What Size Are Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards? What Size Card Sleeves Do You Need?

July 11, 2022 · Your Playmat
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Many of us have played Yu-Gi-Oh! in the past, and when we look back on those priceless childhood moments, it always feels like the cards were a little bigger than they are now. However, this is not the case. In fact, the size of the cards has not changed since the date of the game's creation. And if you measure it, you'll find out that the standard size of every Yu-Gi-Oh! card is 59x86 mm. As for the Yu-Gi-Oh! card size in inches, it is 3.25x2.25.

However, the questions do not end there. Experienced players know that it is worth using the playmat and the protective sleeves to protect the cards. Therefore, below you will learn how big Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are in pixels, why you should not use Pokémon or MTG sleeves for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards, and the standard sizes of these items. 

How Big Are Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards In Pixels?

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It is not uncommon for players to encounter a question about the size of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards in pixels. It is of interest to those who, first of all, want to recreate the cards with their own hands using computer programs in order to print them out. Remember that the approximate size of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card is about 164 pixels wide by 242 pixels tall.

Also, do not forget that you cannot use these cards in tournaments, as they are not considered authentic. Moreover, do not try to sell them, as it is considered illegal. It is best to save these cards for playing with your own company of friends. 

Why Are Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Small?

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Reading Reddit, I conclude that a lot of people are wondering why the size of Yu-Gi-Oh! cards is smaller than the size of Pokémon or MTG. The answer is simple: this card game was originally created for children. Thus, their small size made it easier for children to hold and shuffle cars. 

But since the game was liked not only by children but also by adults, it became popular. However, the developers did not change the size of the cards, as it could have led to losses and the resentment of fans, as players would have to buy the cards again and spend a lot of money. 

It seems that non-standard size is a small nuance, but it could really spoil the impression of the game, so the developers did the right thing.

Can Pokémon Or MTG Sleeves Be Used For Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards?

Card sleeves are small "pockets" and indispensable helpers in protecting your precious cards. In games, you may encounter many external influences like water, mud, sticky tables, mechanical damage, daylight, etc. Sleeves will help to increase their service life significantly. You can already have Pokémon or MTG sleeves, but you won't be able to use them for Yu-Gi-Oh! cards. The problem is that these sleeves are much larger than the size of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card since they are usually 67×92mm in size.

Someone might think that if the cards are smaller than the sleeves, then they may fit, but this is not so. This is because you will face the following problems: 

  • It will be much harder for you to shuffle the deck;
  • During the game, players will play more slowly, not to mention that this process will not be so fun;
  • There is a risk that small pebbles and crumbs can get inside and damage your cards. 

What Size Card Sleeves For Yu-Gi-Oh!? 

When buying card sleeves for any card game, it is essential always to follow one rule - they must be matched to the size of the card. Since Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are smaller than the standard size, it is not an option to buy standard size sleeves. For a Yu-Gi-Oh card, the optimal solution would be to choose sleeves with dimensions of 64x89 mm, but not more than 66x91 mm. The tighter the sleeves fit the cards, the better they will function. Small sleeves were manufactured for this game, and they are so-called Yu-Gi-Oh! sleeves

Many fans of the game want to protect the cards as best as possible, so they make a double sleeve or even multi-sleeve with creative design. They also often use specialized Yu-Gi-Oh inspired playmats for additional protection of their precious cards.

Bottom Line

Now you know what is the length and width of a Yu-Gi-Oh! card. And we hope that after reading an article, you will be able to choose the right card sleeves that will only improve your playing experience. Follow our recommendation to not be mistaken in your choice. Properly chosen card sleeves will ensure reliable play and keep your unique cards in mint condition for possible future sales only at high prices.


Are Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards The Same Size As MTG Cards? 

No, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are not the same size as MTG cards. In fact, Yu-Gi-Oh! cards are smaller in their dimensions

Do Yu-Gi-Oh! Cards Need Double Sleeves

If you decide that Yu-Gi-Oh! cards need double sleeves, then you will provide them with maximum protection. Thus, not like dirt and debris, even air will not reach them. 

Is Double Sleeving Illegal In Yu-Gi-Oh! Tournament?

Double sleeving is illegal in Yu-Gi-Oh!. It is only necessary to remember that marked sleeves are prohibited in tournaments.