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The most important aspect of using card games is the protection of collectibles. Many trading cards can damage quickly due to constant use. To prevent this, it is necessary to ensure the proper level of protection during the game because Pokemon cards, Yu-Gi-Oh! or MTGs, are too expensive to buy every month.

That is why a board game mat can be an excellent salvation in such a situation. A board game mat can protect your TCG pieces from wear and tear. This is especially useful if you plan on playing the game frequently. Besides, this game mat protects your cards from the environment. Thus, you can lay your board gaming mat on a concrete surface or an old wet table - your cards will remain safe and sound.

Enhanced Gameplay

Immersion in the game world is vital. And a board game mat can add more immersion to your gameplay. It provides a more thematic and visually appealing play surface. This allows the player to feel the atmosphere of a real battlefield while playing card games. With a board game mat, you can immerse yourself in the atmosphere of your favorite castles, fields, or kingdoms with magicians and monsters.

Moreover, you can also make your game more organized. You can design sections for each player's cards with the card game mat. And if you want to add creativity, you can make a custom design with any image for your board game mat for the table.


A board game playmat is a type of accessory used to enhance the gaming experience. It is typically made of a durable material such as neoprene or rubber. And it means it can withstand repeated use and handling. These materials are resistant to wear and tear. And they can withstand the constant movement of game pieces during play.

Additionally, neoprene and rubber are water-resistant. That makes the board game mat easy to clean with spills or stains. The mat's surface is usually smooth. And it provides a comfortable and stable surface for game pieces to move on.


Many fans of popular card franchises know that storing game accessories can take up a lot of space in the house. That is why it is crucial to choose only those solutions allowing players to store them in a relatively small space. It is noteworthy that a board game mat is a convenient way to play board games, as it can be easily rolled up and stored when not in use. This is especially useful for those who have limited space in their homes.

Besides, a board game table mat for TCG helps create the most comfortable environment for the playing field. Of the essential features of the mat, one can note the size and ease of storage. The mat size allows you to organize the playing surface almost anywhere. And the convenience of storage allows players to fit the board game mat even in a small backpack.


- Size options: 
  • 31 inches x 31 inches (78 cm x 78 cm);
  • 32.5 inches x 32.5 inches (83 cm x 83 cm);
  • 34 inches x 34 inches (86 cm x 86 cm);

- Thickness: 1/16” (2 mm);
- Smooth, high-quality cloth top & stable rubber bottom;
- Safe to iron and machine wash;
- Rolls out smoothly with no folds or creases;
- Vibrant colors;
-Please allow 4-8 working days for your playmat to be printed & packed


What sizes of TCG mat do you offer?

Yourplaymat store offers standard, oversized, small, extra large, and custom sizes of TCG mats.

Our mats have a quality material base. And they offer players a high-quality print to immerse themselves in the game's atmosphere.

How to properly use the board game mat?

To do this, you must spread the mat on the desired surface. After that, you can lay out your cards on the playing mat and play.

What does the TCG mat protect against?

TCG mats provide a high level of protection for your cards against:

  • Dirt;
  • Dust;
  • Grease;
  • Water;
  • Environment (if you play outside);
  • Damage.
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