What Are Radiant Pokémon Cards?

October 24, 2022 · Your Playmat
radiant pokemon

The Pokémon card game is one of the longest-running franchises on the planet, with millions of fans, a huge amount of merchandise, and popularity. Card creators experiment with collectibles, introducing new design solutions and playing with the game's balance. So, the creators of the Pokémon cards have successfully introduced the VMAX and VSTAR generation, experimented with "Amazing" Pokémon rainbow cards, and used many other solutions to keep the game as exciting as it was at the beginning of its journey.

So, radiant Pokémon cards, which have a new design, a new name, abilities, as well as a new hologram, have become a new experiment.

In this article, we will tell you how these cards look, how strong they are, and whether they are worth adding to your deck.

What Are Radiant Pokémon?

radiant blastoise card

Radiant Pokémon Cards are a new type of holographic Pokémon that have a completely redesigned approach to the hologram, as well as some features that have been added to the design of the Pokémon card.

Most often, holographic cards are significantly different from regular ones. However, Radiant Pokémon cards are an exception. These monsters look like standard cards, but their hologram looks completely different. So, the glow looks like a disco ball when the Pokémon frame has an additional hologram. As a result, you get entirely new Pokémon cards that add freshness to your deck.

Only 14 radiant Pokémon cards are known for today:

  1. Radiant Heatran;
  2. Radiant Greninja;
  3. Radiant Hawlucha;
  4. Radiant Venusaur;
  5. Radiant Charizard;
  6. Radiant Blastoise;
  7. Radiant Gardevoir;
  8. Radiant Hisuian Sneasler;
  9. Radiant Steelix;
  10. Radiant Jirachi;
  11. Radiant Steelix;
  12. Radiant Tsareena;
  13. Radiant Alakazam;
  14. Radiant Eevee.

Are Radiant Pokémon Powerful?

radiant charizard pokemon card

So, over the years, the publisher of Pokémon cards has introduced many original cards that completely changed the course of the game. So, VMAX and VSTAR cards were presented. Such cards have an incredible health state and can hit with great force, knocking down any opponent.

The same goes for radiant cards. These cards are incredibly useful in combat and have key abilities that can take your game to the next level, but they can't beat VSTAR or VMAX.

Radiant Pokémon cards are basic ones. They do not need to be prepared for battle; they can immediately burst onto the battlefield and destroy opponents. However, we do not recommend using such cards against VMAX or VSTAR. It is best to keep radiant cards as a hidden ace in the hole that can change the course of the game at the most unexpected moment.

Limitations And Cost Considerations

radiant eevee card

Considering that radiant Pokémon cards can deal good damage and be an ace up their sleeve, the card game creators foresaw a potential imbalance and added a new item to the game's rules. Only one such Pokémon can be added to your monster deck. This approach prevents players from building entire decks of radiant Pokémon, which makes buying all sets with such Pokémon a complete waste of money.

Where can you get such cards? Well, you have two options:

  1. The Sword and ShieldAstral Radiance pack gives you a chance to get your first three Radiant Pokémon: Radiant Heatran, Radiant Greninja, and Radiant Hawlucha. These cards should be easy to get from regular boosters of this set, which will cost you $4 per booster. However, given the fact that these cards have a hologram, they will be placed one card in a booster;
  2. Special sets with promo cards. You can find Charizard and Eevee in these sets in a new radiant design. However, such kits will cost much more, from about $46 per box. However, it will also give you 8 additional booster packs, where you can find other rare cards.

Unfortunately, today, there are no more methods to get Radiant Pokémon. Their small number and limitations during the game make purchasing even one radiant Pokémon quite expensive. Perhaps there will be boosters with such cards in the future, and their variety will not be limited to 14 cards. For now, it will be enough to get yourself a couple of boosters, grab a rare Pokémon, and put it in your sleeve for protection.


As you can see, Radiant Pokémon Cards are just getting popular with players, and card makers are rigorously testing new collectibles to see if they're worth continuing to release. If you want to support publishers and want new radiant cards, consider buying some booster from The Sword and Shield: Astral Radiance pack.


What Are The Three Radiant Pokémon Cards?

Radiant Heatran, Radiant Greninja and Radiant Hawlucha are three radiant Pokémon from the Astral Radiance pack. But you can also buy other sets to get other Pokémon cards.

What Is The Difference Between Radiant And Shiny Pokémon Cards?

Radiant cards differ in name. They will always have the word "Radiant" before the Pokémon's name. They also differ in the principle of foiling. They will look more like a disco ball while the shiny Pokémon use standard foil.

Are All Radiant Pokémon Cards Holo?

Yes, because one of the important design aspects of radiant maps is the hologram. Therefore, they will always have it.

Are Radiant Pokémon Cards Necessary For My Collection?

Actually, it's up to you. If you want to add something out of the ordinary, you can purchase these cards for yourself. While there are only 14 of them, you can have exclusive content. However, it is quite possible that soon there will be more of them.