Pokémon Vs. MTG: What TCG Is Worth Playing?

June 11, 2022 · Your Playmat
Pokémon Vs. MTG What Is Better

Many people can safely say that MTG is the best game. However, there is no single answer to which game is the best. Both of these games have their pros and cons. 

Some players like MTG for its complicated rules and plenty of combination options, but at the same time, others adore Pokémon for its simple rules.

Both of these card games are a great way to relax, spend time in good company, and train your math skills and logic. Some might even compare this game to poker or the mafia. However, when newcomers to the world of card games are wondering which game is the best, it's worth considering this question from many angles.

To evaluate Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon, it is worth taking into account several important criteria such as complexity, the number of combinations that can be thought up during the game process, what age restrictions the game has, how much the cards cost, and how often you can find a companion for playing.

Let’s see the difference between these games - which is more difficult and which is more suitable for youngsters. Then you can choose the best game, in your opinion, by yourself.

Is MTG Worth More Than Pokémon?

Packed Blastoise And MTG Card

In fact, Magic The Gathering cards and Pokémon have a common beginning. Pokémon approached Wizards of the Coast to develop a Pokémon game based on MTG. Thus, we come to the conclusion that Pokémon is a simplified version of MTG.

Even though there are differences between these types of games, the basis of the Pokémon game is still heavily dependent on MTG.

In order for each player to decide for themselves which game they like more, we have prepared a comparison table with the differences between these games.



Pokémon has 6 spare Pokémon on the bench.

MTG doesn't have spare seats on the bench.

Pokémon has more simple rules.

MTG is a complicated game with many points of instruction.

Pokémon’s combinations are fairly simple and you might not even see them during the tournament.

This game has a huge number of combination options and is very interesting for those who like tasks for logic and solving mathematical problems.

Pokémon cards are more expensive.

MTG has cheaper cards.

It is suitable for all ages.

MTG has age restrictions (over 13 years).

It can be difficult to find gaming clubs.

You can always find a companion to play MTG with, regardless of your city and other reasons.

Have more colorful drawings on the cards with no horrific scenes and violence. For this reason, Pokémon cards will be more appropriate for children.

The images on the cards may contain violence, bloodshed, or other disgusting scenes.

Both games are interesting in their own way. The choice of the game is up to you. If you want something simpler - choose Pokémon. If you are interested in thinking through all sorts of combinations, developing new game schemes, and you, in principle, like games for logic and tactics - choose MTG.

Which TCG Has More Player Base?

In fact, it is difficult to answer which of these games has the most players.

The stats might say that Magic:The Gathering has more real players vs that of Pokémon. This data is based on the fact that people play this game on a regular basis.

If we collect statistics on the number of players based on the purchase of cards, then we can assume that the number of Pokémon and MTG fans is approximately equal. However, in fact, this is due to the fact that many people simply like the design of Pokémon cards and collect them without participating in games.

As a rule, MTG players who want to find opponents to play against can always do this in any city, which cannot be said about Pokémon players. Usually, a large number of Pokémon players can be found at presales.

So we can assume that there are more MTG players than Pokémon players.

Which TCG Is More Suitable For Kids?

Pikachu Pokemon TCG Basic Card

Pokémon can be much more interesting for kids as the rules of the game are much simpler than the MTG game rules and there are also a lot of tricky combinations missing. Thus, it can be said that it will be easier for children to master the game of Pokémon, as even some adults find the MTG rules too complicated and you can find a lot of disputes about the rules of the game on the forums.

Of course, Pokémon can also have some difficult moments that relate to maths, but on the other hand, this is good memory training and improves counting skills.

Another benefit of Pokémon is that it makes several products that teach kids how to play. In this way, structured instructions can be found for children so that they know exactly what they need to do.

Bottom Line

To sum up, we can say that there is no single answer to which game is the best. Both Magic: The Gathering and Pokémon have their advantages and disadvantages. The main advantage of MTG is the complexity of strategies and combinations, which makes the game process more interesting and exciting, especially for adults. Moreover, you can always find a companion for the game, which cannot be said about Pokémon.

The advantage of playing Pokémon is that its rules are simpler and easier to understand, especially for children. And for those people who do not like complicated counting and logic, Pokémon is a real find.

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What Is The Best Pokémon Or MTG For Beginners?

If you are just getting started with MTG, start by playing Pokémon, as this is the basis of MTG and its rules are much easier. By learning the rules of Pokémon and trying to play, you will already understand what you want.

Which Cards Are More Expensive — MTG or Pokémon?

In fact, prices for MTG cards are significantly lower than for Pokémon cards; this is because Pokémon cards are bought more often due to their visual appeal. However, as a rule, many fans of Pokémon cards do not play the game itself - they only collect cards.

How Expensive Are Pokémon Cards?

Due to high demand, the price of Pokémon cards can be very high. At times, speculators sell Pokémon cards for hundreds of thousands of dollars. Prices for regular cards, for example, at Walmart, will be around $1.20 per card. Most rare cards will cost around $10. Old or promotional Pokémon cards can be very expensive, costing around $300,000.

Do MTG Cards Have A Lot Of Value?

New MTG cards rarely retain their value after they go out of the standard - unless they continue to be actively used. Therefore, if you want to buy new MTG cards and not spend a lot of money, you need to wait until they go out of the standard.