Most Expensive Magic Cards of 2023: Top 10

February 22, 2023 · Your Playmat
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Card games are one of the world's most popular forms of entertainment. So, millions of players are happy to fight in Pokemon duel battles or send monsters to attack castles in MTG. But the cards of such franchises do not attract only players. They are also popular with collectors.

MTG or other TCG cards can be of real value. Some of the samples can cost several hundred thousand dollars. And over time, they can become even more expensive. This makes MTG Trading Cards a great investment for the future. However, to get real money from card sales, you need to consider many factors.

In our article, we will explain the value of rare MTG cards. We will also tell you about the 10 most valuable MTG cards in the universe. Stay with us, read our article and add the most expensive Magic cards.

Why Magic Cards Can Be Valuable

One factor that contributes to the value of MTG cards is their age. Cards from the early sets, such as Alpha, Beta, and Unlimited, are highly sought after. Collectors want them because they are some of the oldest and rarest MTG cards. These cards are also some of the most powerful cards in the game. This makes them highly desirable to players as well. As a result, older cards can be worth a lot of money, even if they are not particularly rare.

Another factor that affects the value of a card is playability. Some of the rarest instances of monsters can provide potentially dangerous power. Such cards can greatly ruin the game's balance and make any player a winner. These Magic: The Gathering cards can be valuable and rare among players. But it is worth mentioning that such cards are often banned in official tournaments. Thus, you can only use such cards for home play.

2023's Most Expensive MTG Cards: Overview

As we enter 2023, the world of collectable cards is as exciting as ever. There are new releases from popular games like MTG, Pokemon, and Yu-Gi-Oh. And collectors are eagerly anticipating the most valuable cards of the year. In this block, we will take a closer look at the most expensive Magic cards of 2023.

Collectable cards have become a popular investment option in recent years. And some cards fetch thousands or even millions of dollars at auction. This has led to increased interest in the market. Collectors look to capitalize on the potential value of rare and valuable cards.

One of the most popular collectable card games is Magic: The Gathering. And the game will release several new sets in 2023. Players and collectors are always eager to get their hands on the most expensive Magic cards from these sets. This can include rare foils, powerful mythic rares, and hard-to-find promos.

Let's look at the most valuable Magic: The Gathering cards of 2023.

Cards Rarity, History And Market Value

Black Lotus

(Alpha + Signed)

Black Lotus is widely one of the most powerful and iconic Magic: The Gathering cards of all time. It was as a part of the Alpha set in 1993. And it is a zero-cost artifact card that can be sacrificed to add three mana of any one color to a player's mana pool. This ability allows players to get a significant advantage quickly in the game. And it makes it a highly sought-after card for competitive play. The Alpha version of Black Lotus is especially rare and valuable, with only 1,100 copies produced. The card's designer, Christopher Rush, signed a copy of the card during his lifetime. Rush passed away in 2016, making his signed copy even more rare and valuable. The cost of a card - 800 000$.

Mox Sapphire (Alpha)

Mox Sapphire is another highly sought-after Magic: The Gathering card. It was also printed in the Alpha set. It is a zero-cost artifact card that you can use for blue mana. This allows players to build up their mana pool quickly and cast powerful spells early in the game. The Alpha version of Mox Sapphire is precious. It's due to its rarity and historical significance as one of the original Magic cards. The cost of a card - 30 000$.

Blue Hurricane (Misprint)

Blue Hurricane is a misprinted card from the Legends expansion set. It first appeared in 1994. The card was a blue sorcery that dealt damage to all creatures without flying. But due to a printing error, the card was a blue enchantment instead. This error makes Blue Hurricane one of the most expensive misprinted Magic cards. And it is highly sought after by collectors. The cost of a card - 30 000$.

Timetwister (Alpha)

Timetwister is a blue sorcery card. It allows players to shuffle their hand and graveyard back into their library. Then draw a new hand of seven cards. It was a part of the Alpha set and is a highly expensive MTG card due to its rarity and powerful effect. The card has been reprinted in several later sets. But the Alpha version is the most highly prized by collectors. The price - 29 000$.

Ancestral Recall (Alpha)

It is a blue instant card that allows players to draw three cards. It was also a part of the Alpha set and is one of the most powerful cards in the game. Its ability to quickly refill a player's hand has made it a highly sought-after card. The cost - 28 000$.

Time Walk (Alpha)

Time Walk is a blue sorcery card that allows players to take an extra turn after the current one. It was a part of the Alpha set and is highly valuable due to its rarity and powerful effect. This card is illegal for official contests. The price of a card - 21 000$.

Volcanic Island (Beta)

Volcanic Island is a dual land card part of the Beta set in 1993. It can produce either red or blue mana. It makes it a highly versatile card for decks that use those colors. Collectors highly prize the Beta version of the card. The cost of a card - 18 000$.

Mind Twist

Mind Twist is another expensive MTG card. It’s a black sorcery card. It forces an opponent to discard several cards from their hand equal to the amount of mana the player using the card spends to cast it. It was first printed in the Unlimited set in 1993. The card's ability to disrupt an opponent's hand has made it a popular choice for competitive play. The cost - 2 000 - 5 000$.

Underground Sea (Alpha)

Underground Sea is another dual land card that was in the Alpha set. The player can use it to produce black or blue mana, making it an expensive MTG card in addition to decks that use those colors. Collectors highly prize the Alpha version. It's due to its rarity and historical significance. It's one of the earliest Magic cards. The cost of a card - 25 000$.

Copy Artifact (Alpha)

It's a blue enchantment card that allows a player to create a copy of any artifact card in play. The ability to replicate powerful artifacts has made it a popular choice for players. The cost of a card - 12 000$.

Prices Comparison And Market Trends

Let’s look at the price comparison of each Magic: The Gathering valuable card.

Black Lotus (Alpha + Signed)

Played card - 86 000$

Excellent card - 145 000$

Mint card - 155 000 - 450 000$

Mox Sapphire (Alpha)

Played card - 10 000 - 12 500$

Excellent card - 15 000 - 18 000$

Mint card - 60 000 - 64 000$

Blue Hurricane (Misprint)

Played card - None

Excellent card - 10 000$

Mint card - 30 000$

Timetwister (Alpha)

Played card - 12 999$

Excellent card - 18 750 - 24 000$

Mint card - 32 000 - 119 000$

Ancestral Recall (Alpha)

Played card - 11 999$

Excellent card - 24 000$

Mint card - 50 000$

Time Walk (Alpha)

Played card - 9 000$

Excellent card - 18 000 - 24 000$

Mint card - 29 500 - 40 000$

Volcanic Island (Beta)

Played card - 10 000 - 11 000$

Excellent card - 10 000 - 18 000$

Mint card - None

Mind Twist

Played card - 75 - 90$

Excellent card - 200$

Mint card - 450$ - 2 000$

Underground Sea (Alpha)

Played card - 7 900$

Excellent card - None

Mint card - 39 990$

Copy Artifact (Alpha)

Played card - 2 500-2 900$

Excellent card - 5 000$

Mint card - 20 000$

As a result, the market trend can be observed. Prices only go up over time. The value of a card is determined by its condition. The more intact the card, the more expensive the Magic card is.

Understanding The Value Of MTG Cards

time walk mtg card

Understanding the value of cards is important. This helps to make exceptionally successful investments. And this, in turn, leads to your capital and collection growth.

MTG cards can be expensive for a variety of reasons, including:

  • Scarcity;
  • Condition;
  • Demand.

Collectors alike want to pay a premium for cards that are difficult to find. They should be in excellent condition or highly desirable for gameplay. As a result, the value of MTG cards can vary widely. And some Magic: The Gathering cards worth big money. It can be tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars.

Factors That Contribute To A Card’s Value

Now, let’s look at the factors that make Magic: The Gathering cards worth money.


One of the primary reasons why MTG cards can be valuable is their rarity. Some cards are only printed in limited quantities. And it makes them highly sought after by collectors. For example, the Black Lotus card from the original 1993 set is among the rarest and most expensive Magic cards. 1,100 copies of the card were only printed, and it’s estimated that there are less than 110 in existence today. As a result, Black Lotus cards can fetch tens or even hundreds of thousands of dollars at auction.


The condition of an MTG card can also have a significant impact on its value. Those that are in pristine condition are much more expensive Magic cards. Even small imperfections significantly reduce the value of a card. As a result, collectors and players alike want to pay a premium for cards that are in excellent condition.


Finally, the demand for MTG cards can also play a role in their value. Some cards are highly desirable. It's because they are some of the most powerful cards in the game. For example, the Volcanic Island card is highly sought-after. It's because it provides a lot of mana acceleration to players. As a result, the demand for this card is high, which drives up its value.

The Future Of Magic Card Collecting And Investing

MTG has experienced tremendous growth as a collectable market in recent years. The game's popularity has increased significantly. It's leading to a surge in demand for MTG cards, particularly among collectors. Many factors have fueled this growth. It includes:

  • The release of new sets;
  • The rise of online marketplaces;
  • The increasing interest in alternative investments.

One of the main drivers of growth in the MTG collectable market has been the release of new sets. MTG releases new sets many times a year, each with its unique mechanics, themes, and card designs. This constant stream of new content keeps players engaged. And it makes new Magic cards expensive. They can become collectable as they become rarer over time.

Also another factor is the rise of online marketplaces. Websites like eBay, TCGplayer, and Cardmarket have made it easier than ever for collectors to buy and sell MTG cards. These platforms provide a global marketplace for buyers and sellers. It makes it easier to find rare cards. And it allows for faster and more efficient transactions.

The increasing interest in alternative investments has also contributed to the growth of the MTG collectable market. Some investors are looking for alternative ways to diversify their portfolios. MTG cards have emerged as an attractive option. Its cards are increasing in value significantly over time. The fact that MTG cards are a physical asset that can be held and traded adds to their appeal as an investment.

Looking to the future, it is likely that the MTG collectable market will continue to grow. The game's popularity shows no signs of slowing down. And demand for rare and expensive Magic cards is likely to remain strong. The rise of online marketplaces will continue to make it easier for collectors to buy and sell cards. And advances in technology may even lead to new ways to trade MTG cards.

It is likely that some rare cards, such as the Power Nine and Black Lotus, will continue to increase in value. And the interest in alternative investments may also drive up prices for other cards.


Several factors influence how much money Magic: The Gathering cards are worth. They include:

  • Supply and demand;
  • Game balance;
  • Cultural significance.

As a result, you see how many rare MTG cards are on the market today. With our 10-card set, you can add powerful and unique cards to your collection.

As such, the most expensive Magic cards of 2023 are likely to be a mix of new releases and vintage classics. They have the potential to set high prices at auction or through private sales.


How Do I Know If My Magic Cards Are Valuable?

For this, research their prices on online marketplaces. Also, consult with professional grading services, or seek the advice of experienced collectors.

What Makes Vintage Magic Cards So Valuable?

Vintage Magic cards, especially those from the game's early days, are valuable due to their rarity, cultural significance, and power level. Cards like the Power Nine and Black Lotus are some of the most valuable Magic cards of all time.

Are Magic Cards A Good Investment?

There is no guarantee of future value. But Magic cards can be a good investment if you research and make informed decisions. The value of cards can fluctuate based on a variety of factors. And it is important to keep track of trends and market demand.