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YuGiOh Playmats

What makes this the best Yu-Gi-Oh! game mat?

We know that your trading cards are important, so protect your deck and duel with style!
We believe customization goes beyond cool print. Represent who you are as a Yugioh player with absolute control by choosing the design and size that best suits your unique playing style - easily make your own Yugioh playmats. Display your own custom art, select images from our collection - and explore the endless possibilities.

Custom Playmat On Sale
$29.99 $27.50
Custom Playmat With Card Zones
The Great Pyramid Playmat
Ancient Egypt Playmat
Torii playmat
The Lost City of Egypt Playmat
Godly Energy Extractor Playmat
Egyptian Sphinx Playmat
Ancient Red Dragon Playmat On Sale
$29.99 $24.99
Birth Of A Phoenix Playmat
Falling Into Quicksand Playmat
Egyptian Pharaoh Playmat

Create your own YuGiOh playmat in 3 easy steps.

  1. Upload your image
  2. Choose your upgrades
  3. Add to Cart - GG!

How We Make Custom YuGiOh Playmats

Our custom playmats are only made from top-quality materials. The cloth surface is a durable and smooth fabric designed to prevent any harsh wear and tear to your valuable collectibles. It’s also machine wash friendly! Meanwhile, underneath we’ve added a non-slip neoprene rubber bottom for the right amount of friction to keep everything where it should be - on the tabletop.

We're known for providing the best custom YuGiOh playmats because we don't get stingy on quality. As gamers ourselves, we understand what you're looking for - we were looking for the same thing! When we couldn't find it, we decided to make it ourselves and give others the chance to make their own YuGiOh duel mat, too.


Our YuGiOh Playmats are Made With

Flexible Playmat Material
The perfect thickness of our mats makes tube storage easy! Take your YuGiOh duel mat from tube to table in no time!
Stitched Edges
Prevent unsightly frayed edges with a stitched upgrade! Plus, our standard round edge will keep your cards in the center of your YuGiOh game mat.
Quality Surface
Quality control is important to us. From the best materials to vivid artwork prints. We use the latest technology to bring you the best custom YuGiOh playmats available.
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