Most Powerful Pokémon Cards In TCG: Top 8

October 10, 2022 · Your Playmat
bunch of Pokémon playing cards

Many Pokémon card players are rightfully wondering if the strongest Pokémon cards exist and how to get them. And after all, there is an entirely justified reason for this - every trainer wants to have only a strong Pokémon that can fight every opponent in any battle.

Actually, there are many strong Pokémon cards now. However, not every player can get such a trophy for themselves due to:

  • Rarity;
  • Exclusivity;
  • Specific features of some Pokémon cards.

So, maybe your desired strong Pokémon is in the first edition, and getting a new card is no longer possible. Also, your Pokémon can be on a holographic card, reducing the chances of getting this one.

In this article, we will try to answer all your questions regarding the most powerful Pokémon and tell you in which sets you can still find them. We will also try to show you the possible downsides of using the strongest Pokémon cards in your deck. So open your boosters, train your Pokémon and join the great battles.

Who Exactly Are Pokémon?

Pokémon are creatures that live in the wild or alongside humans. These friendly monsters can be caught and trained to fight by their respective owners in hopes of becoming Pokémon Master! Though their primary goal is to serve as battling companions, some have been known to perform other tasks, such as herding livestock or retrieving lost items. The most common place to find Pokémon is in the tall grass of fields and forests or lurking in the shadows near urban areas.

Since its inception over two decades ago, the Pokémon franchise has exploded in popularity with releases across multiple media, including:

  • Anime;
  • Trading cards;
  • Merchandise and a feature film.

The franchise now includes over 800 unique species of Pokémon! 

There are three types of trainer categories in the Pokémon world - those who wish to be the very best (like no one ever was), those who want to complete their Pokedex by collecting every living species of Pokémon, and those who just want to have fun and enjoy their time with their beloved companions.

As a Pokémon Trainer, you will decide how to use your Pokémon and what your goal is in collecting little monsters.

Our Top Of The Most Powerful Pokémon Cards

This block will be dedicated to the most potent Pokémon cards. Such a top often includes cards with Pokémon but not with trainers. While Trainer cards can help deal a lot of damage, they often work in combination with Pokémon cards, so they don't quite fit into our top.

We will show you exclusively the best Pokémon among all the rest, tell you where they can be found or could be found, and reveal to you the strongest sides of these titans.

Read on and discover a new world of the strongest monsters.

1. Zoroark And Legendary Pokémon

Zoroark And Legendary Pokémon Trading Card

This legendary card is at our top in the first place for a reason. This Pokémon card has the highest HP with 500 units, and a Call of Legends hit of 1000 units can break any existing Pokémon. However, here we have to disappoint you since this card is not officially available for playing in tournaments and also has a slightly larger shape than the usual Pokémon cards. This card is a promo card and was released to please the fans rather than include Pokémon in the card game. However, it is definitely worth your attention.

Where to find: Promo card from the Pokémon Oversized Cards Pokémon set.

2. Mega Tyranitar

Mega Tyranitar Pokémon Trading Card

With 240 health, this dark Pokémon can deal 110 damage, but there's secret damage hidden here. For example, if the opponent’s active Pokémon has a damage counter, Tyranitar's hit an additional 60 damage for each damage counter on the opponent's Pokémon.

Such an opportunity can save your Pokémon during a brutal duel and take down your opponent in one hit. The best tactic, in this case, is to hit with a 30 damage attack, forcing your opponent to put down three counters and then use Tyranitar on the next turn.

Where to find: Ancient Origins.

3. Zoroark-GX

Zoroark GX Pokémon Trading Card

At first glance, 20 damage seems like a small number, but this Pokémon can inflict a devastating attack even with this number. The whole secret lies in the fact that for each of your Pokémon in the card game, you can deal another 20 points of damage to your opponent. So, if you have 5 Pokémon on the bench during the fight, and Zoroark is the active Pokémon, you can deal a minimum of 100 points of damage.

This strong card also allows you to discard one card and draw two cards from the deck. This Pokémon deserves special attention and can lead you to victory or give you a slight advantage on the battlefield.

Where to find: Sun & Moon: Shining Legends.

4. Mega Venusaur EX

Mega Venusaur Pokémon Trading Card

This powerful classic Pokémon card with 230 health can cause many problems for your opponent. And now we will tell you why. For example, your Pokémon's attack can deal 120 damage to an opponent's Pokémon and immediately paralyze it. Thus, you have a chance to gain an advantage.

Once your opponent is paralyzed, they must toss a coin to be able to attack. If they roll tails, they will not be able to attack. And you can strike again with a crushing blow. In addition, this card is holographic and rare, which is already a nice bonus.

Where to find: XY Evolutions.

5. Malamar EX

Malamar EX Pokémon Trading Card

This one of the most powerful Pokemon cards is versatile in many ways. It immediately gives many advantages during the battle but requires only one condition - luck. Yes, exactly! You should be lucky when tossing a coin, and only then will you fully feel the power of this Pokémon.

So, with 170 hit points, this Pokémon can deal 60 points of damage for every energy attached to this Pokémon when it comes up heads on the coin. Alternatively, you can use this Pokémon's ability to put your opponent to sleep. If they are unlucky with the coin toss during their turn, they won't even be able to attack you.

Where to find: Phantom Forces.

6. Mega Charizard EX

Mega Charizard EX Pokémon Trading Card

What can top Pokémon do without Charizard? There isn't even much to add here. Classic card, 220 HP, 300 damage, and a small retreat cost. As you can see, this card is perfect in every way. In addition, it is a holographic one and may be of value among other collectors. So be sure to wrap it in your card sleeves and only then let the Pokémon into battle.

Where to find: XY Evolutions.

7. Shadow Lugia

Shadow Lugia Pokémon Trading Card

This Psychic Pokémon can easily be compared to the first Pokémon on our list. Shadow Lugia also has the highest HP with 300 points and can deal 1000 damage, making it one of the strongest Pokémon cards that can be used in the game. But since it is also a promotional card, it's banned from the official tournaments. Still, you can play it in the regular game with friends.

However, one problem is that the player must have 4 psychic energy cards to make such an attack. However, it's worth it. Also, this card is rare and costs $100 on the secondary market. So, be sure to take care of it and keep it intact.

Where to find: Nintendo World Promo.

8. Mega Mewtwo EX

Mega Mewto EX Pokémon Trading Card

This Pokémon rightfully deserves a place in our top, as it has a huge potential compared to other Pokémon. So, with 210 health, a psychic Pokémon can deal 10 points of damage, but also +30 points for each Energy card attached to two active Pokémon. As a result, even an outstanding damage figure can turn out, which means you will have a big advantage on the battlefield.

You can find this Pokémon in the XY BreakThrough set.

Possible Drawbacks Of Powerful Pokémon Cards

However, no matter how cool and exciting battles with strong Pokémon would seem to you, there are several nuances. So, now we will tell you about several disadvantages of using the strongest Pokémon in the battle:

  • Imbalance. There may be situations when only you can have a strong basic Pokémon while your opponent can have ordinary basic monsters. In this case, you can immediately ruin the game's balance and quickly defeat the enemy. In this case, the scale of the battle will not be felt, and you will be disappointed in the card game. Therefore, it is better to take up to two strong Pokémon and stock up on evolutions. This way, you can avoid the imbalance problem, but at the same time, you will have a couple of strong Pokémon;
  • Too easy to win. This point emerges from the previous one. Because you can take too many strong Pokémon, your game can become too boring, as you will quickly win. And quick victories without emotions do not bring anything pleasant;
  • No tactics. Using many strong Pokémon, you will rely on their strong attacks and will not build tactics during the battle. It also breaks the whole idea of ​​Pokémon fights and gets bored quickly.


As you can see, many Pokémon cards with the most potent attacks can lead you to a quick victory today. However, they can also become a road to boring battles without tactics, tension, and emotions. So always weigh your decisions before picking the strongest Pokémon, prioritize evolutions, and base Pokémon. But if you want a quick victory, choose the strongest monsters.


What Is The Strongest Pokémon Card?

Zoroark and Legendary Pokémon is the strongest card. However, it is not allowed into official tournaments and was used only as a promo card.

What Is GX In Pokémon?

GX is an evolutionarily step above what was once thought possible. A Pokémon-GX can stand up to almost any challenge - even a Legendary or Mythical Pokémon.

Who Is Charizard?

Charizard first appeared in the video games Pokémon Red and Blue and subsequent sequels, later appearing in various Pokémon franchises. Charizard is a draconic, bipedal Pokémon. It is primarily orange with a long neck, small blue eyes, two horns, and two wings.

What Is Pokéball?

PokeBall is a small spherical device Pokémon trainers use to capture and store wild Pokémon. It is flung into the air and releases a net that traps the target, provided it is of a suitable size. The ball then closes up and tightens around the Pokémon, rendering it immobile.