Reasons To Purchase Gaming Mouse Pad

May 24, 2022 · Your Playmat
Reasons To Purchase A Gaming Mouse Pad

Even novice gamers nowadays understand how a gaming mouse differs from an ordinary one. But the phrase "gaming mouse pad" sometimes bewilders. Modern mice with a laser sensor, in theory, do not need a mouse pad at all - they work even on a table, a piece of paper, or an old book.

But in practice, the speed of mouse movement and the accuracy of the sensor's positioning depends on the surface properties. Generally speaking, the smoother the surface the faster the mouse glides on it.

Since in modern games, and especially in eSports, the speed and accuracy of reaction sometimes decide the outcome of the most large-scale battles; thus, a gaming mouse pad is necessary to buy.

How Does The Latest Gaming Mice Perform With Mouse Pads?

As we wrote above, not only a gaming mouse but any modern mouse can work on absolutely any surface. But if it were so simple, mouse pads would have stopped being made long ago.

A mouse pad provides a better gaming experience, thanks to the perfect slip on the pad's surface when it comes to gaming. Gaming depends a lot on the mouse, and gaming without a mouse pad can lead to failure.

Today's gaming mouse pads, explicitly designed for a gaming mouse, have a special coating texture that will increase accuracy and overall feel while playing.

Purpose Of Modern Mouse Pads

Purpose Of Modern Mouse Pads

We already know that modern mouse pads are important, even in 2022. But why are they so important? Let's figure out what is the purpose of a mouse pad.

1. To Provide Comfort For Gamer’s Wrists

The very first thing we highlight is the comfort of your wrist. If we take into account games where you spend a lot of time, especially if it is a competition in eSports, your wrist will be much more comfortable staying on the mouse pad.

The fact is that when your wrist is on a hard surface, it can cause stress or even irritation. In such cases, a fabric mouse pad will help you out just fine. In addition, some mouse pads are equipped with a special stand that will reduce stress on your hand while working or playing.  

2. To Defense Your Mouse Feet

Every mouse is equipped with special plastic feet that allow it to glide on the surface. For example, if you use a gaming mouse on different surfaces, you are likely to damage the mouse's feet, and then the mouse will not glide properly, which means it will not work correctly.

To avoid such situations and stop the mouse feet from wearing out so much, the best option is to buy a mouse pad.

In that case, the purpose of the mouse pad will be to extend the life of your mouse and improve its performance. If your mouse feet are already scratched by other surfaces, the mouse will most likely not work as perfectly as it would have worked originally.

3. To Maintain Pointer Precision

This is quite an important point because, usually, all mouse pads are straight, with the same texture across the entire surface. This allows you to know precisely where you are going to move your mouse and how far it can move. With this understanding, you can easily play without waiting for unpleasant moments.

But if you play and use your mouse on a stable surface where there are likely bumps, ditches, and chips that appear as a result of daily use, you can not even expect your mouse to snag somewhere, and it can cost you to lose the game.

4. To Prevent Scratches Of The Desk

This is the point that most often comes to mind when we talk about buying a mouse pad. 

Using a mouse without the extra protection will certainly lead to scratches on your furniture, and make it less attractive, especially this may apply to glossy surfaces.

To avoid this, it is necessary to buy a mouse pad in the right size. The best option is to take measurements beforehand and order a mouse pad with your measurements. This way, the mouse pad will fit perfectly on your furniture and cause no damage. 

5. To Get Better Tracking

As we mentioned above, the pads have a straight and smooth structure - this is what helps the mouse sensors to track your movements with greater accuracy.

As you know, when you play games, especially online competitive games, accuracy is very important. More often, gaming mice have high accuracy, but if you combine them with an old table with a scratched surface, it is unlikely that you will be able to play well. 

In games like CS:GO, it's the smooth surface of a mouse pad that will give you better control over your movements and your aim. If you are gaming without a mouse pad, you might not hit the target and will most likely fail the game. 

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What Is The Difference Between Gaming Mouse Pad And Standard Mouse Pad?

A gaming mouse pad has a larger surface area and special material, allowing you to move your mouse smoothly while playing. 

Do I Need Mouse Pad Wrist Rest?

No, it is not necessary, especially since it significantly increases the cost of the mouse pad. Nevertheless, using a standard fabric mouse pad will still positively affect your wrist.

Does It Matter What Material My Mouse Pad Will Be Made Of?

There are many material options for your mouse pad. But if you've never used a mouse pad before, we recommend you start with the most common option - a fabric mouse pad. It has a number of advantages - lightweight, easy to transport.