon in the cinema. In this case, you may have a card worth more than a thousand dollars at home.

A hologram is also a common feature of any card that determines its rarity. So, the following types of cards with holograms can be the most valuable:

  • Rainbow Pokémon cards;
  • Radiant Pokémon cards;
  • Shining Pokémon cards;
  • Full-art cards.

Such cards will necessarily cost from $100 to several thousand dollars apiece. Everything will depend on the character's popularity, edition, the rarity of the card, and its condition.

You should also pay attention to the serial number of your card. So, if your card number is greater than the number of cards in the deck, your item is secret and can also cost a lot of money. You can find it by the card's number at the right bottom.

As an alternative, you can get your cards graded by a professional service. If you have a card that you think is particularly valuable, you may want to have it professionally graded. Grading services will assess the condition of your card and assign it a numeric grade on a scale of 1 to 10. This process can be costly, but it is worth it if you think your card could be worth a lot of money in the future.

Where Can You Sell Your Pokémon Cards?

Once you decide which cards you want to sell, you should find several sources you will use to sell them. Using multiple sites at once is essential, as this will help you find more potential buyers and close a successful transaction.

Here are some options for online platforms where you can sell your Pokémon cards. Be careful when publishing your ad, as each site has its rules and requirements. They should be followed if you want your ad to stay at the top for as long as possible and you are not blocked.

Online platforms for buying and selling Pokémon cards are:

  • eBay;
  • Troll and Toad;
  • Cardmarket;
  • Card Cavern;
  • TCG player;
  • Facebook Marketplace;
  • Instagram.

You can also sell your cards to a pawnshop. This method is the fastest, although you may lose some potential revenue if you do so. However, pawnshops give you instant income, and you do not need to spend time creating an ad, sending cards, and communicating with buyers.

Also, consider posting your ad on the Pokémon forums. So you can directly contact those who need these cards and achieve faster sales results.

However, always be careful, as there are many scammers online. Do not send cards free of charge or sell them in your area so that you can be present in person when your card is sold. In the case of a personal meeting, choose crowded places like a cafe or a square, and receive payment at the bank by checking the money for authenticity.

How To Sell Your Pokémon Cards?

Now it's time to sell your Pokémon cards. Your task is to create an ad that will be as informative as possible but at the same time not overloaded with words. We will show you the best way to make such an ad so that your cards sell as quickly as possible.

To start:

  • Sort your cards. This can be a set, rarity, list number, or pack based on Pokémon trainers, monsters, and energies. This will depend on your desire. We recommend collecting them by rarity. So, it's best to create a separate ad for rare cards (you can make one ad for several rare cards). And for the rest of the less rare ones, you can make another listing where you sell them either in bulk or individually;
  • Once you've decided which cards you're selling and sorted them out, you can set a price for them. To do this, look at similar ads on the Internet and use the same price policy. If you want to sell the Pokémon card quickly, you can offer a lower price. But don’t let anyone trick you, so put a fair price for your collectibles.

Now it's time to create an ad. For this:

  • Register on the Pokémon card selling site. Generally, all platforms have nearly the same templates for descriptions so that you can use the exact text;
  • Create your ad. You must specify the set's name, the card number in the set, the rarity, and the condition. All this is best included in the title. If you don't have much room in the title or sell a bunch of cards, you can include their titles in the description. However, do this, so the buyer does not confuse the names with the cards. It is best to number the cards in the photo and put the corresponding numbers with the names in the description;
  • Upload photos. It is best to take high-quality photographs that clearly show the cards. Take pictures from both sides. If imperfections are on the card, include them in your photo and mark them. Do not use other people's photographs on the Internet, as this does not inspire confidence in the buyer. Be prepared to provide additional photos at the request of the buyer.

Voila! Your ad is ready! Upload it to the platform for buying and selling Pokémon cards and wait for your first buyers.

How To Protect Pokémon Cards To Make Them Cost More?

piles of pokemon cards

No matter how quickly and efficiently you create your ad and the description of your best cards, the sales process can sometimes stretch for weeks. For your cards to stay as perfect as your ad photos, you need to maintain them under certain conditions. Here are some practical tips for you:

Here is how:

  • Use a top loader for extra protection. A top loader is a clear plastic case that fits over a card. This is a great way to protect valuable or rare cards, as it will keep them from getting bent or damaged. You can find top loaders at most hobby stores or online retailers that sell Pokémon supplies;
  • Store your cards in a cool, dry place. Cards can be damaged by heat and moisture, so it is essential to store them in an area that is not prone to these conditions. A climate-controlled storage unit is ideal, but a closet or dresser drawer will also work. Just be sure to check on your cards periodically to ensure they are not affected by the elements;
  • Keep your cards in the sleeves. This will help to protect your cards from dirt, fingerprints, and other damage. You can buy sleeves designed explicitly for Pokémon cards or use sleeves meant for other types of collectible cards. Just be sure to choose an acid-free sleeve that does not contain PVC, as these materials can damage your cards over time.


As you can see, selling old Pokémon cards is relatively easy. However, you need to review the cards you have for a few days. Otherwise, everything is straightforward. The main thing is to stick to the basic principles of creating a unique and brief ad, and you will be able to sell your cards quickly.

However, always be vigilant, as many scammers on selling Pokémon cards sites want to get your cards, if not at the lowest prices, then for free. Never send cards without pre-payment. Or, generally, opt for a personal meeting and control the process yourself. However, in this case, you need to consider security measures since the cards cost thousands of dollars, and you don't know what will be in a person's mind.

Also, protect your cards, as their price will directly depend on the card's condition. The more intact the card, the higher the price for it.


Should I Send Money For Transfer Activation For My Cards When Selling Pokémon Cards?

In no case, you should send money so that you can be sent payment for cards. This method is considered a scam, and most likely, after sending the money, you will no longer be able to contact this person. First of all, remember that you are selling the cards and you must be paid for them.

How Much Does One Pokémon Card Cost?

Pokémon cards typically cost $1.20 each. The majority of "Rare" Pokémon cards have a price of around $10, and "uncommon" or lower-level cards sometimes have a value of under $1. On average, the value of older and promotional Pokémon cards is substantially higher; some of these cards are valued at over $300,000.

What Is The Most Precious Pokémon Card?

Pikachu Illustrator is considered the most valuable Pokémon card. According to some estimates, this card can cost from a million to five million dollars. Such a high price is set due to the fact that there were only 39 such cards, 10 of which remained in good condition.

Can I Get Plenty Of Money From Fake Pokémon Cards?

Actually, yes. However, you should remember that you are infringing copyright and can receive a huge monetary fine that can destroy a person's life.

Is The Proxy Pokémon Card A Fake One?

Technically, yes, since the proxy card may violate the copyright of the publisher. However, fake Pokémon cards are often identical to the original, while a proxy card is considered a customization of the original, in which the image of the character, his strength, ability, text, and other parameters can be changed.