What Is The Best Mouse Pad For Gaming In 2022?

May 18, 2022 · Your Playmat
What Is The Best Mouse Pad For Gaming In 2022

The best gaming mouse pads are made from high-quality materials and have built-in features which depend on your favourite genres of games as well as the abilities they require.

Mouse pads are one of the main components in a set of technical tools for any gamer. If you find and buy a good gaming mouse pad, it will protect your desk and mouse from damage. If you are a gamer, a good spec-matched mouse will help you win gaming tournaments by increasing your speed and response and will be your assistant in your virtual world.

Let's look at the main points you should rely on when choosing the best gaming mouse pad in 2022.

How To Choose The Best Gaming Mouse Pad For Yourself?

To choose the best mouse pads for gaming, you need to pay attention to such points as:

  • The quality of stitching around the edges;
  • The material from which the pad is made;
  • Presence of built-in functions.

Despite the fact that each gamer has its own requirements for pads, the characteristics that we have listed are among the most important when buying a quality pad.

To select the best gaming mouse pad, ask yourself the following questions:

  • What size do I need?
  • What price would suit me?
  • On what surface would it be convenient for me to slide the mouse?
  • What additional features do I need?

This will help you better understand what you need.

Let us consider in detail what affects the duration of the operation of the mose pads and how to evaluate their characteristics correctly:


No piece of equipment or thing can last forever, including mouse pads. However, by choosing a quality pad, you can extend its life.

The following factors most influence the lifespan of a mouse pad:

  • The material from which it is made. Hard mats are more durable than soft pads and provide better accuracy due to their smooth surface. Stains on fabric pads are not easily wiped off with a napkin, so soft mouse pads must be washed, which wears out the material faster. Also, the friction of the hand and mouse on the fabric material will lead to rapid wear of the pad;
  • High-quality stitching around the edges.


High-quality processing of the mouse pad's edges is a guarantee of long service life for this thing. This is especially important for users of woven gaming mice, as the braided finish on the mouse wires damages the edges of the pad, making them thinner, which can lead to premature damage to the material.

Buying pads that have well-finished edges will also improve your video game performance.


Modern mice have very high-resolution sensors that require a uniform surface, and while a mouse will work on any surface, the material will have a noticeable effect on your performance.

Most often, pads are soft and hard. For hard mats, plastic is used, and dense fiber is used for soft mats. However, it is not uncommon for computer game enthusiasts to use glass as a material for making a pad - this gives more realism to the gameplay.

To determine the best material from which you have to choose your gaming mouse pad, you need to know a few features of these materials:

  • Rigid mouse pads, which, as we have already said, are most often made of plastic and are easier to clean than fabric counterparts.
  • A hard mouse pad will help you have faster reactions and speed while using the mouse, allowing you to beat your opponents in games where these components are important.
  • The fabric mouse pad can be easily rolled up or folded over so you can carry them in your backpack when you go to an event or visit a friend to play a new video game.
  • The cloth mouse pad will allow you to be more precise when using your mouse.

Thus, the choice is very individual. It is important to decide whether you will play video games and whether you need to take the mat with you to any events. 


While most mouse pads remain simple designs developed to make it easier for the mouse to glide across them, some modern mouse pads have additional features built-in.

For example, today, you can find pads with:

  • wrist rests;
  • RGB backlight;
  • wireless charging for the mouse.

Modern mouse pads have a large number of possibilities. Think about what additional functionality you want from a mouse pad and look for such a model.

Final Word

Each gamer has their own requirements for the characteristics of their pad. However, experts advise that when choosing a pad, pay attention to such basic points as:

  • The material from which it is made;
  • Edge processing quality;
  • Built-in functionality.

A properly selected mat will last as long as possible and will be your assistant in video games. 

We have a variety of models of the best gaming mouse pads with functionality and chic designs in 2022, or you may design your very own mouse pad. We are responsible for our quality and set only loyal prices for our goods.


What are the sizes of mouse pads available?

There is the following classification of pad sizes:

  • Small mats are 260 mm × 215 mm in size;
  • Medium - 350 mm × 270 mm;
  • Large pads will be 450 mm × 400 mm in size;
  • Extended - 900 mm × 400 mm.

Should I buy a leather mouse pad?

It looks expensive and respectable, but it's not practical. Maybe this option will suit those who rarely use the computer. It is definitely not suitable for gamers. 

What are the main types of mouse pads?

Mats are ergonomic, textured, and playful.

What is a hybrid mouse pad?

A hybrid mat is a mat that combines the ability to glide on a hard surface and be rolled up for carrying.