Rainbow Pokémon Cards: What Are They And What Is Their Value?

October 30, 2022 · Your Playmat
rainbow Pokémon cards

For decades, Pokémon cards have used standard card templates that have become firmly established in the franchise and have become classics. However, among the cards, there are also those sets with a non-standard design that differ significantly from their "brothers." So, for example, in the Sun & Moon set, new Rainbow Pokémon were introduced.

These cards are characterized by their iridescent colors and lack of a standard color palette. Such cards are considered extremely rare and can sometimes come across in booster packs in the amount of one or two pieces.

In this article, we will tell you about the most rare Rainbow Pokémon, find out their market price, and also look at the key features of such cards. Stay with us, buy new boosters, or get ready for the release of a new rainbow set to collect all the rare monsters.

Pikachu & Zekrom-GX

Pikachu & Zekrom Pokémon cards

This potent duo can offer you a 200-damage pair blow, knocking down literally any of your opponent's Pokémon. And 240 hit points will give you excellent confidence that your Pikachu and Zekrom will not fall in battle; you will survive even the bloodiest fights.

In terms of price, the market value of this card is $78 and could get even lower soon, with a PSA 10 for $150. This card is great for beginner collectors, as it doesn't cost a lot of money but has value among other players. And for your Pokémon to remain intact, you should take care of its protection. The best option would be a sleeve for cards.

Charizard VSTAR

charizard rainbow Pokémon card

The second most popular after Pikachu is Charizard. This iconic monster won the hearts of millions of original anime fans and has since melted the hearts of millions more Pokémon card game fans. Thus, cards with Charizard are always precious among collectors, and on the battlefield, they show incredible strength and endurance due to high indicators of strength and health.

For example, the Rainbow Charizard can offer a strong attack of 320 points, and 280 health points will help you survive even the most brutal fights.

In terms of price, you can buy the card on eBay for $90, while the PSA 10 will cost you $285.

Charizard & Braixen-GX

Charizard Braixen-GX Pokémon card

These fire monsters are great for the aspiring collector, as the eBay variant starts at $67, and the PSA 10 will be just $239 per card. This duo offers 270 HP to replenish your health and can deal a devastating blow to your opponent for 180 damage.

The rainbow rare Pokémon card will also allow you to draw three cards from your deck into your hand. This way, you can find something useful and improve your chances of winning.

Mewtwo & Mew-GX


Although this card is considered relatively inexpensive, its design is gorgeous. Baby Mew and Mewtwo are a great duo and can hit any opponent with 200 damage and withstand even the strongest blow because a reserve of 270 health points allows you to do this.

The card's price is quite discreet, given that this rainbow Pokémon is a collectible, and many Pokémon hunters have been hunting for it. The usual price on eBay can go up to $80, while the PSA 10 will cost you $261 per card.

This duo is also great for beginner collectors as the card cost is low, and the value remains the same.


rayquaza Gx rainbow Pokémon card

This intimidating dragon is a comparatively controversial card as it doesn't have much health for a GX card. It has only 180 hit points, and its attack will depend on the amount of grass, energy, and electric energy attached to your Pokémon. However, such a monster is great for collecting. Its market price is $63, and the PSA 10 is $327 per card.

We would not recommend taking this Pokémon with you to battles, as it is not the strongest among other Pokémon, and for defeating such a Pokémon, your opponent will be able to take two prize cards. Therefore, it is best to put such a Pokémon in your sleeves for protection and leave it on the shelf as a collectible. But if you want to play with this card, consider using a playmat, as it’s a great protective layer for your card.

Pikachu VMAX

Pikachu Vmax rainbow Pokémon card

This rainbow rare giant pudgy Pokémon featured all over the card, has 310 health points and can also hit with the strongest blow of 120 points, plus 150 points of damage if you remove all energy from this Pokémon after attacking. Such a card is excellent for competitive modes, as it has incredible lethality and is also great for collectors. Its market price is $192. However, if you want a PSA 10 card, you must pay between $600 and $700 for a card.


Lugie Gx Pokémon

This strong Gen 2 Legendary Pokémon has two hits to offer you:

  • 30 damage for Psychic and 30 for each energy attached to the Pokémon;
  • 170 damage for Pelagic Blade.

This card will be a great helper in battle and help you in difficult times. If you have one, you can sell it for $151 on marketplaces, and the PSA 10, of which there are only 273 left, will cost you $700.

It is worth buying this card now, as, at the peak of its popularity, the cost of this monster was $1,500. You may be able to earn even more money in the future.

Reshiram & Charizard-GX

Reshiram Charizard Gh Pokéman rainbow card

These two Pokémon are often compared to the Statue of Liberty. They can offer you 270 hit points and a brutal hit of 200 damage plus 100 damage for three additional fire energy cards attached to your card.

You can buy such a strong Pokémon for your collection or the battle for $130 on eBay. PSA 10 variants are also available for $400 each.

Such a card will perfectly complement your card collection with an iridescent color or serve as a death blow to your opponent's Pokémon.

Charizard VMAX

Charizard VMAX

We don’t need to say anything about this classic rainbow Pokémon. Almost every Pokémon hunter has tried to get this card. Charizard offers you a G-Max Wildfire hit for 300 damage and 330 hit points, making you invincible on the battlefield.

As for the rarity and price of this card, you can add it to the collection for 170 - 200 dollars. And PSA 10 will cost you $450 for one copy of the card. Although this collectible is not one of the most expensive Pokémon cards, it remains one of the most important and valuable for any collector since Charizard has become a classic Pokémon and always pleases the eye.


Charizard GX Pokémon rainbow card

This legendary character, unfortunately, may not be affordable for many Pokémon hunters. So, this card's market value will be around $380 per copy, while PSA 10 will cost you around $2000-3000 per card, making it one of the most expensive rainbow Pokémon cards. It is also worth paying attention to the fact that many players counterfeit the card and sell it for a high price due to its popularity. Therefore, you should be very careful when buying Charizard and choose only trusted sellers.

As for the card's features, Charizard-GX can offer you 300 damage and 250 hit points to withstand most of your opponent's punches.

Bottom Line

Rainbow Pokémon cards are rare and highly sought after by collectors. While their value can vary, they typically sell for a premium price. If you're lucky enough to own one of these cards, take good care of it!


What Is The Rarest Rainbow Pokémon Card?

The rarest Pokémon card is Classic Charizard GX. Such a card can reach $380 on the market, and for the PSA 10 version, you will have to pay about $3000.

How Much Does A Booster That Contains Rainbow Cards Cost?

Booster packs, which are sold for a fixed price of $4 and include a mixture of common, uncommon, and rare Pokémon cards, are how the cards are dispersed. However, expensive cards might be sold for considerably more than the price of a pack.

How Much Is A Rainbow Rare Pokémon Card Worth?

The price will depend on the type of Pokémon. However, each Rainbow Pokémon card is considered rare and will cost a minimum of $60 on the secondary market and a minimum of $120 for the PSA 10 version.

Is Rainbow Pikachu Worth Anything?

Rainbow Pikachu Vmax is worth an average of $87.91. Comparables that have already been sold range in price from $2.65 to $675.00.