Breaking the Oath: Unveiling the Best Cards for Oathbreaker Decks

August 23, 2023 · Usair Arshad
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Hey friends! If you're like me, you can't get enough of brewing janky new Magic: The Gathering decks. And if you also love planeswalkers like I do, then you need to get in on the oathbreaker format. Oathbreaker is the hot new MTG variant taking the Commander world by storm. Oathbreaker is the new hotness in MTG formats! It's like Commander, but your commander is a planeswalker and you get a signature spell. With only 20 starting life and 58 card decks, games are fast and wild. Lately, Oathbreaker has been gaining tons of popularity as people brew fun new decks. The format lets you build around your favorite planeswalkers and signature spells to do busted things! In this article, I'll recommend the best cards to use in your oathbreaker deck. From powerful planeswalkers to impactful signature spells, I'll help you build an oathbreaker deck that slaps. Let's dive into the sweet MTG tech and get brewing!


Building a Sweet Oathbreaker Deck

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Alright Oathbreaker wizards, let's brew! To make a deck that really slaps, you gotta start with the basics.


In Oathbreaker your deck is just 58 cards, you start at 20 life, and your commander is a planeswalker. Oh, and you get a signature spell straight from the command zone!


Obviously, your oathbreaker walker is crucial. Their colors set what you can play, and their abilities can win games! Stick to walkers with - loyalty abilities that impact the board.


Your signature spell has gotta be gas too. Grab something that draws cards, removes creatures, or just wrecks your opponents. Don't be afraid to get devious!


You'll want cheap spells to quickly cast your walker and signature move every game. Snag some fast mana rocks and low-cost creatures to hit the ground running.


Interaction is key too. Stop enemy spells with counters, banish creatures with removal, and wipe their boards! Don't let anyone mess with your game plan.


Card drawing and tutors help find your best stuff. Keep the gas flowing so you always have threats and answers in hand. Filter that deck baby!


See, making a fun Oathbreaker deck ain't so hard! Just focus on speed, power, and disruption. Now get brewing and give your opponents the business! Keep your deck protected in style with our selection of custom card sleeves. Choose from various colors, designs, and materials to give your cards a unique look.


Rad Oathbreaker Planeswalkers


The planeswalker you pick as your oathbreaker is mega important. You need someone cool who can take over the game! Let me hype up some sweet options.


Teferi, Time Raveler

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Teferi is one of the best oathbreaker options for controlling the game. With just 3 mana to cast, you can get him out early to start disrupting your opponents. His static ability prevents players from casting spells on their turn, shutting down instant speed interaction. And his minus 1 lets you bounce any permanent to reset the board or protect Teferi. Run counterspell signatures like Dovin's Veto to really lock the game down.


Nicol Bolas, the Ravager

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Nicol Bolas starts as a 4 mana 4/4 flyer, but his real power comes from the potential to transform into Nicol Bolas, the Arisen. His plus ability burns opponents while boosting his loyalty, setting up the flip. Once transformed, Bolas becomes a huge 7/7 flyer that can destroy any nonland permanent when he attacks or blocks! With discard effects on his minus ability, add in signatures like Cruel Ultimatum for hand destruction and card advantage.


Ral Zarek

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Ral Zarek provides utility and big finishers. His minus 2 lets you dig through your deck to find key cards. Once he gets enough loyalty, his ultimate gives you extra turns to overwhelm opponents. With his looting effects, Ral loves instants and sorceries. Give him a signature like Epic Experiment to play big spells for cheap. Or Flood of Recollection to recur your best spells from the graveyard. Personalize your gameplay with a custom playmat featuring your favorite colors and designs. Our playmats make the ideal surface for your next Oathbreaker game.



Spicy Signature Spells


The signature spell you pick can make or break your Oathbreaker deck. You need something that really puts in the work! Here are some saucy choices:


Mystical Tutor

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Mystical Tutor allows you to search your library for any instant or sorcery card and put it directly into your hand. This lets you find whatever game-winning spell you need for the situation. About to take extra turns? Tutor up Expropriate. Need to wipe the board? Get Damnation. Is an opponent going off? Find that Counterspell. Mystical Tutor's flexibility makes it one of the best tutors for setting up a huge signature spell like Torment of Hailfire.


Gather the Pack

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Gather the Pack Mills three cards from your library, then lets you return a creature card from your graveyard to your hand. This fills up your yard quickly while gaining card advantage. It works great with escape creatures like Uro, and Titan of Nature's Wrath, letting you cast them again and again from exile. It also enables delve spells like Dig Through Time. And if you mill any big creatures or reanimation targets, Gather the Pack gives you a way to get them into your hand ready to cast or reanimate.


Torment of Hailfire

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Torment of Hailfire can completely take over a game if resolved. As an X-cost sorcery, you can pump tons of mana into it for a devastating effect. It drains each opponent for X life, then forces them to sacrifice X permanents. Even for 10 mana, it drains 10 life and makes opponents sack 10 permanents! This is often enough reach to kill the table in one big splashy signature spell. Show your love of gaming with a custom mousepad featuring your favorite art and colors. Our mousepads make a stylish accent to any play space.


Pimping Your Oathbreaker Deck: The Nitty Gritty

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A'ight planeswalker peeps, time to geek out on tuning your Oathbreaker build! First things first, that mana base needs some love. You gotta have fast colors so grab those cheap duals like City of Brass, Mana Confluence, and Exotic Orchard. Fetchlands like Polluted Delta and Wooded Foothills fix your colors too. And mana rocks like Arcane Signet, Fellwar Stone, and Mind Stone ramp you.


Now for interaction! Gotta stop those spells from ruining your day. Counterspells like Swan Song, Mana Drain, and Force of Will do the trick. Removal like Swords to Plowshares, Anguished Unmaking, and Bedevil blast creatures. Board wipes Fateful Absence, Farewell, and Toxic Deluge clear monster boards when things get crazy.


More gas means more threats, so the card draw is clutch. Sign in Blood and Night's Whisper trade life for cards. Phyrexian Arena drains you slowly for continual value. Rhystic Study and Mystic Remora get you cards when opponents cast. And don't sleep on sweet old Read the Bones for looting and draws!


Alright, say your signature spell gets countered and you need a backup plan. Toxic Deluge can wipe creatures for just 1 mana per toughness - such a blowout! Expropriate takes all the turns so you go to town. Crackle with Power and Torment of Hailfire burn the table down. And Ugin the Spirit Dragon bolts creatures and draws cards.


There's so much to consider when bringing your deck! With these tech choices, you'll have threats, answers, ramp, and card draw for days. Now quit mulling about and go design the most outrageous Oathbreaker build you can dream up! Level up your gameplay with a custom tabletop playmat. Our high-quality mats come in various sizes and designs to match your style.


Final Thoughts

And that's a wrap planeswalker pals! Let's recap the critical ingredients for a spicy Oathbreaker brew:


Pick a crazy strong walker to lead the charge. Teferi, Nicol Bolas, and Ral Zarek bring sweet skills to the table. Your signature spell needs to be straight gas like Mystical Tutor, Gather the Pack, or Torment of Hailfire. Fill out your deck with cheap spells, disruption, card draw, and backup finishers.


Oathbreaker lets you build the most outrageous decks around your favorite cards. Wanna build five-color superfriends? Go nuts! Feel like storming off with a thousand goblins? Heck yeah! The creativity in Oathbreaker deckbuilding is limitless. And with so many walkers and signatures to choose from, there are tons of paths to explore.


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