Top 10 Best Pokémon Cards Out There (As Of Late 2022)

October 7, 2022 · Your Playmat
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Many novice Pokémon collectors think about starting to collect Pokémon cards but are faced with the fact that there are thousands of copies, and each of the Pokémon comes in hundreds of variations. You can choose holographic Pokémon cards, reverse cards, or special edition cards.

Many rightly face the problem of choosing the most popular and rare Pokémon worth spending their time and money on. Maybe you need to collect Meowth, Pikachu, or Charizard cards?

In this article, we will tell you about the world's best Pokémon cards, their key abilities, and which set to look for them in.

How Does Card Pokémon Become The Best?

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The answer, simply put, is by demand. The more people want a particular card, the higher the price. Several factors, including rarity, power, design, and even randomness, determine this. Let's take a look at each of these factors in turn:

  • Rarity. Perhaps the most crucial factor in determining a card's popularity is its rarity. Rarer cards will almost always be more popular (and expensive) than ordinary cards. This is because fewer of them are in circulation, making them more desirable to collectors. There are several different rarity levels for Pokémon cards, including standard, uncommon, rare, ultra rare, secret rare, and full art rare.
  • Power. Another factor that determines a card's popularity is its power. In the world of Pokémon, every creature has unique abilities and powers that set it apart from the others. As such, some creatures are more powerful than others. This makes their cards more popular because players want the strongest team possible.
  • Design. Last but not least, the design of a card can also influence its popularity. Some cards are simply more appealing to look at than others. The artwork often determines this on the card or whether or not the card is foil (a shiny version of the card that is usually more expensive). Ultimately, it comes down to personal preference, but some designs are more popular than others.
  • Absolute randomness. Sometimes it happens that Pokémon cards become incredibly popular simply by chance. So, someone from the Pokémon collector community will start a trend that will become popular, and everyone else will follow it.

If you are a beginner collector, you can create your collections according to several principles. So, you can collect cards based on beauty or pick sets based on card rarity to earn as much money as possible from reselling cards. All in your hands. The main thing is that your collection brings you pleasure.

Important point* If you want your cards to last as long as possible, you should take good care of them and clean them periodically. So, one of the best ways is to use card sleeves. This method helps to keep the card from fingerprints, dust and other dirt.

Top 10 Best Pokémon Cards

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Now it's time to show you the most popular Pokémon cards and talk about them. Our top list will contain only the best of the best. We have selected such cards with which you can always not only have a little fun but also hit the enemy and make them surrender, begging for mercy.

These cards make a great addition to any deck, can be combined with other Pokémon, and use exciting abilities.

So grab your Poké Balls and start the hunting season for these best Pokémon.

1. Surfing Pikachu

Surfing Pikachu is the world's best Pokémon card with a yellow character that can surf on its tail. It was first introduced in the Pokémon anime series and has since become a famous character in the Pokémon franchise. Surfing Pikachu is often seen riding waves and surfing on its tail. It can also use its tail as a paddle to help it swim. 

Surfing Pikachu is one of the few Pikachu that can learn the Surf move. In the Pokémon anime series, Surfing Pikachu is Ash's main Pikachu. Ash first met Surfing Pikachu when Misty caught it. 

You can find this card in the X/Y: Evolutions set. 

2. Charizard GX Rainbow 

Charizard GX Rainbow is a new card from the hit trading game Pokémon. This card is one of the best Pokémon cards ever, potent, and gives the ability to use Charizard's fire breath attack to do massive damage to opponents. 

With its devastating 300 damage attack, your opponents won't be able to stand on the battlefield. This card will surely be a hit with Pokémon fans and will no doubt be a force to be reckoned with in the trading card game world.

If you are looking for this card, you can find it in the Sword & Shield expansion pack.

3. Ancient Mew Promo Card

It's time for an exciting example. This ancient Pokémon card is one of those officially banned from tournaments. So, the key feature of the card is that all its inscriptions are made in an ancient language, and the players do not know how to use the card.

In addition, the card is also impossible to buy in our time, as it was given out at the Pokémon cartoon show in 2000. Although the card cannot be used anywhere and the text is unreadable, it is still a great collector's item that fans love.

4. Charizard (Holographic)

Charizard 1999 (Holographic) is one of the most iconic cards in the Pokémon Trading Card Game. This one of the best cards in Pokémon features Charizard in a dynamic pose, surrounded by orange flames.

The background of the card is holographic, giving it a three-dimensional effect. Charizard 1999 (Holographic) is considered one of the Pokémon Trading Card Game's most valuable cards due to its rarity and iconic status.

Unfortunately, finding a new card of such a Charizard is challenging, and sealed boosters from 1999 can be sold for several thousand dollars. However, if you come across such a card, you can earn about $300,000.

However, if you don't intend to catch the original first edition Pokémon, you can always find the same card in other sets, as Charizard gets re-released every year due to its popularity.

5. Mewtwo and Mew Tag Team GX

When you buy the Sun & Moon: Team Up set, you will get many cards with legendary duets. However, the duo Mewtwo and Mew stood out among all the cards. Their most potent attack of 200 points knocks down any opponent, and the card's special ability gives stimulating effects on the battlefield.

6. Pikachu Original Japanese Card Art

We all know that there is never too much Pikachu. This one of the best Pokémon cards features a classic Pikachu - little damage, a cute face with lightning bolts from the cheeks, and short arms meant for hugs. This classic Pikachu card will make even the toughest guys melt.

You can find this card in different editions dedicated to the TCG cards universe anniversaries. In addition, the card can also be bought from other players.

7. Charizard Star

Another version of Charizard, but from the dark side of the universe. So, for four dark energy cards and any one energy card, you can get hit for 150 damage points.

It was possible to find such a card in 2004 in the Dragon Frontiers set, but now it is impossible to do so.

The card became so special because of the shiny character in the picture, which made the players fall in love with this card.

8. Arceus VStar

By buying a set of Brilliant Stars in 2022, you could find this one of the best and strongest cards in Pokémon. So, attacking this Pokémon for 200 damage is guaranteed to bring a lot of enemy Pokémon to their knees in front of you and make them raise a white flag.

In addition to this, you can also add 3 energy cards to your V Pokémon. Any player should not miss the chance to catch this Pokémon and add it to their collection.

9. Lysandre’s Trump Card

This powerful trainer TCG card was found in the Phantom Gate set. Although this card has a lot of history, many players may not even understand why it is so special.

It turns out that this card was so strong that it created an imbalance and broke the game. It has even been banned for use in official Pokémon tournaments. So, when using this card, all players had to put their discard cards into the deck. As a result, the effect of the card led to an imbalance.

However, due to its prohibition and effect, its value began to rise greatly, and now this card is considered one of the most legendary and valuable.

10. Shaymin EX

Shaymin EX is one of the best Pokémon cards ever. It is a fan favorite amongst players and is known for its high quality and great value.

This card is worth the investment and will bring you hours of fun and excitement.

While the card doesn't provide a significant hit advantage, it can give players the ability to return that Pokémon to their hands after an attack and never get hurt. Because of this, official competitions banned this card from the game.

Bottom Line

There you have it – top 10 best Pokémon cards chosen by the players. Do you agree with the list? If you collect all these Pokémon in one set, you will definitely become invincible and be able to defeat everyone on the spot.


What Are The Best Cards For Beginners?

The Base Set Charmander is a great choice for those just starting – it's strong, versatile, easy to find, and inexpensive. Another good option is the Fossil Golbat, which has an attack that can paralyze an opponent's Pokémon.

What Are The Rarest And Most Valuable Pokémon Cards?

Some rarest and most valuable Pokémon cards include the Pikachu Illustrator card, the Prerelease Raichu card, the Promo Mewtwo card, and the Gold Star Espeon.

Where Can I Find The Best Pokémon Cards?

You can find a great selection of Pokémon cards at your local toy store, comic book shop, or online retailers such as Amazon.