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Happy Customers:

✔️ Size: 24 inches x 14 inches (60 cm x 35 cm)
✔️ Thickness: 1/16” (2 mm)
✔️ Smooth, High-Quality cloth top & stable rubber bottom
✔️ Safe to iron and machine wash
✔️ Rolls out smoothly with no folds or creases
✔️ Vibrant colors

--Please allow 2-5 working days for your playmat to be printed & packed--

-Create your own custom playmat in LESS than 2 minutes!
👉🏻 1. UPLOAD your design
👉🏻 2. CROP it
👉🏻 3. Choose Editing option

Our Goal is to provide you with the ultimate gaming experience using your favorite design to complement your personality and gaming style!
Our playmats are designed to be exceptionally durable, stable, and smooth and to protect your gaming cards and provide you with a stylish and an Unforgettable gaming surface! 
They will last for years of continuous play and are incredibly easy to roll up and carry to tournaments or game nights with friends.


🏆Premium Editing (with Free Shipping✈️):

With premium editingyou GUARANTEE to get More out of your design!
Our design team will optimize your image for resolution, clarity, and vibrancy.This process corrects most of the pixelated partsmakes the colors truly pop, and ensure that your playmat is printed to the Maximum quality!

For specific customization, simply Contact Us (Via Facebook messenger OR email) OR write your instructions on the cart page!

Files & Crop

Which file should I upload?
File types: JPG/JPEG/JPE or PNG (PDF &PSD should be sent by email)
Ideal image size: 500 KB - 10 MB
DPI (Dots Per Inch): 300

- Inches/cm Ratio: 24 by 14 inches / 60 by 35 cm
- Pixels Ratio: 1800 by 1050 Pixels 

How to crop & Upload MORE than 1 image:

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