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Enhance your gaming experience with our custom foil playmats. All of the top card games are made with beautiful artwork that shines so why not have a playmat that looks as good as your cards? Our custom playmats can be designed with any image you like and are available with two foil options. The foil finishes are created from a special material that is placed by hand and burned onto the surface for a one-of-a-kind piece.  


- Size: 24 inches x 14 inches (60 cm x 35 cm)
- Thickness: 1/16” (2 mm)
- Smooth, high-quality cloth top
Non-slip rubber bottom 
High-quality, vibrant colors 
Hand-placed foil finish
- Rolls out smoothly with no folds or creases 

-Please allow around 10-28 working days for your playmat to be printed, hand-made, packed & shipped . Patience is the key! ;)

Protect Your Cards While You Play 

All of our custom playmats feature a smooth, high-quality cloth top and a durable rubber bottom that provides traction so the mat won’t slip while you play. Our gaming mats help keep your cards in pristine condition by making them easier to pick up, while providing a clean and smooth surface for you to play on. 

Add More Magic to the Game 

Our custom card mats can be made with any image you like so you can personalize your gaming experience. We’ve gone a step further and added a little extra magic by making our custom gaming mats with eye-catching foil finishes. The playmats are made with foil that is cut from special material and then burned onto the surface of the playmat. The foil is placed on the surface by hand for a truly unique playmat that you just won't find anywhere else on the internet. 

We offer two custom options to create your very own card mat that’s unlike any other in the world.

Option 1 ($100 USD)  Most popular* 

 Add a foil finish to 10 small details within an image. 


Option 2 ($145) 

 Add a foil finish to an entire image.  

(Remember* - It is not easy to roll the full image foil finish and if mistreated, it’ll get ruined faster. 


    -Optimal Image Size: 750kb - 10MB
    -Image Type: JPG or PNG
    -DPI (dots per inch) : 300
    -Dimensions: 1800 x 1050 pixels

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