What Is A Pokémon Proxy Card? Explained

August 4, 2022 · Your Playmat
pokemon proxy cards

You might hear the phrase "Pokémon proxy card" occasionally mentioned in Pokémon card discussion forums. But what exactly is a proxy card? How can a proxy card be used?

If explained simply, the proxy card is a customized Pokémon card. Some people say it's a fake card, but others claim the proxy is not a fraud. But there are some nuances concerning that type of Pokémon card.

So, read on to clarify what a Pokémon proxy card is designed to be and whether it is a fake one or not. This article will help you understand when you can and cannot use them. 

What Is A Pokémon Proxy Card?

charizard proxy card

Let us explain what a Pokémon proxy card looks like. This will help you understand when to use it and when not. That is the card that looks the same as the original production but has some tiny deviations in design.

The key features you should remember are:

  1. It’s a kind of fake card because it is not a real Pokémon collectible made by Wizards of the Coast;
  2. Those cards cannot be sold as real Pokémon cards or be used in official tournaments. In this sense, they are fake ones. But, a proxy card is not forgery because the purpose of a fake one is to fool someone into believing it is real. 

So, the proxy card aims to help people really play Pokémon card games, even if they don't have exactly the cards they need to complete their packs. They can be beneficial if the player doesn't have original production or can't afford to purchase it.

*The same can be applied to Hot Wheels, for example. People make custom cars and even custom sets and sell them. But they don't make Hot Wheels forgeries because they don't use Mattel's trademarks. With this approach, it becomes funny and interesting because some people implement exciting ideas devoted to different people, events, or places that Mattel company could not do because of loyalty of customers, the laws, or other reasons the companies worry about. As a result, sometimes proxy/custom production can be way more interesting than the original one and can bring more joy and a gaming experience. 

How Do You Tell If A Pokémon Card Is A Proxy?

In many cases, you can find professional Pokémon players who use proxy cards to try new card combinations without wasting time buying cards you don't have to use. As mentioned above, in most cases, the essence of Pokémon proxy cards is not to fool anyone that they will be real Pokémon cards. Therefore, it must be clarified that it is not the original product. Many proxy cards we come across are slightly modified versions of real cards.

If it is not immediately obvious that this is a proxy card and you are expecting something inappropriate, of course, keep the following in mind:

  • Card color. This is because Pokémon trading cards can produce colors that ordinary printers cannot easily copy;
  • Is the text on the card correct? No spelling errors, weird layouts, or text errors;
  • The Pokémon proxy card is on the right card set;
  • There are no character errors.

When it comes to making sure you work with a Pokémon proxy card, this is the only thing you can really do. However, in about 99% of cases, you should be able to determine that the card is a proxy easily. If you have played Pokémon card games for a long, you know how to distinguish the fake one from the original. If something goes wrong, you can compare the card to a card that you consider real.

Are Pokémon Proxy Cards Legal?

We leave the copyright issue here. From a technical point of view, making your own Pokémon cards is illegal. It's not the right thing to make a copy of anyone's copyright production and sell it. But if you don't make money on it, you won't run into some issues and problems.

The use of Pokémon proxy cards is 100% illegal when using cards in official Pokémon Trading Card Game tournaments. Remove it from your playing area if you are spotted using a proxy card. A few unofficial card tournaments accept Pokémon proxy cards, but they seem to be few. But proxy cards are pretty popular when children play the game. That is because they don't have enough money to buy new original cards.

Most of all, people use fake cards to try some combinations and techniques while being at home. For example, it’s popular for people to use proxy cards to play with friends and relatives.

It's all right to admit that many players use a Pokémon proxy card. We don't see any major problems with that. In some cases, however, proxy cards will be much more interesting because they can give a new gaming experience due to the changed Pokémon's states.

How To Make A Proxy Card?

charizard silver proxy card

The easiest way to create a Pokémon proxy card is to change an existing Pokémon collectibles. You don't have to do much about it. Just delete a few lines. You need to know what the proxy is doing:

  • The main option is to print some Pokémon cards online after you have done some designed work. Of course, such Pokémon cards cannot be used like standard cards because they still have an inappropriate look;
  • Instead, you need to glue your copy to an existing piece of card;
  • After that, you can enjoy your card game.

The key here is that you can't say the card is a proxy card unless you turn it. Therefore, we stick proxy trading cards on existing trading cards. Recognizing proxy cards in your package before turning them over would spoil the game's entire purpose.

Remember, some companies sell Pokémon proxy cards. But honestly, you don't have to buy them if you can easily create your proxy cards from the comfort of your own home.

If you wonder where to buy them, you can browse your local stores; if there are none, you can buy cards on Aliexpress or other marketplaces. You can also purchase the cards using local platforms such as the city's online newspaper or online selling boards. The average price would be from 1$ to 6$ for one card. The cost depends on the uniqueness and popularity of the card. It also can be changed due to the quality of print.

How Do I Use Proxy Cards?

As was mentioned above, you can use custom Pokémon cards only for your use. You can't sell them or make money on Pokémon proxy cards in any other way. As a result, you can enjoy your gaming experience with those cards while you are at home with your friends or alone while practicing some new playing techniques.

Bottom Line

As a result, Pokémon proxy cards are for people who want to play with specific cards but do not want to spend money on the most expensive cards. The cards cannot be used in official Pokémon Trading Card Game tournaments, but you can use them in the comfort of your own home.

You can buy these cards, but the easiest way is to print them yourself. Just stick it on your existing trading card, and you're ready to go.

But even like original cards, proxy cards can be precious for players. There can be different reasons for that, but it's a fact. So, there is the question of card protection. In that case, you can use sleeves and boxes to save your cards for many years. You can consider yourplaymat's products for your purposes. This company offers the best card protection solutions and provides:

  • Fully customizable products;
  • Different visual solutions for you;
  • A large number of sleeves for customers ranges from 60 to 120.


Are Proxy Pokémon Cards Legal?

Proxy cards are legal, but not in all cases. You can use it to improve your skills, form new strategies, or you are just interested in creating a card for a certain style. If the card you created is used for personal purposes, not for sale, it is completely legal. However, these actions will be illegal if you decide to distribute your products.

Can You Use Proxy Cards In Pokémon Tournaments?

If you are seen in a tournament with a proxy card, you will have only one way out: to replace the deck. However, if you are an ordinary hobbyist or collector, you can use proxy cards in battles, but only in the home circle of players. That is, in informal areas, such as at home with friends or parents.

How To Make The Proxy Card At Home?

Think over all the details and display them on the card; colors, tones, and materials - it's all up to you. If you do not have such talent but also want a proxy card, use the Internet and find the desired pattern. It can be absolutely anything. Next, you will need a printer to bring your idea to life. 

What Are The Unique Features Of A Proxy Card?

The most significant features of a proxy card are changed pokemon's states such as health, power, or damage.