What Are Pokémon Dices/Counters For? Explained

July 23, 2022 · Your Playmat

Special dice will significantly simplify your game, as you will not have to be busy counting your Pokémon's damage. If there is a dispute with your opponent regarding the account of the life of your character or other unpleasant problems, you can solve all the inconveniences with the help of this tool. The purpose of the game device is to be your counter and help you in every possible way in the process, which will allow you to keep tracking your character’s health without being distracted from the game.

If you still do not consider this tool a comfortable addition to the game, you definitely should think about it. If you have Pokémon that you often use on the battlefield and there are not two but even four of them, the dice will help you cope with the difficulties of counting their damage.

If you are faced with the problem of deciding who starts first, the dice will also help you there. With this tool, you can be sure that no one will deceive you since the dice work as a fair coin. Read the article below to find out whether it is worth buying Pokémon damage counter dice and and what their actual value is.

What Can You Find In An Elite Trainer Box?

There are even better offers for Pokémon lovers if you really want to experience all the benefits and improvements. In this case, you should purchase the Elite Trainer Box. It is much more exciting and diverse since by buying this professional box, you would become the owner of cases for your cards. It also includes status indicators, damage counters, and several dice.

With the purchase of this edition, you can already hold tabletop competitions. The company has taken care in advance that you find everything you need for your battle with Pokémon.

In theory, you can use any dice that will keep track of Pokémon damage. However, it is much better to get high-quality and original products from the manufacturer than to use a cheap option. By purchasing an original product, you can fully enjoy the game and the appearance of your playing set.

Why Are There Different Kinds Of Dice In The Box?

dices and counters for tcg

You will find two types of dice when you purchase a special Pokémon box. 

The six dice are for the damage counter. They look like standard dice and have six sides. However, they can only be used to count the damage since their balance is incorrectly designed and cannot be used as an ordinary piece of a random game. As a result, you will most often get the same result.

The second type is special large dice that are used as a coin toss. They are correctly balanced and always give a different result, excluding all errors and cheating during the game. Such dice are often used in official tournaments and Pokémon competitions. In case you don't have special coin toss dice, you will be forced to ask your opponents to use their device or toss a real coin. This rule is mandatory, as all players must be convinced that each of you plays fair and does not cheat.

What Is The Value Of Pokémon Dice?

Most often, these dice cost almost nothing, and their price reaches several dollars per set. They are the least valuable item inside a Premium Pokémon set. The value of dice is so low because most users of cards of their favorite characters collect cards not to play a Pokémon game but simply to collect and sell for a higher price. Since most users are collectors, dice remain the most unnecessary piece of material.

You may also find that they can cost a little more than regular six-sided toss dice. This is because Pokémon damage counters are original products and have a special logo as proof. Some collectors save items with original logos and collect them for themselves.

Bottom Line

You can use dice for a variety of purposes. However, most players still use them to calculate the damage to their character.

Having such an item is not a prerequisite for the game, but it will improve your gaming experience and save you from counting errors and other unpleasant moments.

Consider Custom Card Sleeves

yourplaymat custom card sleeves

Whether you collect Pokémon cards or just play survival battles with them, their care and concern are a must-have. Today, there are several ways to take care of your cards. They can be cleaned regularly, played with proper care, or even restored. However, to avoid all this or minimize the risks, you can purchase special protection for your dice. Your Playmate allows you to protect your gaming collection at the lowest prices. High-quality card backs, the ability to customize them, and great design are at least three reasons to use the services of the company.

You will be able to:

  • Either add a beautiful picture to the back side of the card or leave it without a picture;
  • Change the size of the protection for the card;
  • Buy card protection in large numbers of 60 up to 120 pieces.

To place an order, you need to go to the list of products on the site, choose the card protection you like, and press the “Add to cart ” button. If you don’t know how to do it or you have other problems, you can always use the contact button on the manufacturer's website. After this, you will be contacted, and you can ask all your questions and get all the answers to them.

But apart from all above mentioned, you can also purchase a special playmat for the best visual presentation. Your Playmat provides different game solutions to meet all your needs. Among the options you are offered there are:

  • Size customization;
  • Improved look of your card surface by adding any picture you like;
  • Ordering items in quantity ranging from 60 to 120 pieces.


Do I Need Dices Or Damage Counters To Play Pokémon TCG?

No. It just simplifies your game experience. It’s not a problem to count the damage in your head without using the special damage counters

How Can I Protect Precious Pokémon Collectible Cards?

You can use card sleeves or even try to use the double-sleeve method to protect your cards from any type of dirt.

Does Pokémon Elite Trainer Box Worth It?

If you are going to be the best, it’s better to consider this box since it has all the necessary tools to achieve your goals.