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If you’re a fan of trading card games like Magic the Gathering or Yu-Gi-Oh, then a
custom playmat can significantly improve your gaming experience.  Custom game mats aren’t just great because they look cool (although that’s certainly a plus).  They’ll also improve your gameplay, protect your gear, and make your games more fun.  

Because Style Matters

A design such as an anime playmat allows you to highlight your individual personality and playing style. It’s a great opportunity to showcase who you are before the game ever gets started. Choose an impressive image and you can make a bold statement at a tournament or at your next meet-up with your gaming friends.  With trading card games gaining in popularity, to print your own playmat is a great way to stand out amongst the crowd and turn heads at your next gathering.

A Smoother Gaming Experience

This is one of the best benefits of adding a playmat to your gaming arsenal.  If you’ve ever played on a sticky or uneven table, then you know how important a smooth playing surface is to the gaming experience.  This is where a playmat comes in. A well-made playmat means that your cards will slide effortless across the gaming surface. Also, since card playmats provide a softer surface to work with, it’s also much easier to shuffle and pick up cards.  That way, you can always keep the flow of your games moving without frustrating interruptions.

Protect Your Gaming Essentials

One of the most common complaints of trading card game players is that their cards and sleeves get ruined over time.  This is especially common if you’re playing on a random table or surface somewhere that you’re unfamiliar with. Dust and grime accumulate over time and cards can wear down quite fast… A custom game mat provides a protective environment for all your gaming decks and sleeves to keep them crisp, sturdy, and smooth.  You’ll get years more playability out of them!

Helps You Define Your Playing Area

If you’ve ever played trading card games at a big gathering, then you know how important personal space can be.  Before long you might notice that cards from the players around you are starting to creep into your gaming zone. Not cool!  With a playmat, you’re able to calmly declare your “zone” on the playing table and keep your games more organized.

Overall, when you design your own playmat magic happens!  Choose an awesome, high-quality image and you’ll enhance your gaming experience like never before.