What Are The Most Valuable Shiny Pokémon Cards? Top 10

October 27, 2022 · Your Playmat
shiny Pokémon cards

Many of us loved to watch Pokémon anime in childhood. Someone even knew about the cards that could be collected to fight in duel battles later. But who would have thought that the Pokémon industry could grow so much in all this time? Today, Pokémon is not only an anime but also:

  • Games;
  • Collectibles;
  • Toys;
  • Card games.

If the game and merchandise developers earn money in the above mentioned cases, you can get some profit from selling the Pokémon cards. So, among the players, a popular activity is collecting and reselling Pokémon cards. Many collectibles are considered legendary, costing thousands to millions of dollars. However, you don't have to invest considerable investments to build a decent collection. You need to buy boosters for a few dollars and collect rare modern cards that you can resell in the future.

The article is devoted to the most valuable shining Pokémon cards that can no longer be bought in new boosters in the store. Get ready to understand Pokémon TCG better!

1. Shining Mew CoroCoro

shining mew corocoro Pokémon card

Many believe that Pikachu and Charizard are the basis of the Pokémon universe; however, in addition to these cute and strong characters, there are other classic monsters. So, one of the strongest Pokémon is Mew. She is also literally the parent of MewTwo, whose mysterious history is revealed in Pokémon: The First Movie.

This shiny card is the cheapest among all the cards from our top, but not the cheapest among all collectible Pokémon cards. So, this card was once bought for $4,001.

For that price, you get 50 HP and 20 attack damage, but with some conditions. You have to flip a coin for your attack to work.

However, to flip a coin, you need to remove an energy card from that Pokémon:

  • If it comes up heads, your opponent's Pokémon is Confused;
  • If it comes up tails, the opponent will be Asleep.

As for the design, the card is made in the best traditions of holographic collectibles. Like an arched cat, Mew wails in outer space, which shimmers in the light.

2. Shining Mewtwo

shining mewtwo Pokémon card

Although not the most expensive Pokémon card, this one has an interesting origin story of the character. So, being grown in a laboratory, MewTwo is an improved version of Mew. MewTwo has psychic abilities and can literally repel any attack.

Back in the first edition of Pokémon, the Shining Mewtwo card was considered one of the most coveted and was recently sold for $4,599. Unfortunately, such a card cannot be bought in a regular store since the first edition's release ended decades ago.

However, this card can be bought from collectors, although you will have to spend a lot on it. Regarding card abilities, you have a Pokémon with 70 health and 40 attacks plus 10 points for each energy card attached to the defending Pokémon.

Such a card is strong for starting the game and looks great in the collection, as the charming frame around the character and the hologram in the frame with the monster look great as a rare collector's item.

3. Gold Star Espeon

gold star espeon Pokémon card

Like Mewtwo, Espeon is a Psychic-type Pokémon and can be a great helper in battle. This strange cat-like monster fights well during the daytime but is less active at night. This shiny legendary Pokémon card was only obtainable from the POP Series 5 card pack that was given out in Pokémon Organized Play games.

Due to the difficulty of getting the card, it has become very popular and in demand in the collectors' market. And in 2021, it was sold for $22,100.

As for the card itself, you are given a critter with 70 health points that can attack with 30 damage points, plus 10 points for each energy card that will be attached to the defending Pokémon.

What can be said about the card design? It is amazing! A holographic card falls into your hands, which depicts a character like a cat running through a universe of stars.

4. PSA 10 Shining Gyarados

PSA 10 Shining Gyarados

A more evolved form of the Magikarp, Gyarados is an aggressive Water Pokémon with the ability to make a mess. It looks like a giant snake with gills and a snout like a carp. Such a Pokémon is intimidating and can inflict heavy damage on its opponents on the battlefield. The cost of the original PSA 10 card will reach 50 thousand dollars.

What about design? It's epic! The shiny legendary Pokémon card shows a huge Pokémon emerging from the water, looming over a man in a boat. Around them is the starry sky, which illusory shimmers due to the hologram. Such a card is a shame to use in combat and is worth keeping in your collectible card sleeve.

As far as Pokémon abilities go, you can attack with 50 damage and get bonuses. By tossing a coin and getting heads, you can choose one of your opponent's Pokémon energy cards and discard it. Also, each opponent's benched Pokémon receives 10 damage points.

5. PSA 10 1st Edition Shining Magikarp

shining magikarp

This first-generation Water Pokémon is capable of powerful attacks with its burst and knock down all dry Pokémon. Although the Pokéon card is considered useless in battle due to its weak attack and low health, the card is highly prized among Pokémon fans as a collectible item. The Pokémon has become legendary in the anime and always ends up in awkward and funny episodes and scenes. And the beautiful hologram made it even more iconic among Pokémon fans. So, in 2022, this card can be purchased for $119k.

6. Gold Star Umbreon

gold star umbreon Pokémon card

Like many other rare Pokémon cards, this was available in Pop Series 5 in limited quantities and could not be bought in the store. In addition, it could be won in the Pokémon Daisuki Fan Club. Because of this rarity, the card was sold for a record $163k.

As for the shiny Pokémon card itself, Umbreon is an evolution from Eevee and can attack with 30 damage points. This Pokémon is great for the start of the game, as it has low health of 70 points and a weak attack.

For collectors, however, this card is the holy grail.

7. PSA 9 Lugia

Lugia Pokémon card

This popular Pokémon is a hybrid of the Flying and Psychic Pokémon. Despite its impressive size, Lugia is a reserved Pokémon that won't attack anyone due to its aggression. Because of its mind and abilities, it became one of the most legendary Pokémon and won the hearts of collectors. And the limited edition of Neo Genesis has made this card one of the most valuable among collectors. In 2021, the PSA 9 Lugia was sold for $144K.

As for the card itself, it is made in white style, like the character itself. Inside the frame is Lugia, floating in the space of shining stars. And 90 HP and 90 attack damage will allow you to win the game with this basic Pokémon perfectly. Unfortunately, this valuable item can no longer be purchased in new booster packs from the store but can be obtained from collectors. However, the price is so high that you probably don't want to play with it unless you have protective sleeves and a playmat for the game.

8. Prototype Blastoise

prototype Blostoise Pokémon card

Do you remember those turtle-like creatures that robbed people and rampaged in the first episodes of the original anime? So, Blastoise is the second evolution of those naughty Squirtles. This formidable monster can shoot water bullets and jets from its cannons on its back and defeat any enemy.

Only two first-edition cards have been produced, which is why this shiny Pokémon card is so valuable and sells for $360k.

If we talk about the design and features of the card, it can be noted that Blastoise is made in a classic blue style, and a beautiful holographic background shimmers in the back. As for strength and health, this card gives you a Pokémon with 100 HP and grants you 40 attack damage plus 10 damage points for each extra Water card that exceeds the attack cost. It's hard to say that this evolution can provide an epic battle, but it can be great as a backup Pokémon or for the start of the game.

9. Shadowless Charizard

shadowless charizard Pokémon card

What could be better than the classics? Our top could not do without the classic Charizard from the first edition. It would be even better if this card were without a shadow. So, Shadowless Charizard is considered one of the world's most expensive Pokémon and sold for 420K dollars.

There are two versions of this shiny Pokémon card: with a shadow and without a shadow. Both are first editions. The one with the shadow costs about $300,000. It depicts Charizard with blue wings, and the frame displayed in it has a shadow. But there is also a shadowless version. In it, Charizard's wings are green, and the frame is without a shadow. The second type of card is rarer, as it is printed with an error.

In terms of card features, you are given a Pokémon with 120 HP, and its hit will deal 100 points of damage to your opponent. The card design is excellent. Every collector admires the dragon and wants to add it to the collection to play Pokémon.

10. Illustrator Pikachu

illustrator Pikachu Pokémon card

Pikachu Illustrator is the most mysterious and valuable card on the planet. This card could not be bought in stores. It was only given out in a Japanese comic book competition in 1998. Only 39 copies of these cards exist, 10 of which are intact. And the design was done by Atsuko Nishida, who created the beloved Pikachu's design.

As for the value of the card itself, it does not carry anything useful for the game. The text on the card only states that you are an officially verified Pokémon card illustrator. This card cannot be played during a duel and is neither a trainer nor a Pokémon.

However, the cost of such a card is simply staggering. More recently, Logan Paul purchased this card for $5.2 million.

Bottom Line

As you can see, there are now quite a few rare shiny Pokémon cards. We are confident that every collector will be able to find a suitable set of rare cards for their collection. And to keep the card intact and safe, so its price does not fall, we recommend using special sleeves for collectible cards.


Is McDonald's Pikachu Rare?

Although this card was distributed only through a limited edition of McDonald's, it is of little interest to collectors. However, such a card can reach $30 in price.

How Is The Pokémon Card Price Determined?

The price of a Pokémon card is determined by the rarity of the card, visual component, edition, mistakes, and interest among players. There are cases when even the most expensive cards dropped in price as they became uninteresting to players.

What Are Holo Pokémon Cards?

These cards have a bright holographic image on them. Holo variations of rare Pokémon cards are extremely rare and are frequently sought after by collectors because of their potential value.